Another haul and experience with HopShopGo!

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Some of you probably realized how things in Sydney here are mostly overpriced and I’m in a point where I get tired to pay almost double in cosmetics or skin care products. Then I thought I just try HopShopGo service where they gave me US address and I can have my items sent to my US address and they will forward it to me here in Australia. After browse and ask them questions I finally ordered few product, its quite a long process though. So I ordered some from Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. I would suggest buying from Saks because they allow the billing and shipping address in two different countries while Nordstorm can’t (I could be wrong but I tried and Nordstrom can’t process my order). So for Nordstrom I use ‘Buy For Me’ service which they buy on my behalf but incur 10% service fee while for Saks’ order I used ‘Ship For Me’ service.

They have excellent and easy access website which you can track your item has arrived or not in the US address etc. My Nordstrom package arrived first in US address (you can track it from your account) and guess what, 3 items with weight only 200 0r 300 grams, they charged me 1.5kg (they do charged based on dimension of the box). It shocked me because I ordered much more from Saks and how much they gonna charge me. Luckily, my Saks’ package only weight 1kg, I don’t know why but total shipping cost me around AUD40. I’m happy with it, when I get my package I know why there is a weird shipping cost calculation.

The first picture is from Nordstorm using ‘Buy For Me’ serivce, such a big box for 3 eye shadows with no padded, bubble wrap whatsoever. Fortunately, nothing broke. I assumed that’s not the initial package from Nordstrom, while the Saks package is so lovely, padded nicely and the box totally fit perfectly with the items I bought. Overall, its worth it if you buy few things and I would use ‘Ship For Me’ service but maybe not the ‘Buy For Me’ service.

Enough with the rambling, now here’s the interesting part:

I also bought Burberry Sheer Summer Glow which has been reviewed by Meryl 🙂 That’s all I’ve got from US but I didn’t stop at that I also  got couple things from Singapore, Ebay, etc.

I blame my exam anxiety for all this damage to my wallet :p Proper post with better quality pictures coming up in a week or less I hope, once I get my camera back from my friend who borrow it for Lady Gaga’s concert.

Anyone can recommend other shipping companies other than HopShopGo? Also share your experience with HopShopGo, I would love to know as well.

Have a good weekend everyone and don’t forget to enter Groupon Giveaway!

Butter London Trout Pout Swatches and Comparisons

I have been wanting to grab Butter London Trout Pout for a long time but unfortunately it has been sold out since the first time I visited Butter LONDON in Takashimaya. Luckily when I went there few days ago, I spotted Trout Pout and immediately grab it. I don’t want to lose this for the second time! :p

Trout Pout is a peachy pink creme color, no shimmer at all. The application wasn’t smooth at the first coat but everything was good at the second coats. This is great for both spring and summer color. Honestly I feel that the name for this polish is a bit awkward for this color but who cares about the naming when we have a nice color like this! 🙂

Looking at my polish stash, I found these 4 that might look similar. I am happy that none of them is a dupe! Nicole by OPI Reach Out seems to be the closest to Trout Pout, however NOPI Reach Out is more towards sheer rather and Trout Pout is a creme.

Have you picked anything from Butter LONDON recently? Share with us in the comment box below 🙂


Thank you for reading.

Butter London is in Singapore! Small Haul + Swatches

Yay finally Butter London has made its way to Singapore!!

I read few bloggers’ post about Butter London in Singapore and quickly visit their small booth in Takashimaya. The space is small and it’s located in a quite secluded place. When I was there, there were not too many colors left. I guess there have been many people going there and bought a lot of em :D. They are bringing in the lip gloss as well. They have  5 lip gloss colors; trout pout, pink teddy, yummy mummy and I couldn’t remember the last two. The lip gloss is retailing at $30 each while the nail polish is retailing at $25 each. I snapped some pictures for you 🙂



During my visit I bought two nail polish; Fash Pack and Rosie Lee.



I have another Butter London which I got from Monica, Yummy Mummy.

In the pictures above from L-R: Yummy Mummy, Rosie Lee, Fask Pack

Yummy Mummy and Fash Pack might be a little bit similar, but Fash Pack has a deeper brownish tone and there’s a hint of grey inside. It also contains gold glitter which yummy mummy doesn’t. Yummy mummy is a shimmery nude color with very fine silver glitter. I love both colors as nude is one of my favorite color.

I will do a swatch and post it again next time!

Rosie Lee

Fash Pack

Yummy Mummy

I hope you enjoy this post and thanks for reading!


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