L’Oreal Anti Hair Fall Treatment ~ Review and Information

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One of the most common problem that women face is hair loss. Same to what I experience, I loss my hair everyday especially because my hair is naturally heavier  and thicker in texture. It freaks me out sometimes to see the amount of the hair loss I have everyday.

Do you know that in average a normal person loses 100 strands of hair every day? It kinda surprises me that I might be losing that amount of hair everyday!

Good news is, L’Oréal Paris new technological breakthrough is clinically proven to save 1600 hair strands per month with the help of salon professional ingredient Aminexil. Aminexil is a salon professional ingredient that has never been introduced to the mass market and thanks to L’Oreal, for the first time, it is now being introduced to the mass market.




How do I use this Anti Hair Fall Treatment?

Step 1: I usually wash my hair every morning on my damp hair, apply the complete dose directly on the scalp partitioned line by line. This can also be used for dry hair.

Step 2: After applying the product, I will massage scalp with my finger tips gently – to make sure that the product is absorbed well.

Step 3: Leave the product on without rinsing. I enjoy the fresh smell on my hair so much!



My Verdict:

I’ve been using this product for a good two weeks. I apply this product once a day or once in two days. The result is positive where I can see my hair reduced every morning specially when I comb my hair. I don’t really see my hair fall as much as before (yay!) Another result that I see is that my hair is less prone to breaking.


The new Fall Repair 3X Anti Hair Fall Treatment retails for $39.90 and is available from July 2014 onwards at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores!


L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil with UV Filter Protection



Today I am going to share my thoughts on the L’Oreal Hair Oil with UV Filter Protection. L’Oreal has previously released their hair oil less than a year ago which has become my favorite hair oil staple! You may read my review on the hair oil here.


Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection is bottled with L’Oreal Paris’s winning concoction of six flower extracts – Flax, Tiare, Rose, Lotus, Chamomile and Matricaria, infused together with additional UV Filter Protection. The formula helps moisturise hair, breathe life into limp hair and protects hair colour against fading.

Here are some suggestions on how to use: the hair oil:

  • Before Coloring Your Hair
    Use Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection to prepare your hair for color treatment. Apply a few drops of Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection to your hair the night before. Hair will be deeply nourished and well-prepped for color treatment so hair will not be left dry and brittle.
  • Before Blow Drying
    The moisturising benefits of Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection, protects hair from the aggressions of heated styling tools. To apply, use a comb that will allow the oil to glide and gently penetrate the hair fiber.
  • Mix It With Your Hair Mask
    A minimum of once a week, bring out the natural beauty of your hair with Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection. Mix Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection with your hair mask. Wrap your hair in a warm, moist towel so the products can penetrate deeply. Rinse in cold water after five minutes.
  • As a Finishing Touch
    Apply a few drops of Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection as a finishing touch or touch-up during the day to keep your hair looking neat, fresh and constantly nourished.



My Thoughts on this product:

I have been using this product for almost three weeks. In my opinion, L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil with UV Filter Protection has a lighter consistency compared to the previous one. It feels slightly watery to me and it feels very light on my hair. I don’t feel like I am using any hair oil at all. I pumped 4-5 times and spread the product all over my hand and apply it onto the end part of my hair. It keeps my hair feel moisturised and it makes my hair looks healthier too.

I have heard some people’s concern about the scent of the previous L’Oreal Hair Oil being too strong. If you had that in your mind too, then this might be a good one to try. I feel that the scent is so much lighter. I can’t really smell the scent anymore after few hours using it. I personally have no issue with the scent of the previous hair oil; in fact I love the scent of the previous hair oil better 😉

After using it for a while, I guess this product is worth to try. The texture is so light that I don’t feel like I am using a hair oil. It keeps my hair has that healthy shine until the end of the day. Without any hair oil/serum, my hair would look frizzy; but with the constant application of this hair oil, my hair still looks fine and manageable.


L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil with UV Filter Protection is retailing at $26.90 for 100ml 

Disclaimer: The product was sent to me for review purposes. The information posted above is taken from L’Oreal xtraordinary Oil with UV Filter Protection press kit. My Thoughts on this product is based on my experience; it is honest and unbiased.

Thank you for reading!

By: Meryl

July Empties!



Hello Everyone!

It’s been two months since I wrote my last “empties” post. I didn’t have much finished products last month so I thought I will just wait until the next month where I would have more finished product. So here it is, I am going to write a short review on the products which I finished in the last two months.

1. Bifesta Eye Make Up Remover

This make up remover works wonderfully to swipe away my eye makeup. It’s a very effective product to remove eyeshadow or even waterproof eyeliner. I love how this products easily cleans up my eye make up. It is priced reasonably at below $15 (I couldn’t remember the exact price).

Will I repurchase this again? Definitely

2. The Body Shop Olive Scrub

I simply love this scrub because of its texture. It’s very effective to remove dead skin cells. I have been using this since my high school time and still enjoy using it until now. My skin feels so smooth after I applied this scrub.

Will I repurchase this again? Definitely

3. L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil

Recently I have reviewed this product hereI mentioned how much I love the product in the review post on this product. It makes my hair feels very smooth without making it feel sticky. I usually use 3 pumps after I washed my hair and I can feel how smooth my hair feel after applying this oil. I also love the smell this product has; it’s a mixture of macadamia and some flowers.

Will I repurchase this again? Definitely

4. No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Dry / Very Dry 

I purchased this product when I was in the UK last January. I had a very dry skin there and my usual skincare routine were not creamy enough to combat the cold weather that dries my skin. I bought this product from Boots to help me moisturize my skin.

This cream has a thicker consistency and it is packed with SPF 15. It helps me to protect my skin from being dry for few hours in the cold weather and I need to reapply this cream after that. In Singapore, where the weather is humid, this cream can last for a longer hour.

Will I repurchase this again? Maybe

5. The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner

Before I apply any makeup, usually I will cleanse my face with toner. This Seaweed Clarifying Toner works well for people with combination skin. I have been loving this product for long time but recently I feel that it’s a bit drying for my cheek area. I still like this product but currently I am trying some other products that might work better for me.

Will I repurchase this again? Maybe 


Yay that I have finished all these products. I hope I will have sufficient product to post next month, so we’ll see 😉


Thank you for reading!


By: Meryl

L’Oreal Extraordinaire Hair Oil

Hello all,

Today I’m going to introduce a new hair product from L’Oreal Paris. The brand has recently launched L’Oreal Extraordinaire Hair Oil islandwide in Singapore. I am a big fan of L’Oreal hair products. The products work well on me and the price is affordable compared to some other brands.

So what makes L’Oreal Extraordinaire Hair Oil different with other hair oil?




The Extraordinary Oil– the ultimate solution to perfect hair that is Richly Nourished and Intensely Protected from damage while providing Brilliant Shine, Sumptuous Smoothness, and an Ultra-Lightweight, Non-greasy Finish.

Aren’t hair oils heavy and greasy?

Not if we are talking about an exquisitely formulated product like The Extraordinary Oil. We have designed it to suit all hair types, and created it using the most lavish oils of six flower extracts – Flax, Tiare, Rose, Lotus, Chamomile and Marticaria. This potent combination of precious oils is realized into a transversal, ultra-caring formula that nourishes and protects hair for a silky, shiny finish that is soft to the touch and light as air.

If you need more convincing, let’s take a leaf from communities of women in India and South Asia who have been harnessing the power of hair oils for generations – a beauty ritual passed on from grandmother to mother to daughter.

The Fragility of Hair Fibers

Hair fibers are normally coated with natural oil. But even at its best, normal hair needs to be properly nourished because of constant exposure to harsh conditions – washing, UV rays, dry air, pollutants, heated styling tools and chemicals. As time wears on, hair becomes dry, dull, limp and prone to damage, breakage and hair fall.

Anyone can indulge in The Extraordinary Oil

Whether you have dry, frizzy, curly, straight or thin hair, you will enjoy our infinitely indulgent and unbelievably lightweight Extraordinary Oil. Because it’s so light-weight, we suggest to start with two to three pumps per application, and to layer on as needed.

The Extraordinary Oil can be applied at multiple steps of the hair care process:

  • Before shampoo and conditioning: Apply 10 minutes before washing to restore, richly nourish and prep hair for shampooing and conditioning
  • Before blow drying on towel-dried hair: To intensely protect hair from damage before styling
  • Throughout the day: As a finishing touch that leaves hair with a glowing shine and sumptuous smoothness without weighing it down

Retailing at $23.90 for 100ml of product. Retails in supermarkets, pharmacies, and departmental stores island-wide starting April 2013.

The above information is extracted from L’Oreal Extraordinaire Hair Oil press kit


When I first saw the packaging of this hair oil, I must say that I’m intrigued to try this product. The bottle is made of glass which feels heavy and looks beautiful. The product is beautifully packaged for such affordable product.

The hair oil feels lightweight; It doesn’t make my hair feel oily or greasy at all. In fact, I love to touch my hair as it feels soft throughout the day. I usually use 2-3 pumps after I wash my hair in the morning and I apply it at the end of my hair. L’Oreal Extraordinaire hair oil helps my hair to feel lighter the whole day. The scent is not over pouring; just a touch of sweet flowery smell.

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me at free of charge for review purposes. However my review is always genuine, honest and unbiased. 

So what’s your current fave hair oil? Share with me 🙂

Thank you for reading.

By: Meryl

L’Oreal Miss Candy Collection – Haul + Review + Swatches

Lately I have been a very bad girl for my wallet. I have been shopping quite a lot, I blame the pretty fall collections that have been launched lately. Moreover L’Oreal is launching Miss Candy Collection too! I have been looking at this collection in the beauty blogosphere and been waiting for so long until it hits Singapore. Finally this collection hits Singapore stores last week YAY! But I didn’t buy until few days ago when John Little is having 20% discount across all L’Oreal product (including this new launch)

If you have been following my instagram (@memoiselle), I have been posting pictures that I snapped in Guardian. The products that I saw in display were 3 new infallible eyeshadows and 4 new lipgloss.

Firstly the infallible

I think these eyeshadows are special compared to other L’Oreal Infallible that I have in my stash.. You can see that there’s some tiny freckles on the pan. I think it looks very cute and pretty. Although it doesn’t  look as pretty as Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill, I think these colors will be enough to make me happy considering this retails for S$14.90 and ETK retails for S$41 each 🙂

036 Naughty Strawberry

It’s a shimmering pink color with tiny gold freckles. The name screams cuteness! naughty strawberry 🙂 I think this is a pretty good name to describe this cute pink color.

032 Sassy Marshmallow

I have been taking many pictures to make sure that the color captured comes out as close as possible in real life. Unfortunately it always comes out as a silver. This is a blue toned grey with tiny pink freckles in it. I think this is the most wearable color among all three eyeshadows. It’s a pretty grey color that can be used as a base for smokey eye color.

031 Innocent Turquoise

a very pretty turquoise color with very tiny gold freckles. The color mixture in this eyeshadow is the least compared to Naughty Strawberry or Sassy Marshmallow. I am sure those of you who loves pop color will love this. This looks flattering on many skin tone; fair skinned asian, dark skinned and western fair skinned. a very summery color 🙂

Now to the lipgloss,

I didn’t plan to get any of the lipgloss but I ended up with two. I have never seen such a cute lipgloss. The packaging is just perfect! Can you see the pretty swirl? Oh my  I can’t stand looking at these cute little lipgloss without bringing them home with me and keep it in my everyday bag.

703 Miss Marshmallow

This one looks least flattering to me in the display. This is a combination of shimmering nude and a pale pink shimmer with glitter. It looks dull on the tube but when I swatch it on my hand it looks very pretty. It’s a shimmering pale pink color with glitters. You know I love those kinds of colors 🙂

706 Miss Orange

I know I will be getting this one when I saw this on the display. This is a combination of orange and a coral pink. When swatched, I see this color as more of a coral pink rather than orange. I bring this everyday in my bag, it’s too pretty to be neglected in my lipstick stash.

It’s very hard for me to capture the shimmer in Miss Marshmallow. You can see that there’s some pretty tiny glitters there but in real life, you can see more of them. Miss Orange looks identical to what I see in real life. As I said above, this looks more of a pretty coral pink rather than orange.

Final Thoughts:

I am glad I got my hands on these products. They are too cute to be missed. Moreover L’Oreal infallible eyeshadows texture are amazing. For S$14.90, you can get a similar texture to Eyes To Kill. Although this is less creamery than Eyes to Kill, but this is very good enough. The pigmentation is superb and this is long wearing too. The lipgloss are also great find. The color is very sweet and versatile for everyday use. The best thing of this is the swirl, I just can’t resist these cute little things. If you like sweets, candies, macaroons, cakes etc i am sure this collection is for you 🙂

What do you think of this launch? Do you like it 🙂

Thank you for reading.

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