Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes Kit 2013 – 01 Beige Beige Eyeshadow Review

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Hello everyone!

Today I have a product from Lunasol to talk about in this post. So I was going out with few of my friends I meet through instagram and few of them are talking about how they love this Lunasol Beige Beige eyeshadow palette. My friends told me how this eyeshadow could never go wrong for daily make up. And well after that conversation and after swatching and observing the palette in Lunasol counter, I bought this Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes Kit 2013 which includes #01 Beige Beige Eyeshadow and EX03 lipstick palette. This palette is retailing at $71 in Singapore.

So firstly I will talk about the #01 Beige Beige Eyeshadow Quad




#01 Beige Beige Eyeshadow quad consist of 4 neutral eyeshadow shades. There are 2 shades that I find similar in this palette (top right and bottom left). Both shades looks very similar in the pan but when swatched, both are not the same. They complement the shade very well to each other.

  • Top left: Shimmery  light beige for highlight 
  • Top right: creamy beige
  • Bottom Left: Creamy sandy
  • Bottom Right: creamy mocha

Honestly I am not a huge fan of Lunasol eyeshadow as it is often too sheer and less pigmented. As for this #01 Beige Beige eyeshadow quad, The texture is super smooth and creamy but I must admit that not all of these 4 eyeshadows are greatly pigmented. All 4 shades in this palette is equally creamy and smooth. I can see that there’s a slight fall out from the eyeshadows here but wearing UD primer helps in reducing the fall out a lot.

What I really love from this palette is that you will never go wrong with the shades. The 4 shades complements each other very well. I like to use the shades in the top left and I combine it with the shade in the bottom left to be used as  a base color. The mocha is a great shade to create a soft smokey look. The pigmentation is not the best but it is good enough to build the color that I want for a natural look. In this case the pigmentation helps me to create a really natural look for office make up or brunch date when I prefer to have a minimal eye make up. This eyeshadow will never make you look too much.





And here’s a quick look onto EX03 lipstick palette:





Final thought:

Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes Kit 2013 consists of 2 products; 01 Beige Beige Eyeshadow and EX03 Lipstick Palette . This kit is suitable for ladies who wish to purchase eyeshadow kit for their daily usage especially for day look. The eyeshadow and the lipstick kit provides a very nice shade selection to create a very natural “no makeup” make up look. Although fallout is inevitable, you can always dab your brush to the eyeshadow lightly and apply it onto your eyelid and build the shade in few layers. Overall this Skin Modeling Eyes Kit 2013 has meet my expectation in terms of quality.


Thank you for reading!

Have you tried any Lunasol product? What is your experience with Lunasol?



By: Meryl



Lunasol Aurorized Eyes 04 Review and EOTD

Hello all 🙂

It’s the midweek! I hope you’re having a good time at work/school. 🙂 Today I have Lunasol Aurorized Eyes 04 to show you. I got this for $37 at Kanebo sale few months ago. On the sale, I also bought another eye palette which I will be showing to you all soon and a brown eyeliner which I have reviewed before. You can read my review here.

The packaging looks simple and sleek. Although I am not a big fan of Gold case, I still find this attractive because it’s not too shiny. It’s prone to finger prints but not as bad as YSL’s palette case. It’s quite lightweight but I guess it’s not a problem this time because I quite like the design of the eye palette.

Lunasol eyeshadow is very sheer and sparkly. The pigmentation is not something that I am looking for in an eyeshadow, it’s too sheer for my liking. The texture is very buttery and soft. I must say that Lunasol’s eyeshadow texture is really good and it’s close enough to a very high end brand like Suqqu. Although the texture is amazing, fallouts are inevitable. I always do my eye look first before applying my sunblock and face powder so I can clean any eye shadow fallouts during application. I will show the swatches at the end of this post, you can take a look on how sheer and sparkly it is.

In the swatches below, You can see that only 2 colors are pigmented. I swiped my finger twice to achieve this pigmentation.

It was not the best direct sunlight picture since it was not a very sunny day when I took this picture.

As you can see from the two swatch picture above, the purple and the taupe are the ones that show up the best. The shimmery pink still shows the color but not too good. The other two colors are not something that I like because they’re just shimmer and look very similar. There’s a slight difference between the two color but I guess it’s doesn’t look very different at all. Both are too frosty for my liking.

As you know, I am a big fan of shimmer eyeshadow. As much as I love shimmer eyeshadow, I hope the pigmentation would still be there. The taupe and the purple don’t disappoint, the pigmentation is up to my expectation for Japanese eyeshadow. However the other three colors are just very boring; too shimmery and the colors are obviously very dull.

In the eye look above, I am using the shimmery pink all over my lid. Then I am using the purple on the outer corner of my eye to create dimension. Finally the taupe is blended on the outer corner but more onto the eyelid to create gradation.

Final Thought:

The packaging of this eyeshadow is not the best of what I would expected. However  I am still satisfied with the packaging. The texture of this eyeshadow is satisfactory. It’s buttery smooth and the fallouts are controllable. I would say that Lunasol’s eyeshadow quality is comparable to many high end Japanese brands. However the pigmentation is a disappointing for the 3 eyeshadows (the other 2 are fine). They are way too shimmery and frosty.

In conclusion, I am still happy to get this at $37 during Kanebo sale. I believe Lunasol’s eyeshadow are great, I might have bought a wrong one during the sale because of its limited choice.


Do you have any Lunasol’s eyeshadow? What’s your opinion about it?

Thank you for reading 🙂

My Pick from Lunasol Fall 2012 – Sheer Glossy Eyes in EX03Soft Brown and Nail Polish in EX06 Deep Red

I am so excited to see the display of Lunasol Fall 2012 Collection! Lately I have been obsessed with Lunasol products because of their shimmer and neutral colors. If you have been following my instagram (@memoiselle) and twitter (@memoiselleblog) , I have posted few pictures that I snapped on the counter.

Lunasol Fall 2012 products are not as wide as the Summer’s but I am excited to see the sheer glossy eyes. I am not sure whether Lunasol has ever had any cream eyeshadow before. This fall Lunasol releases 4 sheer glossy eyes (limited edition) and 4 new modeling glossy eye. For more information you can refer to Rouge Deluxe and A Touch of BlusherI swatched all 4 sheer glossy eyes in the counter and they’re indeed very sheer. I picked EX03 Soft Brown because it’s more pigmented and great to use as a base. I also picked one of the limited edition nail polish in EX06 Deep Red.

Sheer Glossy Eyes in EX03Soft Brown

Firstly let’s talk about the packaging. Made from plastic glass, the packaging of this eyeshadow is not the greatest thing of this product. It’s very lightweight which I don’t like. The design looks a bit dull and old fashioned to me. The cap of the bottle is also very prone to finger prints.

The texture of this sheer glossy eye is very buttery and smooth. I love the textures! It is very sheer in color but very easily to build up and blended very well. The idea of this eyeshadow is to create a neutral and soft look. The pigmentation is not great hence it’s nice to use this as a base. Soft brown is a shimmery light brown color. The sparkles are very pretty and not too much. If I need to compare the texture of this eyeshadow to other brands, I would say the texture is pretty close to Chanel Illusion d’Ombre. Although Illusion d’Ombre is much more pigmented that Sheer Glossy Eyes, the buttery feeling is quite similar but they’re definitely not the same. Compared to many other cream shadow, I would say this is less creamy compared to others. It is more buttery than ordinary eyeshadow but less creamy than many cream shadows.

In the swatches above, you can see how sheer the eyeshadow is. It looks shimmery in both direct sunlight and indoor lighting. It’s a nice color to use as a base.

Nail Polish in EX06 Deep Red 

Initially I did not intend to get the nail polish. I have too many red nail polish but Lunasol’s caught my attention. EX06 Deep Red is a red wine with gold flecks. The flecks are obvious in the bottle but it don’t show up as obvious in the nails. I love the idea that the gold flecks don’t show as much as it looks in the bottle hence it is not too much for a daily look yet it still looks unordinary because of the gold flecks 🙂 This nail polish is a limited edition product too!

The packaging of Lunasol’s nail polish is pretty. I love the gold cap of this nail polish, it’s quite heavy and portrays the elegance of Lunasol. The formula is just flawless! It’s not runny and very easy to apply. The drying time is fast enough. It requires two coats for full opacity. But in the swatches below I used three coats to emphasize the gloss and show more flecks.

Final Thought:

The limited edition Sheer Glossy Eyes range are great to check out especially if you’re a fan of shimmery eyeshadow. Although the pigmentation and the packaging is not excites me as much as I wish, I understand that Lunasol is trying to release sheer looking products (the name explains it all). The textures is great; buttery and smooth. This products retails at S$43. As this is a limited edition product, I don’t want to miss Lunasol’s cream eyeshadow.

This EX06 Deep Red limited edition nail polish did not disappoint me at all. The formula is wonderful and flawless; not runny and very easy to apply.  I love how the gold flecks show in the nails. It’s a great color for daily use; gorgeous looking red nails! This retails for S$23.

Thank you for reading.

Do you spot any products that you want? 🙂


Lunasol Noble Shade Liner in 03 Reddish Brown

Last month, Kanebo held a beauty sale at Chevron House. I made a flash visit to the sale and felt very satisfied leaving the sale with few items that’s really worth buying. One of the items I bought was Lunasol Noble Shade Liner. I can’t remember the exact price but if I am not wrong this was sold at S$17. There are 3 colors for this range; 01 Noble Black, 02 Khaki Brown and Reddish Brown. I picked 03 reddish brown as I don’t have anything like this in my stash.

The packaging is good. It’s made from glass and metal material which makes this eyeliner looks tough. I am a big fan of this packaging. It makes me feel this product is worth buying since they pack it into a very nice looking product. The handle is made from metal and it’s very easy to use. It’s long enough for my hand size and the brush is designed pretty well. The size of the brush is not as small as Chanel’s liquid eyeliner (here); it’s slightly bigger but I think it’s good enough for me to draw a line in my lid.

What I love most about this product is the texture. This liquid liner is not as runny as other liquid liner. It’s somewhat sticky. I would say this looks like a gel liner in a liquid form (I wonder if I said this correctly). It’s very pigmented. You can see the opacity in one swipe. Another thing that I love is the waterproof quality of this product! Yes it is quite hard to remove when it comes to face cleansing time but given the fact that I have a very oily eyelid, this eyeliner does not smudge at all! How fantastic is that! I rarely find eyeliner that does not smudge at all with me (K-palette color tattoo is one of them though 🙂 ). This is a good find for me. You can see the swatches below

I don’t have too many brown eyeliner in my stash to compare ut looking at these 3 eyeliners, I am glad I bought this eyeliner. I don’t have anything similar to Lunasol’s.

In the picture above, you can see how waterproof it is. This picture is taken while water is flowing from my sink. The color doesn’t change at all. It looks just right.

And here are two pictures to show you how this eyeliner look on my eye. FYI the eyeshadow I am wearing is Benefit Tattle Tale and Chanel Matelassées .

Final Thought:

Overall I am very satisfied with this eyeliner. The packaging is really good; it’s convincing and makes me feel confident that this eyeliner would works very well. I bought this at approximately S$17 during sale but I have not checked the exact market price for this. The texture was great too; it doesn’t crease at all after 6 hours of wearing. The color looks unique and I don’t have anything like this. I don’t have any bad thing to say about this but if I have to, I would say that the ONLY bad thing about this is that this product is very hard to remove. However this is not a problem for me. I would rather have a hard to remove product rather than an easy to remove product but create smudges.

I hope this post helps and leave me a comment below to let me know what you think 🙂

Thank you for reading.

Lunasol Summer 2012 Glowing Powder Cheeks In EX 03 Pure Coral Pink

Summer make up products are flooded everywhere and we are starting to take a peek of fall 2012 products. However there’s still one product that caught my attention and successfully lured me to get this.Recently I have falling in love with Lunasol; the brand has a good range of eye make up palette and blushes.

Initially I did not intend to buy this blush but after swatching it on my arm, I can feel that buttery smooth texture which I love. I talked to Monica about Lunasol blush and she agreed that Lunasol blush is great. Check out her review on Lunasol Spring 2012 blush  which she likes a lot :). This blush is retailing at S$60. I had S$50 Takashimaya voucher so in the end I only paid S$10, yay such a steal 😀

Firstly, let’s talk about the texture of this blush. The reason why I am falling in love a lot about this blush is mainly because of the texture. It’s buttery smooth and it has the micro shimmer which makes this blush very beautiful. When I swept my finger on this pan of blush, I can feel how smooth this blush is. The pigmentation was awesome; I swept my finger once and I can see the color transfered smoothly. There was some fallouts but it’s not a problem for me since this is a blush.

Another thing that I love from this blush is the color. This blush contains two colors; pink and coral. This gives me choice to choose the pink or the coral or even mix them together to get the color that I want. I agree with the gorgeous Joey from Joey’s Space that this blush gives me a choice to match my cheek color with my lip color. In the pictures below, you can see the blush pan under direct sunlight and indoor lighting. In the direct sunlight, you can clearly see the micro glitter sparkles that makes this blush so beautiful.

In the pictures below, I did some swatch to show how you can choose to use this blush. When blended together, the color leans more towards pink. I love all 3 colors swatched below, it’s so wearable 🙂

This blush comes with a small brush that’s can be used while travelling. Well I personally don’t really use the brush given by any make up that I purchased. They’re usually too small and not fluffy enough. One major downside of this blush is the packaging. It’s so sad to see such a pretty blush packed in this pan. I hope the packaging could be improved. For a $60 product, I think this packaging doesn’t worth the price. The cover of the blush doesn’t fit much hence the product could fall off easily. Luckily Lunasol provides a rubber band to tighten it together; however I still think that Lunasol could improve the packaging.

Final Thought:

Despite the poor packaging, I still love this blush a lot. The texture is buttery smooth and the color looks unbelievably glowy on my skin. Moreover I love the duo colors on the pan, I can choose whichever color I want to use. If you don’t mind the packaging, this product is a must have item 🙂

Thank you for reading



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