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Today I have Le Metier de Beaute Nouvelle Vague to show you. I have been lemming for this eyeshadow kit for months and really glad when I got the chance to grab it. I bought this when Saks Fifth Avenue had a free shipping promotion to Asian several countries during Lunar New Year together with my D&G Passion Duo Lipstick. I paid SGD $126.36  for this. I know this is very expensive for an eyeshadow kit, but it gives me such a happy feeling for acquiring a collector’s item make up 🙂

The main reason I am getting this kit is because I am obsessed with Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope kit. The packaging is so unique and there’s no product that looks  similar with it. Previously I have reviewed Le Metier de Beaute Blush Kaleidoscope which I really love and I am still in love with it until now 🙂

The Packaging:

Nouvelle Vague comes in the Le Metier de Beaute signature kaleidoscope packaging. It’s made of metal casing which feels heavy and it’s metal is reflecting. The size of this kit is equivalent to Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope Blush. The only difference is Nouvelle Vague comes with a metal casing while the Kaleidoscope Blush comes in black packaging.

The Color:

Nouvelle Vague comes with 4 shades;

Nouvelle- a seer mink negative
Gamine- a satin pink celluloid
Icon- silky matte Parisian mauve
Fin- a smoldering black carbon

Nouvelle is described as seer mink negative. In my eyes, I see it as a cream color with a satin finish.

Gamine is described as satin pink celluloid. It’s a soft cotton candy pink with a satin finish.

 Icon is described as silky matte Parisian mauve. I also see a hint of taupe and grey in this color.

Fin is described as a smoldering black carbon. It’s just a deep black with no shimmer, just matte black.

What I love about this kit is that the color combination is really pretty for everyday use. Nouvelle and Gamine makes a very pretty base color.  I can foresee that I will be wearing Gamine quite often because I don’t have that kind of soft pink color on my stash. Icon is not really my color as I am not into matte mauve color, but I’m sure many people would love this shade.

The Texture:

The texture is soft, smooth and nicely pigmented. It glides on easily on my arm and on my eyes when I test this eye kit. I experience no fallout when applying the eyeshadows. I have read in some blogs (can’t remember which blog) that this kit can be worn wet or dry, but I have never tried using this wet. Even with dry application, this eyeshadow performs excellently.

The Swatch:

The Look:

I applied Gamine mixed with Icon all over my eyelid. To accentuate the eye, I did a smokey look with fin. I also used fin on my lower lash line.

I did this look for my Valentine’s day Dinner with my hubby. My hubby rarely comments on my eyelook but just occasionally he’d made a comment on my make up. He said he likes soft pink on my base rather than my usual soft beige base. He said that this looks make me look even more feminine. What a wonderful comment he made on Valentine’s day! It made my day and made me want to use Nouvelle Vague even more 😀

Final Thought:

Nouvelle Vague delivers a beautifully crafted packaging eyeshadow with versatile color. It’s worth a look if you are looking for a collector’s item that’s high in quality.

Thank you for reading.

By: Meryl

Le Metier De Beaute – Chauvet Pont D’arc Kaleidoscope Eye Kit

This post has been long overdue, since I forgot I have this beauty! Bought few months ago from Zuneta (it’s still available!) this is my first eye kit from LMdb. My idea at that time is to own at least one eye kit from LMdB and this one is the latest at that time and I just bought it straight away without thinking too much. Hard to find any available LMdB eye kit in Zuneta as they tend to out of stock quickly.

The last layer of the eye kit which is the teal color is not me at all. I’m not keen with bright color as it doesn’t look nice on me. I applied all the shades over a thin layer of primer.

Information below taken from Zuneta website

Summer 2012 Kaleidoscope Eye Kit
Le Métier de Beauté’s star product tends to sell out very quickly so act fast!
Inspired by the Chauvet* cave paintings in France, the summer color collection hues are rich in pigment, beauty and intensity.

This Summer 2012 version introduces more unusual shades with more classic shadow shades to create a gorgeous, multi-dimensional result that suits all skin tones and eye colours.

The Chauvet Pont D’arc Kaleidoscope includes:

Umber – a cool mauve with a satiny finish

Ocher – rusty sandstone with a golden finish

Madder – terracotta with a shimmering finish

Crystalline – silky matte, desert teal

Overall,  I found the teal color blend quite well with the other taupe shades and actually the teal color is not that blue when you used it compare to what it looks on the pan. Plus who can resist the packaging of the eye kit and the quality of their product. I also happen to have the famous shade eyeshadow in Corinthian and Jojo which I compare with the first two layers of the eye kit. Umber and Corinthian quite similar while Ocher is darker than Jojo.

Thanks for reading!

By: Monica

Le Metier De Beauté Blush Kaleidoscope

Hello all!

I am very excited to share with you my recent purchase of this gorgeous blush! Le Metier De Beauté Blush Kaleidoscope is one thing that I have been craving for months!! Thanks to Miss J who helped me to get this 🙂 I have heard LOTS of good reviews about this blush and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you all 🙂

The packaging is surely the main reason I attracted to this blush. It’s very unique and I have never seen anything like this before. There are 4 blush colors in this; matte peach, matte pink, shimmery peach and shimmery pink. I like the idea that they are putting 4 different blushes on a same pan. I foresee that I will bring this blush when I travel. I can choose any color that I want and I can also mix the colors 🙂

First of all, I would like to talk about the pigmentation of this blush. This blush is very pigmented. I need to be very careful when I dabbed my brush or else I’d look like a clown :p The texture is pretty good; it’s quite soft. I actually hoped that it would be softer and buttery for the hefty price tag I paid. But to be more objective, I think the texture of this blush is good enough. The shimmers are softer than the mattes.

Let’s take a look at the swatches 😀

As you can see, This blush is VERY pigmented. When applying, I always try to dab it very lightly and try to build the color slowly. I like the idea that we can actually mix and match the blush color to create the colors that we desire. So far I have only tried mixing the pink matte and the pink shimmer. I am sure I will be enjoying my time mixing the colors to see what unique color I can get from this blush. 🙂

I did a look with this blush. I chose the matte pink for my FOTD 🙂

Have you tried any of Le Metier de Beauté product? What do you think of it?

I hope you enjoy this post 🙂

Thank you for reading.

Another haul and experience with HopShopGo!

Some of you probably realized how things in Sydney here are mostly overpriced and I’m in a point where I get tired to pay almost double in cosmetics or skin care products. Then I thought I just try HopShopGo service where they gave me US address and I can have my items sent to my US address and they will forward it to me here in Australia. After browse and ask them questions I finally ordered few product, its quite a long process though. So I ordered some from Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. I would suggest buying from Saks because they allow the billing and shipping address in two different countries while Nordstorm can’t (I could be wrong but I tried and Nordstrom can’t process my order). So for Nordstrom I use ‘Buy For Me’ service which they buy on my behalf but incur 10% service fee while for Saks’ order I used ‘Ship For Me’ service.

They have excellent and easy access website which you can track your item has arrived or not in the US address etc. My Nordstrom package arrived first in US address (you can track it from your account) and guess what, 3 items with weight only 200 0r 300 grams, they charged me 1.5kg (they do charged based on dimension of the box). It shocked me because I ordered much more from Saks and how much they gonna charge me. Luckily, my Saks’ package only weight 1kg, I don’t know why but total shipping cost me around AUD40. I’m happy with it, when I get my package I know why there is a weird shipping cost calculation.

The first picture is from Nordstorm using ‘Buy For Me’ serivce, such a big box for 3 eye shadows with no padded, bubble wrap whatsoever. Fortunately, nothing broke. I assumed that’s not the initial package from Nordstrom, while the Saks package is so lovely, padded nicely and the box totally fit perfectly with the items I bought. Overall, its worth it if you buy few things and I would use ‘Ship For Me’ service but maybe not the ‘Buy For Me’ service.

Enough with the rambling, now here’s the interesting part:

I also bought Burberry Sheer Summer Glow which has been reviewed by Meryl 🙂 That’s all I’ve got from US but I didn’t stop at that I also  got couple things from Singapore, Ebay, etc.

I blame my exam anxiety for all this damage to my wallet :p Proper post with better quality pictures coming up in a week or less I hope, once I get my camera back from my friend who borrow it for Lady Gaga’s concert.

Anyone can recommend other shipping companies other than HopShopGo? Also share your experience with HopShopGo, I would love to know as well.

Have a good weekend everyone and don’t forget to enter Groupon Giveaway!


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