Tom Ford 13 Eye Shadow Blend Brush Review and Comparison

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Lately I have been collecting more and more brushes as I feel that brush is a good investment for my make up addiction in the long term. I am adding this Tom Ford Eye Shadow Blend Brush to my collection. I have been reading few positive review on this brush and decided to give this brush a try. So here’s my review 🙂

IMG_5138The handle of Tom Ford eye brush is a sleek black color and plated gold metal nearing to the brush hair. The brush feels heavy and the hair comes in white color. I really love how luxurious this brush looks. However the white colored hair will eventually turned out to be dirty after a while.

IMG_5139Tom Ford’s brushes are made of goat hair and it feels uber soft! Tom Ford’s brushes have one of the best goat hair quality. I owned several goat hair brushes from other brand and none of them feels as soft as Tom Ford’s.

I have few eye blending brushes to compare with Tom Ford Eye Blending Brush pictured here:


L-R: MAC 217 Blending Brush – Tom Ford Eye Blending brush – MAC 226 Tapered Blending – Sigma E25

IMG_5141 L-R: MAC 217 Blending Brush – Tom Ford Eye Blending brush – MAC 226 Tapered Blending – Sigma E25

Firstly, I’d like to compare Tom Ford 13 Blend Brush to the famous MAC 217 blending brush. MAC 217 is my absolute favorite eye brush; it could be used to apply eyeshadow all over my eye lid, blending the colors and even applying concealer. So how does Tom Ford Blending Brush differs from MAC 217?

MAC 217 has a wider brush shape whereas Tom Ford 13 Blend Brush shape is longer and it is more pointing.In terms of hair quality, Tom Ford blending brush is softer than MAC. This is no surprise as Tom Ford brush price is double the price of MAC 217. My eyes are the typical small Asian; and for me MAC 217 does the blending better than Tom Ford blending brush. Tom Ford blending brush hairs are denser compared to MAC 217. Tom Ford blending brush does great job to for crease brush and it can also be used as a bigger pointing brush. Whenever I almost finish my smokey eye make up, I will usually reach for this brush to add on a bit of dark shade to  accentuate the look. In this case, Tom Ford eye blending brush does its job very well.

Secondly, let’s compare Tom Ford blending brush to MAC 226 Tapered Blending. MAC 226 is a limited edition brush which I got more than a year ago. If MAC 217 and 226 are compared to Tom Ford 13 Blend Brush, The shape of MAC 226 is closer to Tom Ford blending brush compared to MAc 217. MAC 226 is slightly shorter than Tom Ford eye blending brush. These two brushes have dense hair (but Tom Ford brush is still denser) and both are great for crease brush.If you see this brush from the top, Tom Ford brush shape is more pointing and smaller in the end compared to MAC 226. These two brushes are comparable; they perform well for blending crease area and applying the outer crease. I couldn’t decide which one I like better because both works very well and each brush has its own excellence. Tom Ford brush is denser so it does better job to blend the crease however MAC 226 has a wider brush end which makes it does better job in blending.

Now onto comparison with Sigma E25. SigmaE25 is said to be the dupe for MAC 217. I have to disagree with this as Sigma E25 is not as dense as MAC 217 and E25brush has a wider end compared to MAC 217. The shape of Sigma E25 and Tom Ford 13 Blend Brush is very different. Sigma E25 is much wider, less dense and Tom Ford 13 Blend brush is longer and denser. I prefer to use Sigma E25 to apply eyeshadow all over my eye, it doesn’t work well with me as a blending brush as it’s not dense enough for my liking.

Final Thought:

I am glad that Tom Ford 13 Blend Brush is different with the rest of my blending brushes in my stash. However If I would have to pick my fave from these four brushes featured in this post, I shall go with MAC 217. MAC 217 is not cheap but it’s more affordable compared to Tom Ford 13 Blend Brush. MAC 217 does the blending better than Tom Ford 13 Blend Brush. I have read several blogs saying that Tom Ford Blend Brush is their HG blending brush – I hope soon enough I’ll get to say that too. I think I would need more time to play with this brush and understand this brush more.

Overall Tom Ford Blend Brush does not disappoints. It’s not the best blending brush I have tried but it does its job pretty well. Other than that, the quality of the hair is worth checking too. It’s very soft and dense 🙂

So what’s  your fave blending brush? Share with me 🙂

Thank you for reading.

By: Meryl

NARS Light Reflecting Powder Review & Comparison with MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

Hello all,

Recently NARS has just launched Light Reflecting Powder in Singapore. Many of my instagram friends go crazy over this powder and it really tempted me to grab this product. NARS Light Reflecting Powder is retailing at S$50 in Singapore and available at Tangs Beauty Hall Orchard.

Few months ago, I also bought MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. Both of them looks similar in the pan; pressed and has a white color. Both also looks translucent when swatched. I will do a comparison of both products in this post. Please keep reading 🙂

The Packaging:

NARS Light Reflecting Powder comes with a fabric pouch with NARS logo in it. It also comes with a face sponge to apply the powder. The packaging of the powder looks like NARS bronzer, it has the same size and the casing has rubbery feeling.

Comparison with MAC:

NARS Light Reflecting Powder has 7g/0.24oz of product and MAC Transparent Finishing Powder has 6.3g/0.22oz of product. NARS Reflecting Powder retails at S$50 and MAC retails at S$30-40 (can’t remember the exact price). Nars provided a pouch with a sponge while MAC does not provide anything in the box.

The Texture:

NARS Light Reflecting Powder & MAC Transparent Finishing Powder can be used as both setting powder and touch up powder. Both products are translucent and looking white in the pan. However, NARS Reflecting Powder has a shimmering glow when swatched.  The texture of NARS powder is softer and blends much better on my skin. MAC ‘s texture is fine but it’s not as soft as NARS. When I swatch NARS powder at the counter, I was a little bit worried that my face would look oily as it has a very fine shimmer. But after trying it on my face, I am happy to say that I am satisfied with my purchase. You can see my look below.

I applied Chanel Perfection Lumiere lightly with my fingers. There was nothing on top of it.

On my left cheek, I applied NARS Reflecting Powder on top of the Chanel Foundation. You can see that after applying the powder, my face looks glowy and more fresh. It actually helps to whiten my skintone a bit too, makes my skin looks healthier.

On my right cheek, I applied MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder on top of  the Chanel foundation. I have been wearing this powder for few months now and have no problem in applying it by brush/sponge. This powder works for me as a setting powder & a touch up powder.

Lasting Power:

My skin type is combination skin; I have a normal-dry cheek and an oily T-zone area. Usually during office days, MAC Finishing Powder lasted for 5-6 hours on me and after that I need to touch up my face. After 6 hours my T-zone would be very oily and it’s the time when I re-apply my MAC Finishing Powder.

The Look:

Conclusion/Final Thought:

After comparing both products, I have to say that both products have their advantages. For ladies who wants a more natural looking/matte looking, MAC Finishing Powder would be a better choice. MAC provides a very natural matte finish. Whereas for ladies who wants more glow on the face, NARS would be a good choice.

From price point, although NARS’ price is more expensive, I personally don’t mind paying a more expensive price because I love the glowy finish so much and I love my healthy looking skin. I also love the pouch that NARS provide, it makes the product looks more sleek.


So ladies, what powder do you currently use? Let me know so I can discover more 🙂

Thank you for reading!


By: Meryl

Tom Ford 06 Cheek Brush Review


Today I am posting my first ever brush review, Tom Ford 06 Cheek Brush. The first time I opened the box of this brush, I immediately knew that I’ve made a right decision to purchase this. The brush looks very sleek, elegant and expensive.

Tom Ford’s beauty products are expensive and rather difficult to get especially for us here in Singapore. Currently we can only get this online. I got this through my mom who was traveling abroad last month.

The brush is very pretty. It’s quite heavy compared to other brushes that I have. I love the elegant and luxurious look of this brush. I have never had a brush as pretty as this 🙂 The handle is in brown color with “Tom Ford” engraved at the end of the handle.

The brush is extremely soft and dense. I like the feeling when I swipe this onto my cheek, It feels so soft and this brush applies wonderfully. However you need to be careful when using this brush with a very pigmented blush. Just dabbed it lightly and gradually build the color. Few days ago when I tried applying my Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope Blush , I need to dab this brush lightly. Otherwise I would take too much blush color.

For comparison, I took a picture of all my cheek brushes. The Shiseido Chouetools is actually a face brush but I also use it as my cheek brush. MAC 168 is a contour brush which I also use for my cheek occasionally.

Final Thought:

If I would have to comment on the packaging and the quality of the brush, I would say that this brush is outstanding. The quality of the brush is very good; it’s soft and dense. However from the price perspective, this brush is only worth buying if you’d like to collect makeup item. I am not sure the exact price about this product but it ranges from $90-$100.

What’s your favorite cheek brush? Share with me in the comment box below 🙂

I hope you like this post 🙂

Thank you for reading

Jill Stuart Haul and Summer 2012 Blush #14 Lantana Honey Review

Currently I am such a blush and cream shadow hunter. Call me crazy but every time I see a nice blush or cream shadow, I feel like buying them. I bough these products when I went to Taiwan last month. I love it so much there and I bought many items there, you can see my haul post HERE . In this post I am only going to review Blush #14 Lantana Honey, I will be writing review for the 3 eye jellies in a different post. 

Honestly I am not a big fan of Jill Stuart and its cutie princess packaging. Somehow it’s too cute for my liking. However Jill Stuart products have won my heart. Although I am not a fan of princess type packaging, I have to say I love Jill Stuart 🙂

Jill Stuart Blush has the prettiest packaging ever. I love to see the design of the packaging and the color combination of the blushes. Staring at them makes me happy.

The blush I am reviewing today is from Jill Stuart Summer 2012 Collection; #14 Lantana Honey. You can see the Jill Stuart summer collection in the gorgeous Rouge Deluxe blog When mixed together, you’ll get a pink blush with a hint of shimmer. The blush is also equipped with a brush. I have to say that this brush is the best complimentary brush in a palette. I am sure I won’t have to bring another blush brush when I am travelling. This brush is good enough to be used.

As you can see in the swatch above, when the blush is blended altogether it looks pinkish with a bit of peach in this picture. I love pinkish cheek as it brighten up my whole look. When I want to have a more pigmented cheek color, I will just swipe my brush on the colors at the bottom. The two colors at the top can also be used as a highlighter for the cheeks or even brow bone.

I am comparing this blush with some other blush in my stash that I think would be quite similar, they are Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Rose , NARS Orgasm and MAC Peachy Keen.

As you can see, Jill Stuart is the pinkest among all colors. NARS Orgasm and MAC Peachy Keen looks quite similar. I have written a comparison between MAC Peachy Keen and NARS Orgasm for your reference. You can see how this blush look on my cheek in the picture below.

Thank you for reading and hope you like it 🙂

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FOTD with Suqqu Himesango and Orange Lips

Today I am feeling like using my only orange lipstick (usually I am not comfortable with orange lips) and pair it with my Suqqu Himesango eyeshadow palette. In this look, I am emphasizing on my neutral eye looks and cheek. Orange lip can sometimes be difficult to pair with certain eye color, but with neutral eye colors, you can’t go wrong.

The products I am using here is very simple, you don’t need too many make up products to get this look.


NARS Smudge Proof Eye Primer

Suqqu Himesango 

Lancome Artliner

Lancome Hypnose Mascara

I applied NARS Smudge Proof eye primer all over my eyelid. Then I applied the taupe color from my Suqqu Himesango palette all over my eyelid with eye sponge. I want taupe to be the color all over my lid; however to make it look nicer, I applied pink eyeshadow from that palette on 1/3 of my inner corner lid. I also applied the dark purple eyeshadow on my outer corner, this is to create gradation on my eyelook. Then I blend all the colors together with my MAC 217 blending brush.


MAC Blush in Peaches

Since I am not emphasizing on the cheeks, I applied a thin layer of blush to keep it simple.


Chanel Rouge Coco in Sari Dore #76

Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Genie #52

Thank you for reading and have a good day 🙂


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