Bobbi Brown, Dior, YSL, Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil | Review and Swatches

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Eyebrow is an essential part of your face. It needs to be groomed well to be nice. We have a few eyebrow pencil to compare with you all.

First of all, we both have light skin color and we have black and dark brown hair. In order for us to get a matching eyebrow color, we better use a dark eyebrow pencil. Here are some of our eyebrow pencil:

1. Bobbi Brown




The texture of bobbi brown eyebrow pencil is very powdery. It lacks in color but i guess this color will look awesome if you have a pale blonde hair. It matches well with blonde hair.


2. Dior


I bought this Dior eyebrow pencil looong ago. This eyebrow pencil has a darker color compared to bobbi brown grey. The texture is almost the same to Bobbi brown’s eyebrow pencil.

I adore Dior’s print on the pencil. The design makes it looks more glamorous and it makes me feel happy to apply it on my eyebrow 🙂

3. YSL


Here comes my favorite eyebrow pencil! 🙂 this color matches my hair very well. The texture is very different from the previous two. It’s richer in color and less powdery. However, I won’t recommend this to those of you who have a blonde hair color.

4. Shiseido

Natural Eyebrow Pencil (Crayon Sourcils Naturels) from Shiseido is not that pigmented, eventhough it is Deep Brown, it is not too dark. I need to apply a few times to get a dark shade that I wanted. What I like about this pencil, is that it comes with a brush that can gives your eyebrow a natural look.

I would love to try Chanel and Giorgio Armani eyebrow pencil, any other recommendation??


So do you have any other comments on other brands of eyebrow pencil? drop us a comment below 🙂


MeMo 🙂

Chanel Fall Collection 2011 – Illusion D’Ombre

Hello All!!!

Today I’m so excited to post a new thing about make up! This is Chanel fall collection 2011! I have such a big crush on Chanel’s make up. They are very pretty, elegant and very rich in their color.

This season, Chanel is releasing a LOT  of collection. One of my favorite is Chanel Illusion D’Ombre. This is their creme shadows. Many of the fall 2011 collections will be added permanently to Chanel’s make up collection. Woohoo I’m soo excited!! 🙂

After comparing with many other brands, I’d say that Chanel’s creme shadow is on my top list. I’m going to swatch some of the colors as well.

Here’e the first one:

1. Epatant

Epatant is a khaki green color. Well, some people might see it as grey or green. But anyway, this color is so gorgeous! This color is suitable for day or evening time. The texture of Chanel’s creme shadows are very creamy. They are very rich in color. However, if you want to have an intense color, don’t forget to tap in harder so that it can give you a more intense color.


Here I’m going to swatch the color so that you can see the difference between the light and the heavy version of color:


2. Emerveillé

Emerveille is a rick creme color. This color is perfect for most make up base. The color is very neutral that you can almost match it with any color. The color is not too intense. For me, this is not meant to color you whole eyelid. It’s more to the inner corner of your eyelid or to highlight your brow bone.



Here I’m going to swatch the color for you:


3. Eblouie

Eblouie is a very unique color. Some blogger say that it’s a warm brown color, while some said that it’s a purple color. For me, it’s more to a reddish brick color. This color is rarely found in any other brand. Eblouie is definitely one of my favorite color of this collection 🙂


As you can see in picture below, Eblouie is a red brick color. Be careful when using this color as this color might make your eyes looks dull if you apply it in a wrong intensity. However if you can blend it well, this color goes well with most skin tone.

4. Fantasme

This is a very white fairy color. I love the name “fantasme” as every time I hear that word, I feel relaxed :p . This color is a very nice color for highlighting your brow bone. However in my opinion, this is not a “must have” item from this collection. Yes, this is pretty, it’s very shimmery, however this color is not intense enough.

Here’s the swatch of the color. As you can see, the color is not intense. But you can stil use this for highlighting your brow bone or to line your inner lower lash line.

5. illusoire

Illusoire is a deep purple color. This color is suitable for a smokey eye look. Personally this is not one of my favorite color from this collection. I don’t think this color is very special compared to the others. However, Chanel gives a very nice glitter/shimmer to the color.

Here’s the swatch of this color:

as you can see, when it is dabbed heavier the color is very intense, but when you dabbed lightly, the color is still there but it’s less intense.


6. Mirifique

Lastly, mirifique is one of many people’s favorite. This is a very intense black color with shimmery. This color is very suitable for smokey eye look. Other than that, mirifique can also be used as an eyeliner. This is a recommended color from this fall collection!! 🙂

Here’s the swatch!

The left shade looks super pretty! It’s a very intense black color with some shimmer, and if you don’t really like a smokey eye look, you can still use this as an eyeliner.

So those are all the colors from Chanel Fall collection – Illusion d’Ombre 🙂
Drop us a comment about this collection..


Memo 🙂


Sephora Eyes


Hello again make up lovers!

Here is the make up which I’m wearing today. It’s so simple for you guys to apply!

The make up palette that I used is Sephora Colorful 9 in Forest Fantasy. It consist of 9 colors; ranging from dark brown, brown, black, silver even to green. This palette is one of my favorite palette from Sephora. The colors are very natural yet very versatile. I can use it for everyday use, or even for a glam make up.

Another thing that I used is Sephora highlighting bronzing powder. This is another thing from Sephora that I use almost everyday. The first color from the left is a natural color with a highlighting effect. Te middle color is a pinkish color. I rarely use this one, but today I’m using this color as my eye make up base. The color on the right is my favorite color. I like to use this color to highlight my brow bone or just to add some shine to my eye or my nose bone area. Pardon me for the dusty palette because I bought this a long time ago and I used it quite often, so it’s rather impossible for me to clean it until it looks new again.



For this make up. I applied the middle color from Sephora highlighting bronzing powder. I applied it to all over my eyelid. Next, to make a soft smokey look effect, I applied the dark brown color from Sephora Colorful 9 in Forest Fantasy (The brown color that i used was the one with “MeMoiselle” )on the outer area and blend it all together with my blending brush. Lastly to make it look more natural and shiny, I added a little bit of white color from the highlighting bronzing powder. 🙂


If you have any comments, questions or anything to say, please feel free to leave a comment below 🙂




OPI – Hopelessly In Love

Hiya all make up lovers 🙂

This is my first post about nail polish.

OPI is my favorite brand of nail polish. They have wide brush which enables me to paint my nails easily. Based on my experience, OPI nail polishes last longer than most other brands that I use. O

Hopelessly in Love is one of my favorite sheer color nail polish. The color of this polish is very natural. It’s nude-creamy color is very suitable for working. Great for everyday use! 🙂

The color is not opaque. In order to get this result, I applied 3 coats of the polishes and topped it with seche vite top coat.

That’s all from my 1st nail polish post!

Keep on reading for more updates on fashion, beauty products 🙂




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