Crabtree & Evelyn Seasonal Spectacular

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Hello hello!

It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas! I had the chance to join Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas collection launch, and today I will share with you the interesting part of the launch. So here we go!

This year, Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas collection is called Seasonal Spectacular. Apart from their signature scent, they are also carrying two new Limited Edition Scents for Christmas; Noel & Holy Berry.

Noel collection comes in a red themed packaging. The scent feels fresh as it is infused with persimmon and citrus.



This is Holly Berry collection which comes in purple themed. As the name says, it smells like Berry – sweet and fruity.




There are few things that caught my special attention. Firstly is this Home Fragrance Diffuser. It comes in a lovely dove packaging – a very Christmas appropriate design. It comes in both Holly Berry & Noel scent. This is retailing for SGD98/180ml.

IMG_0039 IMG_0042


Another interesting piece to look out is the Musical Tin. This comes in two sizes; the bigger size musical tin carrier 12 mini hand cream tubes and comes in purple tin (SGD 83). The smaller musical tin is encased in a slimmer tube in green. The smaller tin comes with 6 pcs mini hand creams and is retailing at SGD 58.



Vanity Case is my weakness, I know I’ve had many lotions at home but whenever I see Crabtree & Evelyn vanity case, I am still interested to get one more. One of C&E’s new fragrance is Pear & Magnolia, and this year C&E has a vanity case in this scent. This is retailing at SGD 138, comprising of body wash, body lotion, hand therapy and 100ml EDT.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 10.07.19 pm


When it comes to biscuit and cookies, Crabtree & Evelyn has really nice cookies. I usually bought a few tins to put at home and to enjoy them during this festive season. This Christmas, Crabtree & Evelyn has a few sets to consider. Here’s my favorite ones

This set below is called Enchanting Delight, selling at SGD 120. This set comes with 2 200g biscuits, 1 150g tin, 2 jams, 1 20g tea, 1 50g tea and a natural fruit drop.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 8.59.47 pm



This beautiful biscuit tin carries all assortments of biscuit of 7 flavours, this is retailing at SGD 75.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 9.02.50 pm




Be sure to check out all these items in Crabtree & Evelyn stores. Many more exciting things awaits for Christmas shopping!


Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Polish & Wipes Review

Hello Hello!

You may already heard that Crabtree & Evelyn Singapore has finally bringing in their nail polish range. Currently there are 12 shades available, ranging from creme shades to shimmery shades.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 8.19.08 pmFew weeks ago, Crabtree & Evelyn Singapore sent me a bottle of nail polish in Tomato. It’s pleasant to know that I received a red nail polish as I wear red nail polish most of the time. As described in the picture above, Tomato is a bright red with gold glitter.




Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Polish comes in 15ml size. The bottle is rather short and comes in a rectangular shape.

The swatches below is taken under indirect sunlight. It’s very easy to apply this nail polish. The brush works well for me, not too long for my short nails. The picture below is taken after two layers application. On most days, I would apply one layer only as it is able to provide me an opaque nail look. This nail polish stays perfectly with me for about 3 days.







Crabtree & Evelyn has also brought in Nail Polish Wipes. Each box contains 8 wipes that is packet individually.



Here’s to a closer look of the size of the wipe and how it looks like



Once I opened the pack and picked up the wipe, I can feel that the wipe has an oily feeling. It’s not too wet for me to handle and wipe away my nail polish, but it’s wet enough to dissolve the nail polish I have. I love the fact that this nail polish wipe doesn’t smell alcoholic or anything chemical. It smells much lighter that any of the liquid nail polish remover I have tried.

Here in this picture below, I have removed my nail polish on my both hands. You can see that even after removing nail polish on both of my hands, there’s still much spaces left. I even tried to wiped off the nail polish on my toes and all was cleared using only one wipe.



The result is very effective. You can see how my nails look I removed my nail polish, there’s no yellow stains and there’s no chemical smell afterwards. My nails looks healthier too, I guess the oil texture helps to moisturises my nails and makes it looks healthier than usual.



Final Thought:

After trying to many nail polish brands, I think Crabtree and Evelyn’s nail polish is something worth collecting. Selling at $13 each, it doesn’t makes my wallet go broke yet I can still collect some of my favorite shades. The Nail polish remover wipes is something I would recommend for its ability to wipe off my nail polish without drying my nails and most importantly, there’s no heavy chemical smell.



The New Look of Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream with 16 Fragrances

Hello all!

Crabtree & Evelyn Ultra Moisturising hand therapy is newly packaged! The previous packaging was made with metal squeezable tube, and now it is replaced with a material which is easier to squeeze and lighter. It comes in three sizes; 25g ($13.00), 100g ($33.00) and 250g.

Hand Therapy Group Shot (Bestsellers).jpg

Hand Therapy Group Shot (Bestsellers) (1).jpg

Hand Therapy Group Shot (Bestsellers) (2).jpg

Lavender Hand Therapy Mood Shot (2).jpg

Pomegranate Hand Therapy Mood Shot (1).jpg

Citron Hand Therapy Mood Shot (1).jpg

Garderners Hand Therapy Mood Shot (3).jpg

Formulated with shea butter and macadamia nut oil to moisturise and soften hands, along with myrrh to help condition cuticles and nails. Our intensive conditioning cream melts instantly skin without leaving a greasy residue and will leave hands feeling softer with each use.


Here are some pictures I took in Crabtree & Evelyn Takashimaya; I LOOOVE to see their range of handcreams; fruity scents, flowery scents and powdery scents.

image (11).jpg

image (10).jpg

image (9).jpg

I picked up two handcream last week, and here are my choice; Nantucket Briar and Verbena Lavender. I immediatelly fell in love with Nantucket Briar for its powdery and very smooth smell. I have never tried Verbena & lavender, it has a nicely refreshing smell.

image (14).jpg


So what’s your favorite Crabtree & Evelyn scent so far?



Thank you for reading 🙂

My First Empties Post

Hello all,

This post is my first post on my emptied products. I’ve been reading many beauty blogs who have featured their emptied products and I love reading their short review of each products. So after a while, I decided to write a short review on each products I have finished. I’ll try to do this post once in one or two months so that I’ll have enough number of products to talk about 🙂



1. The Body Shop Body Butter Duo Macadamia

If you love macadamia, this is for you! It smells amazing; it makes me feel like drinking a cup of hazelnut latte 🙂 What I love about this body buter duo is that it contains two texture of products. It has body lotion and body butter inside this tube. Usually I’d apply the body lotion in the morning and the body butter in the evening. Both lotion and the body butter are very moisturizing. The only downside of this body butter is that it can feel very sticky. Whenever I use this body butter, I always make sure that I’ll be sleeping in my long pyjamas because I don’t want my bedsheet to smell macadamia :p.

Will I repurchase this again: Yes but I’d try a different scent.

2. Bio Oi

I have reviewed this product earlier. You can read it here.

Will I repurchase this again: Maybe.

3. Ma Chérie Hair Oil

I am currently in love with oils! I love face oils, hair oils, body oils, you name it 😀 Ma Chérie is a product launched in Japan and it’s part of Shiseido group. I love the smell of Ma Chérie products; it has fruity scent and it makes me feel girly. This hair oil moisturizes my hair well and it doesn’t make my hair feel sticky. I also love the look of its super cute packaging. It’s retailing at about $20 per bottle in Singapore.

Will I repurchase this again: Maybe

4. Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand Therapy

I know I have not reviewed anything from Crabtree & Evelyn but I am actually loving this brand to the max! I just love the design of Crabtree & Evelyn brand; it looks classy and it reminds me of the classic English look. Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand Therapy (100ml) is very convenient to be put on my daily make up bag. The rose scent is nice and it’s not over pouring. It’s also non sticky so it’s good to be used anytime of the day.

Will I repurchase this again: Definitely

5. NARS Light Reflecting Powder

I have reviewed this product before, you can read it here. This is by far my favorite finishing/touch up powder. It has oil control ability; my face doesn’t feel oily even after 10 hours without touch up. It makes my skin looks glowy but doesn’t leave white cast when photographed. I finished this powder after 3 months of usage.

Will I repurchase this again: Definitely



I hope this post give you some idea of the products I have finished using. Have you tried any of the products I mentioned here?


Thank you for reading.


By: Meryl


Nail Care: My Cuticle Balm Collection

Hello again!

I am thinking to write something about my collection of nail care, body lotions and stuffs. I usually write about my thoughts on a new eyeshadow, blush or lipstick. I decide to start writing on my body wash, shampoo, skin care and nail care product. So here’s my first post on nail care; My cuticle balm collection 🙂

In the past, I was a horrible nail biter. I could never grow my nail because when I see them start growing, I’d be tempted to bite them. Or when I am nervous and scared, I would start biting them too. I felt so bad about myself. My nails looked horrible and seriously I don’t like to stare at them too. I have tried to stop by applying nail polish but when I removed the nail polish, the habit came back again.

Finally I had a turning point. It was about 2 years ago. I was preparing for my wedding and I realized that I NEED to change my bad habit. I NEED to stop biting my nails. I bought 2 bottles of OPI Nail Polish to paint. I remind myself that I have bought two bottles of expensive nail polish and I should not waste my money. I still remember the 2 bottles were Vodka & Caviar (One of my favorite red until now) and Hawaiian Orchid which is a very pretty pink with slight shimmer. I kept on painting my nails and have never let my nails naked. From then, I have stopped my bad habits and YAY I am happy to look at my nails 🙂 That’s a short story about my nail, so let’s start looking at my cuticle balm collection 🙂


Badger Cuticle Care

I bought this in Isetan Scotts Pharmacy store. This costs me $5.50. The first thing that caught my attention was the cute badger and the logo.

The texture of this cuticle balm is quite watery. Although it’s watery, it’s very moisturizing.  This cuticle balm has a nice citrus scent. The scent smells nice, it’s like smelling a lemon sorbet and it’s very refreshing.

One thing I dislike about badger cuticle care is that it’s too watery. I avoid bringing this item to office as it will surely dirt my keyboard. I usually use this before I sleep. For a $5.50 product, I guess this is a very good buy.

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

The pot of Burt’s bees cuticle cream is similar to Badger’s. However it’s much tighter which is really good to be brought anywhere. The logo looks a bit boring to me. It looks like a product from the 70s :p.

The texture of this balm is rather dry compared to Badger’s. When applied, it stays for a long time. The citrus scent in this item is not as strong as in Badger’s. For people who like citrus scent but wants it to be light, I think this might be a good choice.

The only downside I see from this cuticle balm is that it’s rather too dry. Badger’s cuticle balm is too watery but this one is just too dry for me. I bought this at Sephora at $13 (can’t remember the exact price)

 Lush Lemony Flutter

This is a new addition to my cuticle balm collection. The size of Lush’s cuticle balm is much bigger compared to Burt’s Bees and Badger.

The texture of this balm is just right; not too watery like Badger’s and not too dry like Burt’s Bees. In terms of texture, I like Lush’s best. This cuticle balm also has a very nice citrus scent. It feels very refreshing. The scent of Lush’s is closer to Badger’s which I like.

I can’t remember the price of this product. Although the texture and the scent are just right, I rarely bring this on my bag. I always keep this at home because it’s rather heavy to be brought everywhere.

Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Nail & Cuticle Theraphy

Gardeners range from Crabtree and Evelyn is my favorite. The smell is unique. It smells like herbs; just nice when I am not in mood for a citrus scent. The packaging of this cuticle cream is different with the other 3 that I mentioned above. It’s in a tube and it comes in a handy size. Because of the nice packaging and handy size, this one has a permanent place in my everyday bag.

The texture of this cuticle cream is different from Badgers, Burt’s Bees and Lush. It’s in a cream texture, similar to hand cream texture. I like this texture a lot. It’s not sticky to be used even on office hours. Although this is not as  moisturizing as other cuticle balm I have, I find this to be very nice. I love the smell and it does not dirt my keyboard because it’s less oily.

The only downside of this is the price. I believe the price of this is around S$15 and this only contains 15g worth of product.

 Final Thought:

Cuticle cream is a must have item on my bag. Among these 4, I would choose Crabtree & Evelyn’s as my favorite. It smells very nice and it comes in a very handy size. Although I m not sure whether I would repurchase this because of the price, I would still say that this product is really worth trying if you don’t mind the price tag.

Lush’s cuticle cream is worth trying too. The texture is nice and the scent it’s very refreshing. However if you’d bring the cuticle care in your everyday bag, I would suggest Badger’s.

What’s your favorite cuticle care product? Share with me 🙂

I hope you enjoy this post. Have a great weekend 🙂

Thank you for reading.


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