Another haul and experience with HopShopGo!

Some of you probably realized how things in Sydney here are mostly overpriced and I’m in a point where I get tired to pay almost double in cosmetics or skin care products. Then I thought I just try HopShopGo service where they gave me US address and I can have my items sent to my US address and they will forward it to me here in Australia. After browse and ask them questions I finally ordered few product, its quite a long process though. So I ordered some from Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. I would suggest buying from Saks because they allow the billing and shipping address in two different countries while Nordstorm can’t (I could be wrong but I tried and Nordstrom can’t process my order). So for Nordstrom I use ‘Buy For Me’ service which they buy on my behalf but incur 10% service fee while for Saks’ order I used ‘Ship For Me’ service.

They have excellent and easy access website which you can track your item has arrived or not in the US address etc. My Nordstrom package arrived first in US address (you can track it from your account) and guess what, 3 items with weight only 200 0r 300 grams, they charged me 1.5kg (they do charged based on dimension of the box). It shocked me because I ordered much more from Saks and how much they gonna charge me. Luckily, my Saks’ package only weight 1kg, I don’t know why but total shipping cost me around AUD40. I’m happy with it, when I get my package I know why there is a weird shipping cost calculation.

The first picture is from Nordstorm using ‘Buy For Me’ serivce, such a big box for 3 eye shadows with no padded, bubble wrap whatsoever. Fortunately, nothing broke. I assumed that’s not the initial package from Nordstrom, while the Saks package is so lovely, padded nicely and the box totally fit perfectly with the items I bought. Overall, its worth it if you buy few things and I would use ‘Ship For Me’ service but maybe not the ‘Buy For Me’ service.

Enough with the rambling, now here’s the interesting part:

I also bought Burberry Sheer Summer Glow which has been reviewed by Meryl :) That’s all I’ve got from US but I didn’t stop at that I also  got couple things from Singapore, Ebay, etc.

I blame my exam anxiety for all this damage to my wallet :p Proper post with better quality pictures coming up in a week or less I hope, once I get my camera back from my friend who borrow it for Lady Gaga’s concert.

Anyone can recommend other shipping companies other than HopShopGo? Also share your experience with HopShopGo, I would love to know as well.

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Jill Stuart Haul and Summer 2012 Blush #14 Lantana Honey Review

Currently I am such a blush and cream shadow hunter. Call me crazy but every time I see a nice blush or cream shadow, I feel like buying them. I bough these products when I went to Taiwan last month. I love it so much there and I bought many items there, you can see my haul post HERE . In this post I am only going to review Blush #14 Lantana Honey, I will be writing review for the 3 eye jellies in a different post. 

Honestly I am not a big fan of Jill Stuart and its cutie princess packaging. Somehow it’s too cute for my liking. However Jill Stuart products have won my heart. Although I am not a fan of princess type packaging, I have to say I love Jill Stuart :)

Jill Stuart Blush has the prettiest packaging ever. I love to see the design of the packaging and the color combination of the blushes. Staring at them makes me happy.

The blush I am reviewing today is from Jill Stuart Summer 2012 Collection; #14 Lantana Honey. You can see the Jill Stuart summer collection in the gorgeous Rouge Deluxe blog When mixed together, you’ll get a pink blush with a hint of shimmer. The blush is also equipped with a brush. I have to say that this brush is the best complimentary brush in a palette. I am sure I won’t have to bring another blush brush when I am travelling. This brush is good enough to be used.

As you can see in the swatch above, when the blush is blended altogether it looks pinkish with a bit of peach in this picture. I love pinkish cheek as it brighten up my whole look. When I want to have a more pigmented cheek color, I will just swipe my brush on the colors at the bottom. The two colors at the top can also be used as a highlighter for the cheeks or even brow bone.

I am comparing this blush with some other blush in my stash that I think would be quite similar, they are Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Rose , NARS Orgasm and MAC Peachy Keen.

As you can see, Jill Stuart is the pinkest among all colors. NARS Orgasm and MAC Peachy Keen looks quite similar. I have written a comparison between MAC Peachy Keen and NARS Orgasm for your reference. You can see how this blush look on my cheek in the picture below.

Thank you for reading and hope you like it :)

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OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection Swatches

Hello All!

OPI has just released OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection! When I was a kid, I’d go crazy over Mickey & Minnie Mouse and Winnie the Pooh! They are my favorite character of all time. I still love to watch classic Disney’s movies until now. I think it’s true that each one of us would still have that childishness inside of us :) I am really glad that finally I have got all the shades in OPI Minnie Mouse Vintage Collection! Minnie Mouse collection screams reds and pinks which are my favorite!

This collection consists of 4 colors:

Nothin’ Mousie Bout It : Pink Flakies with heart shaped glitter inside

I’m All Ears: Magenta Red with Micro Shimmers

If You Moust You Moust: Creme bright pink color

The Color of Minnie: a rich red shimmer

I have layered Nothin Mousie Bout It over each color in this collection:

Actually I am liking all these combinations. They look colorful and lively! However if I would have to choose a favorite combination, my pick would be I’m All Ears Layered under Nothin Mousie Bout It. It looks so girly :)

Let’s take a look of the swatch on my nails

Nothin Mousie Bout It is a pink flakie polish with heart chunks glitters. For me, this is the star of this collection. It’s very cute and unusual for OPI to have such a cutie polish. The application was not smooth, it was thick and very hard to control. I had difficulties in taking the heart shaped glitter, however I watch OPI video on Youtube and it helped me a lot to apply this polish.

I’m All Ears is a red magenta glitter polish. This is a jelly polish that need 3 coats to have full opacity. In the picture above, I applied 2 coats of polish. I am fine with “see through” look on my nails. The application of this polish was fine. It was smooth and easy to control.

If You Moust You Moust is a pink creme polish. This is the color that I least like from this collection. There’s nothing really special about this color; however since I don’t have this kind of pink in my polish stash, I don’t mind having it. I read in few nail polish blog that this is a very similar to OPI Short Story. I don’t have OPI Short Story so I can’t show you how it looks like to you, but you can refer to this post from The PolishAholic . I layered Nothin Mousie Bout It on top of If You Moust You Moust on my middle finger and index finger. I avoid having a too much look on my nails so I only applied it on 2 fingers.

Last but not least, it’s The Color of Minnie. When I first saw this polish swatch on the beauty blogsphere, I wasn’t really into this color. I thought it would just be boring. But after looking at it in the bottle, I immediately fell in love with it. The red color is so bright and sexy. Although there’s a minimal brush strokes issue, the formula of this polish was good. No problem exists after two coats of polish.

There you go! I have swatched every single polish from OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection and I am feeling happy that I am able to do this for you all :) My favorite polish of this collection is surely Nothin Mousie ‘Bout It, if I have to pick a runner up, I would choose I’m All Ears.

Which one is your favorite?

Thank you for reading.


Free Deborah Lippmann “Happy Birthday” from Luxola :)

Hello lovely,

I am sure most of you have heard about Luxola. In case you haven’t heard about thisonline beauty shop, Luxola is an online beauty shop that offers many great brands such as Deborah Lippmann, By Terry, Becca, Mario Badescu, Sleek and many more! They also offer free next day delivery within Singapore. I have shopped many products from them and I have to say that their service was awesome. They replied email promptly and I am satisfied with their service :)

And now I am excited to tell you that Luxola is having a promotion and giving away FREE Deborah Lippmann “Happy Birthday” for every purchase of $50! This is valid till 24th June.

Deborah Lippmann “Happy Birthday” is one of their most popular nail polish. It’s a multi colored glitter nail polish that’s really unique and fun! You can choose to use this polish on its own or layering it over another creme polish. I personally prefer to layer this over another nail polish or even use a sponging technique. This polish looks fun and perfect for summer.

Here’s an idea for you to layer Happy Birthday over another polish. This is Dior Incognito

Or you can also do it like this

So what are you waiting for? Visit their website and make a purchase soon! :) Click Click Luxola !

Thank you for reading


Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in #02 Cognag Sable Swatches and FOTD

Hello all,

I have been so busy these days. My family is in Singapore for few days and I was spending all my days with them. I am glad they were here, I had such a beautiful family time with them :)

My cousin just came back from Europe and she bought me this Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in #02 Cognag Sable. This is my very first Tom Ford make up item and I am so excited to try it on me. The packaging was superb! It’s beautiful and gorgeous. In terms of packaging, I have to say Tom Ford’s eyeshadow has the best packaging! I love it soo much :) :) It comes in a gold metallic case and it’s quite heavy. I don’t mind having a heavier eyeshadow case as I don’t bring my eyeshadow to office to do touch ups, I am already happy to have a beautiful eyeshadow quad with me at home.

I am glad my cousin picked this color for me; She knows I love neutrals. This eyeshadow consists of 4 colors; 3 of them are packed with micro shimmers and one of them is packed with heavier shimmer.


When looking at the palette, my favorite color was the taupe color at the bottom right. However after swatching them on my hand, my favorite is definitely the bronze shimmer at the top right and the bottom left. The colors show up amazingly! The quality of this eyeshadow palette is compromising, it’s well pigmented and the texture is buttery and smooth.

As you can see in the swatch above the colors are just beautiful. It’s very well pigmented, I only dabbed my finger once and there it goes.

I did some FOTD with this eye palette and here’s the look (sorry for my messy eyebrow, I haven’t tweezed it properly these days)


NARS eye primer

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in #02 Cognag Sable

Burberry Summer Glow (here) for the highlight on my brow bone


Blush Horizon de Chanel (here)

Chanel Joues Contraste in OR


Maquillage in PK 243

I hope you love this look and thanks for reading :) Have you had any experience with Tom Ford’s make up products? Tell me what you think at the comments box below ;)

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