YSL Rouge Volupte #7 Pink Lingerie Review and Swatch

I am glad to hear the news that YSL beauty is coming to Singapore real real soon! I really can’t wait to see YSL’s gorgeous counter in Singapore. But before that, I am going to reveal some of my recent YSL purchase in DFS Changi airport. I have never owned any YSL lipsticks yet because I think most of the lipstick packaging is too gold. However once I spotted YSL Rouge Volupte range, I know I have to have one :) It was not difficult for me to choose the color from this range as the first time I saw this lipstick range, I have spotted few lipsticks that I want. Eventually I pick #7 Pink Lingerie.

Judging from its packaging, this lipstick has one of the best design. As much as I love Chanel product, I would say YSL Rouge Volupte has much better design than Chanel’s lipstick. The YSL logo in the middle shows how elegant this brand is, it also shows the exclusivity of the brand. Usually I don’t like YSL’s gold packaging but this time, I am in love with it. The gold color matches very well with that sweet pink color placed as a background of the YSL logo. The packaging is just so pretty and awesome :)

Rouge Volupte #7 Pink Lingerie is a very pretty pink color. It looks quite pale on my skintone but I like it. It appears to be very sweet on my lip and in my opinion this lipstick would look best when I apply a heavy smoky brown look. This lipstick will help me to look sweet even in times when I have a heavy eye look.

I picked this because the colors look very sweet when I swatch it on my arm. I didn’t swatch this on my lip because I was in a rush to grab a quick breakfast before my flight.  I didn’t know that Rouge Volupte range is the creamiest range from YSL. As much as I love the color, I would say that the texture is way too creamy. It appears to be messy on my lip on my first swipe; to make it looks good, I need to blend it with my finger. On the pictures below, you can see the swatch of this lipstick before and after I blend it.

before blended 

after blended 

As you can see in the pictures above, the “before blended” picture shows how creamy this lipstick is. It’s kinda irritating to see that texture on my lip. However after I blend the color with my finger, it looks fine and smooth. This lipstick has a very nice smell. I don’t know how to explain the smell but it smells very sweet and fresh.

Final Thought:

This lipstick is a very moisturizing product. My only complain about this lipstick is only the too creamy texture of this lipstick. Although it appears quite messy on first swipe, it should be no problem as I can always blend it with my finger. The color looks cute and I like it so much. This lipstick lasts for about 3-4 hours with me.

I hope this review helps, leave me a comment below about this product :)

Introducing Shu Uemura Chocolat-Donna Makeup Collection For Fall 2012

Introducing the latest shu uemura makeup collection: chocolat-donna, shu uemura 135th autumn/winter collection


Did you know that chocolate protects your skin? The type of antioxidants called flavonoids found in dark chocolate offer some protection from UV damage from the sun. While it does not mean you can skip sunscreen, using shu uemura’s latest chocolat donna will nevertheless make you feel good on the inside while looking good on the outside!

The 2012 shu uemura autumn/winter collection “chocolat-donna” is inspired by the bitter sweet indulges of chocolate! The selection of eye shadow palettes, glow on (blushes) and rouge from this collection creates earthly matt yet romantic looks.

Chocolate as a milestone of your life, a piece of chocolate evokes your most precious moments – bittersweet memories of first love or joyful celebrations.

Breathe in the chocolate aroma, taste the creamy, soft, crunchy textures every single piece with happiness and comfort. Close your eyes, savor the flavors of life, evoke the next chapter of an exciting journey that you have never tasted before.

The 135th autumn/winter 2012 edition of “mode makeup” is a chocolate-inspired collection filled with passion, love and delight. A delicious cosmetic confection that lifts the emotions and celebrates your sweet and bitter memories and your delicious future.


Shu Uemura’s “mode makeup” collection is the ultimate expression of Mr. Shu Uemura’s innovative design based on creative instinct and the spirit of fashion since 1968. “Makeup is not about painting colours and forms, it is about rebirth of the face. “

Shu Uemura’s mode makeup goes beyond seasonal trends and expresses a unique aesthetic philosophy in beauty creation.

Shu Uemura International Artistic Director, Mr Kakuyasu Uchilde continues the tradition with his explorations in beauty creation. Free from any restrictions and rules, he continues to traverse creative expression with extraordinary flair.

Mode makeup is the core essence of Shu Uemura that inspires the creative exploration of every woman’s individual beauty.

Like a box of delightful chocolates, the eye shadow palettes come in 3 different ‘flavours’.


Mint & Vanilla

A fresh spice and savory herb selection that includes glittery golden vanilla and mint, and powdery mate vanilla shades; complimented with pearl mocha with gold accents and rich cocoa for defining the eye line.


Raspberry & Mocha

This fruit infused set includes glittery mocha, raspberry, creme mocha and gold accented mocha in pearl; blend of layer with matte milk chocolate with subtle gold accent or rich cocoa to define your eyes.

Orange & Pistachio

A hint of spicy orange glitter, nutty pistachio, hazelnut and crystalized ginger peel with gold accents in pearl. Blend with rich shades of matte milk chocolate with golden accents or define the eye line with cocoa.


Choco-inspired colourful confections ranging from milky beige to hot cherry pink. The first ever extreme matte yet soft creamy texture with comfortable moisture feel on lips that crescendo’s with intense colour pay off. Shu Uemura’s signature hybrid pigment technology delivers lasting, pure, higher fidelity colour.

Unwrap the best of everything in one lipstick – a new statement of matte perfection.


Shu Uemura Chocolat-Donna Makeup Collection For Fall 2012 will be available from August 2012 island-wide.

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill in #1 Blast of Blue and #3 Purpura

Eyes to Kill is one of many products that I could never get enough. It applies smoothly, the colors are amazing, the pigmentation is excellent. What more can I say?  :) Today I have Eyes to Kill in #1 Blast of Blue and #3 Purpura for review. I bought these few months ago when Giorgio Armani opened their store in DFS Galeria in Scotts Rd Singapore. Eyes to Kill retails for S$41 in Singapore.

#1 Blast of Blue

Blast of blue is a mixture of gold and blue eyeshadow. What I love about this is I can still choose to wear either blue or gold from the same pan. It’s quite easy to get the color that I want because the gold and the blue is quite widely separated. I like to wear the gold on my inner eyelid and the blue on my outer and my crease area to create smokey look.

I did a look with Blast of Blue. In this look, I did not use any eyeshadow other than Blast of blue. On my lip is Shu Uemura PK 335 .


#3 Purpura

This color is very elegant. It’s a mixture of purple and gold. One thing that distinguish this with blast of blue other than the color is the placement of the color. The color is scattered everywhere hence it’s hard for me to grab a single color out of this pan. This is the reason why I am liking blast of blue better than this.

The eye look in the picture below is a mixture of Purpura and Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Abstraction. This is the same eye look that I did in the previous review about Chanel Abstraction.

Now let’s take a look of the swatch:

You can see that I swatched both color in two ways; one is to show the gold flecks and the other is to show the blue or purple from the pan. You can see that blast of blue shows more color difference than purpura. This swatch is taken with dry finger and in indoor lighting.

I hope you enjoy this review and leave me a comment below :)

Thank you for reading.

Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Terracotta Vernis in 02 Riviera

Hello beauties :)

Guerlain released two nail polish this summer.

  • Paradisio Luminous coral pink with a high-lacquer finish
  • Riviera Powerful electric indigo blue with subtly metallic finish

When I first saw these two polish at Tangs Beauty Hall, I know I will not be getting Paradisio as I think the color is too normal. I can find many other brands with much lower price selling a dupe for this color. However Riviera caught my attention as the color stands out from others. Finally I picked up Riviera.

Guerlain describes Riviera as “a powerful electric indigo blue with a subtly metallic finish. Pure rock ‘n’ roll on golden toes” . To be honest, Riviera is not my kind of color. Usually I am not a fan of electric blue with shimmer. I usually find it too daring on me. However I want to step out of my comfort zone and try having something different on my nails.

This image is taken from www.temptalia.com

This is my first Guerlain Nail Polish. I am sold by its packaging, especially the cap of the bottles. There’s nothing special about the bottle but the cap is unique. The material used to made the cap of the bottle is wood which is very tough and strong. There’s a guerlain logo carved on the top of the bottle. The box is also beautifully printed. I love how Guerlain print the gorgeous pattern inside the box. I always keep nail polish box with me; so having a nice nail polish box makes me happy :)

In the pictures below, you can see how unique is the cap of the bottle.

Now let’s talk about the formula and application. The formula was fine, it’s neither awesome nor awful. The application was uneven at the first coat but it was fine at the second layer. The formula was a bit on the thick side however this is controllable so this was not a big issue for me. One thing that I dislike is the brush; the brush is too round for my liking hence it’a a bit hard for me to apply this polish evenly. Moreover the cap size was too big for me to apply the nail polish. You can see the swatch of this nail polish below

direct sunlight 

indoor lighting

I agree with Guerlain’s description of this color. This is an indigo blue with metallic finish. However at certain lighting I also see a very deep purple in this polish. This nail polish is suitable for people who likes daring color on their nails, this polish is also suitable for people who wants to go for a night party or dinner.

Final thought:

Despite the so-so formula and the too big cap size, I still like this nail polish. The reason being that is very simple, the packaging covers all the flaws. I don’t have anything like this yet so I am liking this packaging very much. I don’t think I would be wearing this very often but I don’t have any regret buying this nail polish.

I hope you like this post and tell me what you think in the comment box below :)

Baking Series: White Chocolate & Raspberry Slice

Hello again! Another baking experiment to show you all. This time is still not far different from before (Walnut Brownies), instead using dark chocolate this time involved white chocolate. The good thing about baking this cake is you don’t have to use mixer yay! and again it is so easy.

Having said that, I made some stupid mistakes too. Such as I overlooked the recipes and I’m sure it needs plain flour instead the recipe asks for self-raising flour. Lucky I haven’t started and I have time to go to supermarket. Next, I forgot to line the pan with baking paper which you know what happen. Very difficult to unmould the cake :( and I also set the oven to wrong temperature for the first 20mins.  Those thing happen but fortunately cake still taste good :)

White Chocolate and Raspberry Slice

(Adapted from Marie Claire Fresh + Fast)

125gr butter
150gr white choc
175gr caster sugar
125gr self raising flour
90gr dessicated coconut
2 eggs beaten
150gr fresh raspberries

Preheat the oven 180C, Grease and line a 16 x 26 cm baking tin.
Melt the butter and white choc in a saucepan over a low heat.
Add the caster sugar and stir. Pour into a large bowl and add the flour and coconut.
Stir to combine then add beaten eggs. Stir lightly to just combibe then fold in the fresh raspberries.
Pour the mixture into the tin and bake for 40 minutes or until firm.
Cool in the tin cut into squares and dust with icing sugar.

Makes 20 pieces

This cake is really good, you should try make it :D Have a good week!



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