Bobbi Brown Nail Lacquer in Turquoise

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Another nail polish post 🙂

Bobbi Brown recently launched Dessert Twilight collection. There are three nail polishes in this collection; Turquoise, Twilight and another one which only sold together in a set (I could not find the name). It’s exciting to see Bobbi Brown releasing a limited nail polish collection. I don’t know whether Bobbi Brown has released any nail polish in the past but since I am too curious about the quality of their nail polishes, I know I should get my hands on any of these colors 🙂

Initially I almost picked twilight because of it’s beautiful shimmer but I thought I have had few polishes that looks quite similar to twilight. I decided to get turquoise because it looks unique and unusual.

Firstly, I am going to write a review on  the brush of this nail lacquer. Sorry if the picture of the brushes does not look appealing 🙂

As you can see, Bobbi Brown’s brushes is very thin. It’s quite similar to Chanel’s. However it’s shorter than Chanel. Bobbi Brown’s brush is not wide at all. It’s the same length as Essie but I feel that it’s thinner is size too. I prefer wider brushes like OPI’s or Ciate’s. It helps me to apply nail polish easier and faster. Whereas with Bobbi Brown’s brush, it would take 2-3 times of application of each nail (especially the thumbs and the middle finger). I had no problem with the handle; the length and the size is good for me to control the nail polishing process 🙂

Now I’d like to compare Turquoise with other blue nail polish I have in my stash.

Obviously none of them are dupe. At first I thought Turquoise would look similar to Dior Nirvana. Surprisingly, they look very different. China Glaze For Audrey is the lightest among them all and OPI Ski Teal We Drop has the darkest tone among the four.

In the pictures below, you can see the swatches of this nail polish. The texture of this nail polish is not fantastic, it’s a little bit thick to apply but still manageable. It took two coats to achieve full opacity. This nail polish lasts perfectly for 5 days with me. On the next day I start to see some chips on few of my nails (FYI I do wash dishes, type on keyboard everyday)

Final Thought:

Turquoise is a unique shade to own. Especially this is from Bobbi Brown that has never released any nail polish collection before (correct me if I am wrong here). The formula is not the best among many brands out there; I did not have the best time of nail polishing process because its formula. However it’s not that streaky until it’s very frustrating to apply (I had that experience before with some other brands 🙁 ) In conclusion, I think this is a nice to have product but definitely not a must have product.

I also has posted a review on one of Bobbi Brown’s lip gloss from Dessert Twilight Collection. You can read it here

Have you seen Bobbi Brown’s Nail Polish in the counter? 🙂

Thank you for reading.

NOTD: Essie Navigate Her

Finally I’ve got a chance to tried Essie nail polish! I’m wearing Essie Navigate Her from Spring 2012 collection. Navigate Her is a light bright green, the color is very eye catching and of course pretty! Compare to OPI Minis, Essie Minis are much better. The bottle is slightly bigger (5ml while OPI only 3.75ml) which means it is more comfortable to hold the bottle cap while applying the polish. Then Essie also had the name of the polish in the bottom of the bottle. That’s all for today, have a great weekend everyone 🙂


Dior Le Vernis 257 Incognito Swatch and Comparison

I have posted the swatches of Dior Addict Extreme Lip Color in Incognito and Cherie Bow here, and now I am going to show you the swatch of Dior Le Vernis 257 Incognito. This is a dusty pink color, there’s a hint of grey-nude color inside as well. When I first saw this swatch from Beautycabby and The Make Up Blogette , I knew I must get Incognito. Dusty pink and nudes are my color. I have lots of those colors in my nail polish stash and the collection keeps growing (bad for my wallet :p).

So far the formula was good, not runny and opaque in two coats. Currently I am in love with this color and can’t stop staring at my fingers. I love to match this polish color with Dior Lipstick Incognito too. Both of them look lovely together. However, to brighten up my face I would apply a smokey eye look to avoid looking too pale. Anyway, here’s the swatch for you:


I looked on my polish stash and found few similar colors. These colors might be a good comparison, I could not find any dupes between them but OPI Dulce de Leche seems to be the closest.

So are you going to get any nail polish from Dior Addict Extreme Collection? 🙂

Thanks for reading.

Coming soon! Naked Palette 2 and Essie Nail Polish

Hello again!

I haven’t done much review on my latest shopping haul and even my last year holiday haul and again I have bought new products. With my busy schedule at the moment 🙁  I haven’t got a chance to do review and swatches lately. In the mean time enjoy the pictures. I’m so excited to get my hands on Urban Decay Naked Palette 2, so it will be my priority to do review and swatches hehe.

As I live in Sydney and some brands are not available in Australia even if they are the mark up is just crazy, so I rely much on shopping online. I’ve got these products from Beauty Bay and the best thing is free shipping for International orders. Hooray!! I’ve got my parcel in about two weeks. It’s good right but not so much for my wallet :p

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Dior Aloha & Essie Braziliant Swatch and Comparison


I have been so obsessed with orange nail polish lately. It was so hard for me to find the right orange color that suits my wants. I was looking for an opaque and bright orange nail polish. I have been browsing for orange nail polish for quite sometimes and doesn’t really seem to get the right one. Finally I grabbed Essie Braziliant and Dior Aloha, both from their summer collection.

Let’s talk about Dior Aloha first. Dior Aloha is a sheer orange nail polish. I applied two coats of the polish and I still couldn’t get an opaque look on my nail. The application was smooth and does not feels goopy at all. Dior Aloha’s application is much better than my other Dior nail polish. Usually Dior polishes is difficult to apply because they are very sticky. I don’t know what you guys feel about it but that’s just my experience. After I see the final look on my nail, I don’t feel that this is the right orange polish for me. It’s too sheer.

Essie Brazilliant is a orange creme nail polish that contains shimmer inside. The color looks quite similar to Dior Aloha but this is the creme version with shimmer. The formula wasn’t great, it’s a bit runny but still manageable. Is this the orange polish that I want? Again, it’s a no. I was not looking for a shimmery orange nail polish.


This picture was taken in a direct sunlight. Dior Aloha was on my index finger and ring finger. Essie Brazilliant was on my middle finger. The color looks very similar on direct sunlight.


This picture was taken in indoor lightning. Again, Dior Aloha was on my index finger and ring finger. Essie Brazilliant was on my middle finger. In indoor lightning, you will notice the shimmer in Essie Brazilliant.

Finally I decided to layer both nail polish together. Here’s how it looks!

Finally I got the orange look that I want!! 🙂 🙂 It looks shiny and opaque. I used two coats of Essie Brazilliant and a coat of Dior Aloha to get this finish. I realize that sometimes it’s very hard to get the “right” color from one nail polish, we might need to layer two kinds of polish to get the “right” one for us. I am so glad that finally I got the look that I want. 🙂

Have you had this experience before? Share it 🙂


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