The Body Shop Christmas 2014


Ho ho ho.. Christmas is coming! With the launching of The Body Shop Christmas collection, suddenly Christmas feels nearer than ever before. This year, The Body Shop is bringing in few latest edition such as Glazed Apple range, Wild Argan Oil and Colour Crush Nail Colours.

Let’s start off with the Glazed Apple range

This is Glazed Apple Tin Of Treasures (S$36.90)
Isn’t this Apple tin looks attractive to you? Well at least for me, this will make a lovely gift for my colleagues and friends. This apple tin consists of a travel-sized body butter, body lotion, shower gel, body polish and bath lily in TBS exclusive, exquisite silver apple tin.

photo 2

photo 5

For the make up ranges, there are few new items to look out for and few seasonal LE relaunch.

Here are some of the new products for this season


Lip and Cheek Doll (S$39.90)

This season, TBS comes up with lip and cheek stain packaged in a very cute dolly packaging. It comes in a red shade to give you that red festive look but at the same time when it’s used lightly, it gives a natural- looking, rosy winter glow. This is retailing at $39.90 and it’s limited edition.



L-R: TBS Green – Red my Mind – Mint Creme – Hemp Over Heels – Rosy Cheeks

On-Trend Nails

TBS also launches nail polish range. They are going at SGD12.90 which I think is very reasonable for the amount you’re getting. I love the TBS green shade, it looks like the perfect green for the holiday season.

For the limited edition (seasonal) relaunch, The Body Shop has two palettes in two different tones.


Enchanting Eyes

TBS released two LE eyeshadow palette in two different color theme. The picture below with hues of blue and brown is Frosted Pastel, and the pink hue is called Dolly Pastel. Both are retailing for SGD 39.90.


Frosted Pastel



Dolly Pastel

Another thing not to be missed is the Glazed Apple Sparkler. TBS iconic sparkler is now yummier than ever, with a sweet apple scent and iridescent shimmer, perfect for the party season! This is retailing at SGD 39.90



The Body Shop doesn’t forget gifts for the men too!

Who said men are hard to buy for? Give his skin the star treatment with our dapper Modern Gent’s Shaving Kit (S$36.90), designed exclusively to care for male skin with expert shaving care products.




There are many more exciting products to check out, so make sure you visit your nearest The Body Shop retail shop. Happy Holidays!!


The Body Shop Honeymania Range

Hi everyone!
Do you love honey?
It’s great to have a cup of lemon tea with honey, or just to have a tea spoon of honey everyday. Honey is nutritious, sweet and most importantly it is a natural product!

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 7.30.08 PM


The Body Shop® Honey’s The Bees Knees!

We believe The Body Shop® Community Fair Trade honey is something extra special. We source it from the remote Sheka rainforest in the Ethiopian Highlands, a biodiversity hotspot that’s protected by UNESCO.

- Our Sheka honey has a very distinctive taste and smell because of the fragrant rainforest flowers that the bees collect the nectar from. Its light floral aroma makes it distinct from any other honey.

- The African honey bees that produce our honey are free to roam the rainforest. Every day, the bees communicate through ‘dancing’ to direct each other to the tastiest flowers.

- The honey selected for use in our products is of the highest quality – in fact it’s good enough to eat! It’s sold by high-end brands as table honey.



Honeymania Group shot HR_INHNYRS010

Wild About Bees

The bees that produce our Community Fair Trade honey are wild; they choose to colonise the hive and thenmove onto a new home after harvesting.

In contrast, standard commercial beekeeping is closer to factory farming, with bees living in the same hive year after year. Their diets may be may subsidised with sugar to make the honey sweeter. This method of farming often requires the heavy use of veterinary medicine to treat the illnesses that result from dense hives.

Ensuring Exceptional Quality

We work with the highly skilled Beza Mar beekeepers who practise ‘barefoot beekeeping’ or ‘bee whispering’.

They work in harmony with the bees’ natural cycles using traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. These methods support the sustainable use of the Sheka rainforest and also mean we can be assured of first-class honey for use in our products.

You Won’t Bee-lieve It!

You might think The Body Shop® puts a lot of effort into creating the amazing Honeymania™ range… but it’s not nearly as much work as the bees put in! To gather enough honey to make one of every product in our Honeymania™ collection, it takes almost 100 bees travelling over 2,100km so they can harvest the nectar from nearly 50,000 flowers!* Don’t worry, the bees don’t miss the honey that we use. A strong bee colony can produce two to three times more honey than bees need!

BBB Honeymania EDT HR_INHNYPS010

Eau de Toilette $22.90

Crazy about our Honeymania  beguiling fragrance? Spritz the Eau de Toilette onto pulse points for a burst of concentrated honey scent



Honeymania Beeswax HR_INHNYPS014


Soap $6.90
Our scented soap gently cleanses to leave skin feeling refreshed. We love the cute honeycomb design embellished with an adorable bee.

Homeymania Bubble Bath Melt Open HR_INHNYPS013

Bubble Bath Melt $26.90

Relax! Sink into a honeypot of bath bubbles and enjoy an indulgent honey experience with our luxurious Bubble Bath Melt.

Honeymania Lip Butter HR_INHNYPS019



Lip Balm $10.90
This sweet balm melts in straight away for kissable, moisturised lips. Apply then pucker up!

BBB Honeymania Scrub Open HR_INHNYPS012

Body Scrub $30.90
You’ll love our rich exfoliating scrub that leaves skin feeling velvety soft and super-smooth.


New BBB Honeymania Open Tub Angled HR_INHNYPS024

Body Butter $30.90
Our luxurious, rich Body Butter delivers 24 hours of hydration. Massage in, to leave skin lightly scented and feeling sensationally soft and smooth all over. Each pot contains honey made from the nectar of thousands of flowers!


New BBB Honeymania Shower Gel HR_INHNYPS025

Shower Gel $12.90

Drizzle on and lather up a little luxury with our fragrant Shower Gel that leaves your body cleansed and subtly scented. Soap-free, it won’t dry out skin.


The Body Shop Honeymania Range is now available islandwide


Disclaimer: The information in this post is extracted from The Body Shop press release kit.



Thank you for reading

July Empties!



Hello Everyone!

It’s been two months since I wrote my last “empties” post. I didn’t have much finished products last month so I thought I will just wait until the next month where I would have more finished product. So here it is, I am going to write a short review on the products which I finished in the last two months.

1. Bifesta Eye Make Up Remover

This make up remover works wonderfully to swipe away my eye makeup. It’s a very effective product to remove eyeshadow or even waterproof eyeliner. I love how this products easily cleans up my eye make up. It is priced reasonably at below $15 (I couldn’t remember the exact price).

Will I repurchase this again? Definitely

2. The Body Shop Olive Scrub

I simply love this scrub because of its texture. It’s very effective to remove dead skin cells. I have been using this since my high school time and still enjoy using it until now. My skin feels so smooth after I applied this scrub.

Will I repurchase this again? Definitely

3. L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil

Recently I have reviewed this product hereI mentioned how much I love the product in the review post on this product. It makes my hair feels very smooth without making it feel sticky. I usually use 3 pumps after I washed my hair and I can feel how smooth my hair feel after applying this oil. I also love the smell this product has; it’s a mixture of macadamia and some flowers.

Will I repurchase this again? Definitely

4. No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Dry / Very Dry 

I purchased this product when I was in the UK last January. I had a very dry skin there and my usual skincare routine were not creamy enough to combat the cold weather that dries my skin. I bought this product from Boots to help me moisturize my skin.

This cream has a thicker consistency and it is packed with SPF 15. It helps me to protect my skin from being dry for few hours in the cold weather and I need to reapply this cream after that. In Singapore, where the weather is humid, this cream can last for a longer hour.

Will I repurchase this again? Maybe

5. The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner

Before I apply any makeup, usually I will cleanse my face with toner. This Seaweed Clarifying Toner works well for people with combination skin. I have been loving this product for long time but recently I feel that it’s a bit drying for my cheek area. I still like this product but currently I am trying some other products that might work better for me.

Will I repurchase this again? Maybe 


Yay that I have finished all these products. I hope I will have sufficient product to post next month, so we’ll see ;)


Thank you for reading!


By: Meryl

My First Empties Post

Hello all,

This post is my first post on my emptied products. I’ve been reading many beauty blogs who have featured their emptied products and I love reading their short review of each products. So after a while, I decided to write a short review on each products I have finished. I’ll try to do this post once in one or two months so that I’ll have enough number of products to talk about :)



1. The Body Shop Body Butter Duo Macadamia

If you love macadamia, this is for you! It smells amazing; it makes me feel like drinking a cup of hazelnut latte :) What I love about this body buter duo is that it contains two texture of products. It has body lotion and body butter inside this tube. Usually I’d apply the body lotion in the morning and the body butter in the evening. Both lotion and the body butter are very moisturizing. The only downside of this body butter is that it can feel very sticky. Whenever I use this body butter, I always make sure that I’ll be sleeping in my long pyjamas because I don’t want my bedsheet to smell macadamia :p.

Will I repurchase this again: Yes but I’d try a different scent.

2. Bio Oi

I have reviewed this product earlier. You can read it here.

Will I repurchase this again: Maybe.

3. Ma Chérie Hair Oil

I am currently in love with oils! I love face oils, hair oils, body oils, you name it :D Ma Chérie is a product launched in Japan and it’s part of Shiseido group. I love the smell of Ma Chérie products; it has fruity scent and it makes me feel girly. This hair oil moisturizes my hair well and it doesn’t make my hair feel sticky. I also love the look of its super cute packaging. It’s retailing at about $20 per bottle in Singapore.

Will I repurchase this again: Maybe

4. Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand Therapy

I know I have not reviewed anything from Crabtree & Evelyn but I am actually loving this brand to the max! I just love the design of Crabtree & Evelyn brand; it looks classy and it reminds me of the classic English look. Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand Therapy (100ml) is very convenient to be put on my daily make up bag. The rose scent is nice and it’s not over pouring. It’s also non sticky so it’s good to be used anytime of the day.

Will I repurchase this again: Definitely

5. NARS Light Reflecting Powder

I have reviewed this product before, you can read it here. This is by far my favorite finishing/touch up powder. It has oil control ability; my face doesn’t feel oily even after 10 hours without touch up. It makes my skin looks glowy but doesn’t leave white cast when photographed. I finished this powder after 3 months of usage.

Will I repurchase this again: Definitely



I hope this post give you some idea of the products I have finished using. Have you tried any of the products I mentioned here?


Thank you for reading.


By: Meryl


The Body Shop Nutriganics Drop of Youth

Hello Ladies,

I am going to share with you my thoughts of The Body Shop Nutriganics Drop of Youth. Lately I have been quite obsessed with skincare products such as serums, moisturizers and makeup base. As I grow older, I realize the importance of my daily skin care staples. The Body Shop products have always been my choice since I was still a teenager, so when I was offered to try Nutriganics Drop of Youth, I am very happy to try this product :)

I have shared with you The Body Shop Skin Diagnostic Tools in my previous post, I have tried it and I think each one of us need to try that tool to know what’s your skin care regime should be.

Now let’s begin with why you should try this products!

A Worldwide Success

It’s the first anniversary of the launch of Drops ofYouth – and we’ve got plenty to celebrate! One year on, this clever concentrate has become a phenomenal worldwide success.

one bottle is sold every minute2.Wow!

Why so successful? It takes only 28 days for Drops of Youth to transform your skin.

Smooth sensation! Fine lines appear smoother – yes, really!

Get glowing! Skin looks more radiant, almost like you’re lit from within

Freshen up! Skin tone looks fabulously fresh and more even

Be a big softie! Skin feels softer, super-silky and more supple.
87% of users said their skin felt softer after using NutriganicsTM Drops ofYouth3 

My Own Review 

The Packaging:

Nutriganics is packaged in a green glass tube with a dropper. I like the idea of the dropper because it makes the application more hygienic that we don’t need to dab our fingers into the product. Visually this product looks promising to me as the color is green, hence it makes me feel that this product is packed with natural ingredients :p

The Texture:

Nutriganics has a texture that feels like jelly. It glides on my face easily and I usually applied two drops of product to be applied on my face. Nutriganics absorbs easily after 1-2 minutes. It makes my face feels fresh.

The Smell:

One thing I like from The Body Shop products are the smell. The scents in The Body Shop skin care ranges are not too much. I personally don’t like skincare that smells too strong; Products that don’t smell strong gives me the impression of a natural product. Nutriganics has a nice smell that lingers but it does not smell strong, so I like the smell of this product.

How I apply Nutriganics:

After I washed my face, I apply two drops of Nutriganics all over my face. I wait for about 1-2 minutes until the products are absorbed into my skin. Then I apply my moisturizer all over my face. Then I will apply my foundation, powder and other make up. I only apply Nutriganics in the morning. For my night time regime, I am using serum from other brand.


After using Nutriganics for 2 weeks, I do feel my skin is more moisturized and hydrated. My skin is oily at the T-zone but tend to be dry on my cheek and neck area. On the area that tends to be dry, I feel that Nutriganics has helped me to hydrate my skin better. However I don’t feel that it gives me more radiance. It might take more time to see the radiance result.

Overall, I am satisfied with Nutriganics for helping me to have a more hydrated skin. The packaging looks nice and simple, and it smells fine. It doesn’t have any strong smell which I dislike.


Thank you for reading!

By: Meryl

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post is provided by the company/PR representative. Some of the information above is extracted from The Body Shop press kit. However my review is written based on my experience. My review is genuine, honest and unbiased.



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