Burberry Spring 2014 Collection: Eyeshadow Palette in Sage Green

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Here’s one of Burberry eyeshadow palette which is released for Burberry EnglishRose collection (Spring 2014). There are two eyeshadow palette that are released for this collection; Rose no 10 and Sage Green no 15. Both palettes are so pretty and I have a hard time to decide which one I shall pick up. Eventually I decided to pass on Rose palette as I already owned a few pink shades eyeshadow palette. I secretly wish that I would still grab the Rose palette but as of now, I am still standing firm to say no to buy both shades..LOL!

I am a big fan of Burberry make up products particularly their eyeshadow and blushes. They have beautiful packaging encased in a silver metal casing which has a magnetic cap. The packaging is heavy and printed with Burberry pattern. It comes with a velvety pouch and mini brushes too.



As the name suggest, Sage Green reminds me of a fresh herbs which brings my mind to lovely green fields. The 4 shades in this palette are created to complement each other. The bronze in that palette helps me to create a natural look with a pop of green. I don’t usually wear mint green but with the mix of bronze, I am feeling more comfortable to try green on my eyes.

Here are my description of the shades in this palette:

  • a broken white with frosty finish. I don’t really like this shade as it has a frosty finish, but I find that it works fine as a inner corner eyelid highlighter
  • The second shade from the top is a brown shade with a slight silver tone in it.
  • The third shade is a mint green which has a bit of greyish tone. This shade is quite sheer and it took me 2-3 layers to show the shade in the swatch below
  • The bottom shade would be a deeper shade of green. This is the shade which made my decision to pick this palette instead of “rose”, this shade of green is unique and unusual.





Although I find that the mint green shade is quite sheer compared to the other shades, in general the pigmentation of Sage Green palette is fine but it is less pigmented compared to other Burberry palette. Burberry is consistently delivering a soft and buttery eyeshadow palette. Sage Green has lovely texture; it is soft and nice to touch. I love the buttery texture whenever my finger touches the eyeshadow.


Lately I have been drowned to green themed eyeshadow, and Sage Green is one of them. Sage Green would be lovely for those of you who prefers a soft green look without being too bold. I personally like this palette quite well; the deeper green pops nicely on my lid when applied and it blends well with the brown shade.


Hope the swatches helps 🙂


Thanks for reading!

By: Meryl

Burberry Blush Swatch Fest!

Hello lovelies!!


Today I’m going to show you the swatch of all Burberry blushes I have in my stash. I have acquired these items for almost two years from Burberry Beauty in Tangs, online purchases or Luxasia Sale. I am simply in love with Burberry products, they are by far one of my favorite beauty brand products. I love their minimalistic collections and their product is simple and easy to use.

I won’t be talking much about the texture of each Burberry blushes in this post as I want to focus on the swatches. I am going to separate these blushes into three categories; the bright pinks, dusty pinks and corals/nudes.

1. The Bright Pink

Here I have Coral Pink, Hydrangea Pink and Rose to show you. Hydrangea Pink and Coral Pink is part of Burberry Spring 2013 collection. I have written a more detailed review in the previous post, the link can be found here. Both Hydrangea Pink and Coral Pink are a very bright pink blush; the only difference is Coral Pink is slightly toned down as it is mixed with coral. Rose is quite similar to Coral Pink, however Rose leans more to softer coral and have lesser pink undertone.




2. Dusty Pink



In this categories, I am comparing Cameo, Misty and Rose. Cameo and Misty looks really dusty on the pan but Rose is leaning more to peachy shade. Misty is my favorite on this range; I love the soft dusty pink shade that’s so wearable on my skin tone. Cameo looks pretty nice to me too but it is more pigmented so I need to be careful in dabbing my brush to pick the right amount of powder. Rose is looking more similar to Cameo, but Cameo looks more dusty.

3. Nudes




The third categories I put here is the nudes. I find this range to be the most unique range as I rarely find this range of blush shade in other brand blush range. Earthy and Tangerine are both nude shades and suitable for bronzing to me. I don’t really use Earthy as a blush as it is too dark for me. I use it mainly for contouring. Tangerine is a unique shade; it looks dusty coral to me, I use this as a blush shade and I try to apply it lightly as it would look too orange if my brush has taken too much product from the pan.


I must say that Burberry is one of my favorite make up brand. The quality of products are amazing and it is packaged in a elegant casing. Among all the Burberry blushes I have, my favorite shade is Misty and Coral Pink. Lately I have been reaching to these shades more often. Earthy and Tangerine is really unique for me. I don’t use it as much but it’s a pleasure looking at the shades in the pan.


I hope this post helps you to compare Burberry blush shades. Which one is your fave?


Thank you for reading!



By: Meryl


Luxasia Warehouse Sale 2013 Haul

Hello everyone!!

I am so excited to share with you my haul from 2013 Luxasia Warehouse Sale. The sale was held in Luxasia building on 18-20th July 2013. There were lots of brands on sale from fragrance, make up, skincare. They even have leather products like wallet/bags and some other  accessories .

So what is Luxasia? Luxasia is a leading distributor for beauty products in Asia. They are the distributor for many renowned fragrances like Chloe, Burberry, Lanvin, Bottega Venetta, etc (the list goes on…..) They are also the distributors for many skincare and makeup brands in Singapore and throughout Asia. I have been to 2012 Luxasia Warehouse Sale and The 2013 Luxasia warehouse sale. Both sale never disappoints me!

Firstly, let’s start from my Make Up Haul:



Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal $21

Becca Luminous Skin Colors in Sand $20

Becca Beach Tint $15







Burberry Blush Powder $15

Burberry Eyeshadow $12

Burberry Lipgloss $10




Guerlain Single Eyeshadow $12


That’s all I have for make up items. Now onto fragrance and body oil.

I bought my Annick Goutal fragrance in Petite Cherie and Diptyque Body Oil.




Annick Goutal Petite Cherie $60



Diptyque Voile Satin

I bought some skincare for me and for my mum. It’s my first time trying Strivectin. I have been hearing good review so I hope this really works. I also bought a bottle of Decleor Aroma Sculpt, finger cross that this will work!



Decleor Aroma Sculpt $42

StriVectin-SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch mark & Wrinkles $49

StriVectin Neck Cream$35


Well that’s all I bought! I felt so happy that I could get these items at a very good price. When I walked out the sale, I was still thinking of getting other things. There were so many good deals in the sale event but I decided I shall keep it for the next event :p



Thank you for reading!

Burberry Spring 2013 Blushes – Hydrangea Pink & Coral Pink

Hi all!

I went to Hongkong last week for a very short trip. When I saw this blush in Burberry Beauty counter in Hongkong, I immediately swatch it and decided to grab these two. It is very hard for me to decide one blush between these two especially it is retailing at a cheaper price in Hongkong compared to Singapore. I have not seen Burberry Spring 2013 products in Singapore, but the SA told me that it should be available in March.

I am so excited to share my Burberry Spring 2013 picks. I am a big fan of Burberry blushes, hence it’s so exciting for me to see that Burberry is releasing two new shades for spring 2013. Burberry has one of the nicest blush texture, it’s matte yet it blends very well on the skin.

I won’t be talking into details about the packaging of these blushes as it’s the same as other Burberry blushes.





Firstly, I’m going to talk about Hydrangea Pink.

Hydrangea Pink is a fuchsia pink. This blush is very pigmented. You need to be careful when applying this blush on the cheek. with one swipe, you’ll see the color very obviously. This blush is matte, no shimmer at all.









Now onto the second blush, Coral Pink. Coral pink is slightly lighter than Hydrangea Pink.  As the name says, Coral pink has a coral undertone. The pigmentation is just as good as Hydrangea Pink. One swipe is perfect to get the color to pop on your cheek.







The Swatch:

In this set of pictures, the swatch is taken under indirect sunlight.



This is one layer of blush- not blended



Hydrangea Pink – Coral Pink (not blended) -Hydrangea Pink – Coral Pink (blended)

Comparison with Illamasqua Hussy:

I have heard that Hydrangea Pink looks similar with Tom Ford blush in Narcissist. Unfortunately I don’t have that blush to be compared.  I don’t own many matte blushes, most of my blushes contains slight shimmer. However I own one bright matte blush from Illamasqua – Hussy.



Hydrangea Pink – Illamasqua Hussy – Coral Pink

Illamasqua Hussy looks different with both Hydrangea Pink and Coral Pink. When compared, Illamasqua Hussy leans towards coral more than Hydrangea Pink and Coral Pink.

Final Thought:

As usual, Burberry blushes never disappoints. The texture is very fine, soft and blends beautifully. It lasts with me for about 5-6 hours depending on my activity. For ladies who loves pink cheek, these products are definitely worth checking!

Thank you for reading

By: Meryl

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in 05 Dark Spice

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in 05 Dark Spice  is my second Burberry palette, I have reviewed the smokey grey here. No doubt about it, this palette texture are amazing, very buttery and pigmented. Also this colors are more in my comfort zone.

I found this palette very unique in the color combination with three matte colors and one with gold flecks color.  Following picture are the closer look of the palette, having said that because of the lighting (I guess :p), the first picture capture the color much better.

The only problem I’ve got, I think this only happen to me tho. I found this quite challenging to use all the 4 colors in one go and the second color from the top is difficult to blend. Anyway we don’t have to use all the four colors in one look right? Below swatches are taken without primer and colors are beautifully smooth and pigmented.

And here’s my look with Dark Spice paired with Burberry Tangerine blush, more details coming soon 🙂

Thanks for reading!

By: Monica

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