Suqqu Cheek Brush and Comparison

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Today I’ll be featuring a product that I recently acquired. I have been wanting to buy this brush for the longest time but I had no chance of getting it as Suqqu is only available in Japan, UK and Thailand. The price was also the other factor why I keep on refusing to get this brush. This brush is the biggest splurge I have made on make up items. I felt so guilty yet happy at the same time :p. The lovely Ruby from Miaka-My Life helped me to get this brush while she was having a holiday few weeks back. Thank you very much for your help dear! 🙂



I believe the majority of you need no introduction of Suqqu brushes. It is often said that Suqqu brush has the softest hair ever. I have to agree on that. This Suqqu cheek brush feels very soft – and it’s the softest brush that I have ever owned. It’s much softer than my beloved Tom Ford Cheek Brush. Suqqu brushes are made of grey squirrel hair which is rarely found in many other brands. I have never found any western brand selling brushes made of squirrel hair, and I’ve only known several Japanese brands  selling brushes made of squirrel hair. Suqqu is one of those rare brands selling brushes made of squirrel hair.



Suqqu cheek brush comes in a very simple design. It’s justa simple black handled brush. Nothing impressive but I have no complain on this. The brush is very lightweight too. The length handle of the brush is designed just nice, it’s not too long and not too short to help application process become easier.

As much as I’d love to say that this brush is perfect, I must say that I’m a bit surprised that this brush isn’t as dense as what I would have expect it to be. The hair don’t feel as dense as my other cheek brushes. I personally love brushes that are dense, so this density issue actually annoys me a bit.

Suqqu cheek brush doesn’t pick too much product. So this brush is a perfect choice for me to create a subtle cheek look.But in times when I prefer to have a dramatic face look, I can always swirl the brush more roughly and build the color.

Comparison with other cheek brushes:

In this picture, I’m doing a comparison with NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush, Tom Ford Cheek Brush, Bobbi Brown Blush Brush and IZU Blush Brush. As you can see, Suqqu brush is the tiniest among all cheek brushes in this picture. It has the simplest design among all the brushes here too.


L-R: Nars Yachiyo Kabuki Brush – Tom Ford Blush Brush – Suqqu Cheek Brush – Bobbi Brown Blush Brush – IZU blush brush



L-R: IZU Blush brush – Bobbi Brown Blush Brush – Suqqu Cheek Brush – Tom Ford Cheek Brush – Nars Yachiyo Kabuki Brush

If I have to put these brushes in terms of density, I would put it this way (no 1 being densest)

1. Tom Ford Cheek Brush

2. Bobbi Brown Blush Brush

3. IZU Blush brush

4. Nars Yachiyo Kabuki Brush

5.  Suqqu Cheek Brush

So in terms of density, Suqqu is not dense at all when compared to my other blush brushes. I prefer my brush to be dense, so actually Suqqu does not live up to my expectation on this.

Suqqu brush is the softest brush that I have ever owned or touched. So this time I’m going to list the brushes in order of the softness:

1. Suqqu Cheek Brush

2.  Tom Ford Blush Brush

3. IZU Blush brush

4. Nars Yachiyo Kabuki Brush

5. Bobbi Brown Blush Brush

Honestly I have never heard anyone saying they have found something softer than Suqqu brush. Tom Ford brush hair feels very soft but when you compare it side by side with Suqqu brush, you’ll certainly feel the difference.

Final Thought:

Well now that I have to sums everything together, I think I shall start by saying that I understand what many people is raving about this brush. It’s the softness of this brush! It’s as soft as cloud (if I could ever touch it!! :p). But is this brush worth every cent? I’d say not really. I hope that it would be more dense so that it’ll help to pick more product. However if you prefer your brush not to be too dense, then this brush might be your choice. And for a brush with that price tag, I really hope that the handle would be heavier or looking more luxurious.

I am certainly happy that finally I get to own this brush. I know this brush ain’t perfect for me but I am satisfied. I know what everyone is talking about and I won’t feel curious anymore 🙂 The softest brush ever!


Has any of you tried this brush before? What’s your thought? Share with me what’s your fave blush brush 🙂

By: Meryl




Suqqu Blend Eyeshadow Color in EX 11 Sumiredama

Hello everyone!

Today I have Suqqu Sumiredama to show you all. Sumiredama is part of Suqqu spring 2013 collection. I am so lucky that I am able to get my hands on this eyeshadow palette. Monica’s sister is so kind to help me to get this palette while she’s in Japan. I am glad that Sumiredama is now part of my make up collection 🙂





The Packaging:

Sumiredama has a slightly different packaging compared to other Suqqu eyeshadow palette. The color of the casing is in white color with a bit of holographic hues in it. The size is the same with the usual Suqqu eyeshadow packaging. It comes with a tiny brush and sponge.



The Shade & Texture:

One thing that attracts me so much to this eyeshadow palette is the duochromes shade on the bottom left and the top right. I am not really good in describing shades but I hope this helps:

Top Left: The shade in this palette is true to pan – it’s a sheer pale pink. This shade needs to be swatched twice to show the shade.

Top Right: a gorgeous duochrome taupe – bronze. This shade is less sheer compared to the shade on the top left. The pigmentation of this shade is awesome, the color shows perfectly on the first swatch.

Bottom Right: It looks quite yellow in the pan but when it is swatched, it looks more of a milky shade with a very fine shimmer.

Bottom Left: Again this is a duochrome shade; purple – blue toned shimmer. This is the shade that makes me going gaga over this palette. The pigmentation is awesome, it blends perfectly.

Suqqu is famous for its soft & buttery texture. I have to admit that the duo crome shade in Sumiredama has a slightly different texture with my other Suqqu palette. I am not sure if this is because of the duo chrome shade but the purple-blue (bottom left) is rather dry. The shade is truly gorgeous but the texture is not as soft as the other shade in this palette. The other three shade has a great texture – no complains at all.

Fallout is not an issue of this palette. All four shade applies nicely and sets perfectly with primer. The shade lasts for 6 hours with me.






Final Thought:

Suqqu has great range of eyeshadow palette for every day use. I tend to be hesitant to get Suqqu products as it’s expensive and the color looks rather boring after owning few palette of theirs. However Sumiredama is worthy to be acquired for its gorgeous shade. Suqqu has amazed me with the duo chrome shade in their spring collection.

I hope my review helps 🙂

Here are list of Suqqu eyeshadow that I have reviewed in the past:

Suqqu  Blend Eyeshadow Color in Konruri

Suqqu Blend Eyeshadow Color in Kosumosuiro

Suqqu Blend Eyeshadow Color  in Himesango

Thank you for reading 🙂


By: Meryl



Create a Sweet look with Suqqu Gradation Cheeks in EX02 Mizumomo


I am going to review my first Suqqu blush in EX02 Mizumomo. This blush is part of  Suqqu autumn 2012 collection and it’s a limited edition. I picked this in Selfridges London. This is retailing at 38 GBP.

Few months ago, I saw the swatches of Suqqu blushes in MyBeautyHoard’s blog;  The texture looks very soft and buttery. Since I am a blush lover, I knew I have to get one of Suqqu blushes.


The packaging:

Suqqu blush has the same size packaging as Suqqu balancing brow. I have reviewed the packaging of Suqqu balancing brow and will not talk much about the packaging in this post.

There’s a small brush inside this blush packaging. The brush feels very soft and I love the feeling of Suqqu brush hair on my cheek. Although I won’t be using this brush to apply the brush on my cheek, I am happy with the softness of the brush.


The Color:

Suqqu Balancing cheeks in Mizumomo has pink candy colors on the left and a very soft pink with a slight shimmering highlight on the right. Although the pink looks very bright on the pan, but when it is swatched, it looks fine on the cheek. The color shows up very well but not too pink at all.

Texture and Pigmentation:

The texture of Suqqu blush is very soft and buttery. It blends well on my skin. What I love most about this blush is that the pigmentation is built just enough so that it won’t make my face look like a clown LOL. The finish is satiny finish with very fine shimmer. The shimmer is in a just nice amount, you don’t need to worry that you’ll look like a glitter bomb :p. I am very contented with the quality of this blush.

On the swatch below, you can see each color when it’s swathed alone and when mixed.

I have created a simple look with this blush. I love how this blush brighten up my face instantly. For the look below, I am using my Nars Yachiyo Kabuki Brush on the apple of my cheek and I swipe upwards to create an illusion of a longer face.

Here are the rest of the products I used on my face for this look. I took this photo from my instagram account, that explains the color different of this photo 😉

For my face, I applied Chanel CC cream and I topped it with my MAC pressed powder. For my eyeliner, I want a dark black eyeliner and hence I use MUFE Aqualiner in Black. I draw my brow with Suqqu Balancing Brow in 01 Moss Green. For my lips, I want to have a nice glossy pink, hence I am using YSL Rouge Volupte in no 01 and I topped it with Chanel Lipgloss 67.

What do you think of Suqqu products? Have you ever tried Suqqu blush?

Thank you for reading.


By: Meryl



Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadows in 14 Kosumosuiro


Today I will share my thoughts about Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadows in 14 Kosumosuiro. This retails at £45 in Selfridges. Kosumosuiro consist of 3 powder eyeshadow and 1 cream green eyeshadow. The three powder eyeshadow are very wearable in colors, a soft pink with shimmer, an off white color and a shimmering taupe.  The cream eyeshadow is a dark khaki without shimmer.

The palette is a thin sleek black palette in a rectangular shape. It comes with a velvety pouch, just like any other branded eyeshadow. There is one mini brush with a very soft hair (softest hair in a mini brush that I have ever touched!) and one mini sponge. Although the mini brush is super soft, I don’t think I’d use it because it’s just way to small to apply/blend.


Now I am going to talk about the powder eyeshadow. Suqqu is very famous with its soft and buttery texture. I have to agree that the texture is very nice; it’s soft, buttery and glides on easily on the eyes. What I love about the texture of this eyeshadow is that it contains fine shimmer that doesn’t look too much when applied. It blends like a dream too! Like many other Japanese make up brands, the pigmentation of this eyeshadow is not the best, I like Urban Decay’s pigmentation better than this. But to you who love sheer looking eyeshadow, this would suits you ladies! I personally would layer twice (or even 3 layers) for a bolder look.

The cream eyeshadow here has a fine texture. The pigmentation is very good and it works very well as a base. If I have to compare the texture of this cream eyeshadow, I would pick Shiseido’s cream eyeshadow as a comparison. The texture are similar, but I have to say that I love Shiseido’s texture better. Shiseido eyeshadow feels softer to me. But judging from its wearability, Suqqu cream shadow lasts the whole day with me without smudging! I love a long lasting eyeshadow 😀

In the picture below, I did a swatch indoor and outdoor.

I did a very simple look with this palette for my Sunday brunch. In this look, I am only using the dark green cream eyeshadow and the shimmery taupe.


I hope my review will be helpful to you all 🙂

Thank you for reading!


By: Meryl

Uk Trip Haul :D

Hello guys!

I have been shopping a lot during the holiday! UK has plenty of makeup brands that I could not find in Singapore and I took the chance of getting those things! I know I’ve been a bad girl during the holiday. When I reached home after the holiday, I felt guilty looking at my new stuffs 🙁 But anyway I enjoyed my holiday so much and now I should work hard to pay off those shopping damages LOL 😀


This is Suqqu counter in Selfridges Manchester. I didn’t take more pictures as I was too excited to look for products here. I had fun swatching many products. There are many items that are not available there because I think it sold out pretty quickly.

Here are my Suqqu haul; 2 eyeshadow, 1 blush and 1 eyebrow palette.


These pictures are also taken in Illamasqua counter in Selfridges Manchester.  The Illamasqua counter there is very happening with 3 SAs that have dramatic makeup and dresses! The thing that gets me most excited is to see their blushes. I have Illamasqua blush in Hussy and I love it to bits. I had fun swatching at the blush counter and decided to pick

I purchased three items from Illamasqua; a blush, an eye palette and a cream highlighter.


I picked this Chantecaille Classic Palette in Harrods. This palette was on sale together with the Tiger in the Wild palette. Chantecaille products pricing are so expensive even after the price reduction. I paid (£50 or £75, can’t remember exactly). Honestly I bought this only because I want to collect a product from a brand that I have never had before. I will do a review about this palette soon (I hope 🙂 )

Drugstore Haul from Boots & Superdrug

I had fun in both Superdrugs and Boots mostly in between Christmas – New year because they are having generous promotions. I bought quite a number of products there as they are having a “Buy 2 get 3” promotions and I will get a free goodie bag when I buy 5 products or more. Gosh I could not control myself and bought there things with me. I know I am a bad girl when it comes to shopping but I’ll give myself an excuse since this is a year end holiday :p

Real Technique Brushes

Sleek Eye and Blush Palettes

Miscellaneous brands – Maybelline Color Tattoo, Revlon Lipstain, Max Factor lipfinity, Loreal Eyeshadow, Rimmel Eyeliner, etc.

Model’s Own and Barry M are one of those brands that excites me the most in Boots and Superdrug. Their glittery nail polishes are to die for! Barry M nail polishes were about £3-£5 each and Model’s Own were about £5 each.

That’s all I have for you 🙂

I have many things to be reviewed and please be patient with me LOL.

Thank you for reading.


By: Meryl




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