Tom Ford 06 Cheek Brush Review


Today I am posting my first ever brush review, Tom Ford 06 Cheek Brush. The first time I opened the box of this brush, I immediately knew that I’ve made a right decision to purchase this. The brush looks very sleek, elegant and expensive.

Tom Ford’s beauty products are expensive and rather difficult to get especially for us here in Singapore. Currently we can only get this online. I got this through my mom who was traveling abroad last month.

The brush is very pretty. It’s quite heavy compared to other brushes that I have. I love the elegant and luxurious look of this brush. I have never had a brush as pretty as this :) The handle is in brown color with “Tom Ford” engraved at the end of the handle.

The brush is extremely soft and dense. I like the feeling when I swipe this onto my cheek, It feels so soft and this brush applies wonderfully. However you need to be careful when using this brush with a very pigmented blush. Just dabbed it lightly and gradually build the color. Few days ago when I tried applying my Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope Blush , I need to dab this brush lightly. Otherwise I would take too much blush color.

For comparison, I took a picture of all my cheek brushes. The Shiseido Chouetools is actually a face brush but I also use it as my cheek brush. MAC 168 is a contour brush which I also use for my cheek occasionally.

Final Thought:

If I would have to comment on the packaging and the quality of the brush, I would say that this brush is outstanding. The quality of the brush is very good; it’s soft and dense. However from the price perspective, this brush is only worth buying if you’d like to collect makeup item. I am not sure the exact price about this product but it ranges from $90-$100.

What’s your favorite cheek brush? Share with me in the comment box below :)

I hope you like this post :)

Thank you for reading

Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lipstick in 89 Gracile

Recently Chanel has just released a reformulated Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lipstick. The range of this lipstick is quite broad; it has reds, nudes and pinks. I am actually attracted to few shades in this range but so far I only picked one. Initially 88 Évanescente caught my attention but I finally picked 89 Gracile. I am still wondering whether I should get 88 Évanescente but I will give my self a time since it’s not a limited edition ;)

Firstly I am really in love with the texture. It applies smoothly and it doesn’t peel my lips. It is very moisturizing too.

My lips tend to be dry most of the time. My favorite thing about this lipstick is that it doesn’t emphasize the dryness of my lip. It covers my lip very well and it is moisturizing.

I pulled some lipstick colors that I think might be similar to Chanel Gracile, you can see the comparison in the photo below.

Dior Cherie Bow (here) seems to be the closest comparison to Chanel Gracile. There’s a slight difference between them though; Cherie Bow seems to leans more towards peachy and Gracile seems to be more pinkish.

Here’s how it looks on me ;)


I hope you like the look :)

Have you checked out the Rouge Allure Intense Lipstick Range? What do you think of them?


Thank you for reading.

Le Metier De Beauté Blush Kaleidoscope

Hello all!

I am very excited to share with you my recent purchase of this gorgeous blush! Le Metier De Beauté Blush Kaleidoscope is one thing that I have been craving for months!! Thanks to Miss J who helped me to get this :) I have heard LOTS of good reviews about this blush and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you all :)

The packaging is surely the main reason I attracted to this blush. It’s very unique and I have never seen anything like this before. There are 4 blush colors in this; matte peach, matte pink, shimmery peach and shimmery pink. I like the idea that they are putting 4 different blushes on a same pan. I foresee that I will bring this blush when I travel. I can choose any color that I want and I can also mix the colors :)

First of all, I would like to talk about the pigmentation of this blush. This blush is very pigmented. I need to be very careful when I dabbed my brush or else I’d look like a clown :p The texture is pretty good; it’s quite soft. I actually hoped that it would be softer and buttery for the hefty price tag I paid. But to be more objective, I think the texture of this blush is good enough. The shimmers are softer than the mattes.

Let’s take a look at the swatches :D

As you can see, This blush is VERY pigmented. When applying, I always try to dab it very lightly and try to build the color slowly. I like the idea that we can actually mix and match the blush color to create the colors that we desire. So far I have only tried mixing the pink matte and the pink shimmer. I am sure I will be enjoying my time mixing the colors to see what unique color I can get from this blush. :)

I did a look with this blush. I chose the matte pink for my FOTD :)

Have you tried any of Le Metier de Beauté product? What do you think of it?

I hope you enjoy this post :)

Thank you for reading.

Guerlain Rose Aux Joues Blush Duo in 03 Over Rose Review

Hello my dearest readers :D

Last week I went overseas and hauled in DFS Changi. If you are following me on instagram (@memoiselle), you’ll know that I bought few items including this Guerlain blush duo. The picture below is taken from my instagram account.

Now onto the review of this blush.

I bought this blush at $56. I believe this is sold at $70 at department stores in Singapore. I saw few colors at the counter but I am a pink blush lover so I immediately grabbed this one.

The packaging is made of metal casing which is heavy. I love heavy packaging and this casing looks very elegant and expensive. There’s a Guerlain logo embossed at the bottom of the casing. The casing is very prone to finger prints and therefore it was really difficult for me to get a nice picture of the casing.

This blush comes with two shades of blush that can be worn separately or blended together. The top shade is a very pigmented pink with slight shimmer. The shimmer is minimal so this is very shimmer friendly to those who don’t like shimmer blush. The bottom shade is a pale matte pink. I believe this matte pink is meant to complement the very bright pink shade on the top. However I think this shade can also be used alone when I want a very natural pale looking pink on my cheek.

This blush is VERY pigmented. So I need to be careful when swiping my brush to this blush pan. The two colors were blended together as seen in the last swatch picture. I purposely swatch a heavy amount of blush (3 swipes) so that you can see the color. But in real life, 1 swipe is enough to get a pigmented look.

Sadly, the texture is not something that I would expect from a Guerlain blush. The texture is hard and not as buttery as I want it to be. There’s a slight fallouts which I dislike. Also, it’s hard to blend the color nicely.

Final Thought:

The packaging of this blush is very pretty. The texture is somewhat disappointing; it’s not soft and doesn’t blend very well. However since I bought this at the DFS ($56) I guess this is still value for money considering I got two blush color. But if I would have to pay $70 for this, I definitely won’t. The pigmentation does not disappoint but I guess the texture quality needs to be improved.




Chanel Le Vernis in Beige Swatch

Hi Hi!

I am in a nail polish mood lately! I keep on changing nail polish and I always feel like writing a post about the nail polish that I have on me. Chanel recently released this Le Vernis exclusive in Beige in the US and finally it has made its way to Singapore :) Since I am a big fan of beige, I know I must not miss this one.

As explained by the name, Chanel Beige is a beige nail polish with a slight golden shimmer. The shimmer doesn’t look obvious on indoor lighting. But when it comes to direct sunlight, you’ll be able to see it.

The formula is very good. Opaque in two coats. Initially I thought this color would look too yellow on my skintone. It turned out to be nice and it doesn’t look yellow on my finger.

I hope you enjoy the swatch!

Let mw know what you think of this polish on the comment box below.. Will you be getting this polish too? :)

Thank you for reading





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