Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum Review


Recently during the start of 2015, Chanel released an improved version of the Hydra Beauty Serum. I was looking for a good hydration serum as my skin gets very dry these days due to hormonal changes. Looking at the pretty promo pictures where the bubbles looks so cute, I purchased a bottle hoping that my skin will feel moisturised after using this.

The packaging comes with a plastic bottle with a pump. The texture of this serum is a water-like Jelly texture. I like to use one pump for all over my face and let it set for about 15 seconds before I move on to apply my moisturiser. Please note that this serum is scented with Chanel camelia scent which I find to be quite strong in this serum. The scent eventually subside after 5 minutes of application.


Taken from Chanel Website

Patented micro-droplet technology delivers the purest form ofCamellia Oil Extract, exclusive* new Camellia Alba OFA**, to infuseskin with exceptional hydrating and plumping power.

This remarkably pure HYDRA BEAUTY ingredient, created by Chanelscientists, stimulates skin’s natural ability to restore and retainmoisture for a smooth, radiant appearance.

To protect the benefits of Camellia Alba PFA, Chanel revealed one ofnature’s most powerful anti-oxidants, Blue Ginger PFA. Thisexceptional ingredient acts as an environmental shield, blocking andneutralizing free radicals to help reinforce the complexion.


After two weeks of frequent use day and night. I am amazed to see that my skin looks better. It is more moisturised and most importantly, my skin doesn’t feel itchy or tight anymore. I am really pleased with the result the serum delivered. My skin feels much better these days! Although the too-strong-scent might be the only thing I dislike, I am so far pleased with the light watery texture that’s non sticky and non greasy. This serum is suitable for day and night usage.


The serum is now available in Chanel counters islandwide. And if you’re having concern with your dry skin, this serum might be a great help!


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Experience Effortless Make Up Removal Process with new Biore? Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover


Here we are embracing the new week and coming to the second quarter of the year! It’s time for me to count my countless blessing this year. It’s been a good start of the year so far and let’s have positive thoughts for the rest of the year too!

Recently the kind people at the Biore SG PR agency sent me this bottle of the new Biore? Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover. If you have been reading my blog frequently, you’ll know that Biore is one of the brand that I love for my cleansing regime. Not only because it’s so affordable but most importantly because it’s effective in doing its job!



I use this product very frequently these days. It’s effective in removing my make up and also it’s efficient. I usually pump once or twice (depending on the make up I use on that day) and apply it on my face. I will massage my face for about 1 minute and then rinse off with water. Most of the time I will also wipe my face with Micellar Water to make sure that my face is throughly clean.

Some features of the newly improved Biore Aqua Jelly:

  • Smoother jelly-like texture is gentle on skin and rinses off easily. The product doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight nor oily, it rinses off easily which makes cleansing process fast and efficient.
  • High cleansing ability dissolves and lifts off all traces of makeup effortlessly. I am happy to share that whenever I wipe my face with micellar water after I cleanse my face with Biore Aqua Jelly, I couldn’t see any make up left or if there’s any, it was just a slight sight of foundation
  • Made with 40% moisturising essence which nourishes and hydrates skin for a dewy, moisturised finish. For people with dry skin, Biore Aqua Jelly is worth trying! After washing my face, I didn’t feel my skin was drying or tightening. My skin feels clean and yet feels hydrated after.
  • Lightweight formula leaves skin feeling refreshed, with no sticky or greasy after-feel.


All I can say is, so far Biore cleansing products have never disappoints me. They serve their purpose and they are all very affordable! The new Biore? Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover will be retailing in Singapore islandwide starting 1st of April and it’s retailing at $24.90

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Review

I must admit that I have been quite hopeless searching for the IT mascara for me. I hope you don’t mind me telling a short story about my lashes. My lashes have always been short, thin and droopy. Even though I have curl my lashes, it will always go back to its initial state when it’s straight and droopy. There are so many mascaras out there that seems to have received very good review, but when I tried it on.. it doesn’t always the case on me. In my beauty journey so far, I have only been intrigued by a few mascaras, and I have mentioned some of them on this blog.

And so Benefit sent over their new Roller Lash mascara to me.. Let’s take a look at the product first!



Roller Lash mascara comes in girly design with a pretty pattern on top. Benefit’s previous mascara has rather simple design, so when I see something as pretty as this design, I’m thrilled!

Let’s take a look at the brush!



What I like about Roller Lash is that it stays on my eyes for a long hour! There’s no need for me to worry that it will smudge out and make my make up looks messy. Roller Lash has very good formula that it stays on my eyelash nicely for a good 6 hours without smudging. Another thing I find is that Roller Lash visibly lengthen my short and droopy eyelashes. The formula is light and hence after wearing it for few hours, my lashes still holds up quite nicely and it doesn’t looks droopy.

Here’s a comparison of the brush band between Roller Lash and other Benefit Mascara


Here’s a comparison of my bare lashes and when I am using Roller Lash mascara


IMG_0129 IMG_0130

You can see how Roller Lash lifts up my droopy lashes and makes it looks better instantly. My lashes stays just like that for a good 6 hours and it also stays there without smudging. This amazes me as my natural lashes are short and droopy; being able to see my lashes stays lifted and curled nicely for 6 hours is wow!

For cleaning part, I find it easier to rub my lashes with cleansing oil or eye make up remover that contains oil. It’s very easy to clean as I only need to rub twice and my lashes are all back to clean state.


Roller Lash Mascara is now available in Singapore and retailing at SGD 37

Shu Uemura Shu:Palette Edition Swatch

This season, Shu Uemura releases an eyeshadow palette consisting of neutral shades. While there are so many brands which have released this kind of neutral shades palette, it’s exciting to know that a brand as big as Shu Uemura has finally decided to release a neutral palette too!



All the shades in this palette is non limited edition shade, you can find it in the store and buy it separately. The palette also comes with dual ended brush with synthetic hair.

The palette consists of mixture of matte shades, glittery and shimmery shades.


And here are the shades as shown at the back of the palette.


As you can see in the codes above, there are a few color code; G for glitter, M for Matte, ME for Metallic, IR for Irridescent, P for pearl, S for shimmer.

IMG_5461 IMG_5459

I must say that all the metallic and pearl shades in this palette have very good quality. They are soft, buttery, well pigmented and very easy to apply. I experience no fallouts for the metallic shades. However I find that some of the Matte & Pearl shade lacks of pigmentation, the color doesn’t show much on my skin when swatched. I also experience fallouts on the glittery shade when applied; it feels so smooth during swatch but upon application on my eye, I can see some fallouts.

There are 16 shades in this palette and it also comes with dual ended synthetic brush. The palette is retailing for SGD 160 in Singapore; it means that you are paying $10 for each shade. A very good deal for Shu Uemura singles I’d say!

Overall, I would say that Shu:palette is a lovely palette for neutral shade lovers. The palette also comprise of darker colors specially on the bottom row to make the palette looks more vibrant and can be used to create smokey eye. There are endless possibility to layer on colors and creating looks with this palette. If you haven’t had any neutral shades artist palette or if you are neutral shades hoarder, you should consider having this palette specially for the value of each shade.


The palette is now retailing at all Shu Uemura counters in Singapore at SGD 160 with limited quantity

Tom Ford Eye Color Duo in Crushed Indigo

Having reviewed Raw Jade and showcasing other Tom Ford Spring 2015 collection in my previous blogpost (click here for the post), I am glad to show you the swatch and my quick review of Tom Ford Eye Color Duo in Crushed Indigo. Thanks to Linda from Silverkis for being so kind to lend me her eyeshadow duo for me to try :)


Tom Ford Crushed Indigo looks kind of mundane to me in the pan, but don’t let your eyes fool you! Once I have it swatched on my arms, I knew this is not an ordinary blue, it’s a very lovely indigo blue paired with the opaline shade that lifts up my eyelid and makes my eye looks bigger instantly.



Just like the other Tom Ford eyeshadow duo which I have reviewed, This duo can be worn wet and dry. When it is applied wet, the color intensity looks better. You can see the shimmer more clearly when it is swatched wet.


Comparing Raw Jade and Crushed Indigo, I would say that the quality of Raw Jade seems to be more consistent. Raw Jade seems to have less fallout compared to Crushed Indigo. While Crushed Indigo does not fail my expectation, Raw Jade seems to deliver better quality and it stays for a longer hour compared to Raw Jade. I have no complain over the pigmentation, Crushed Indigo has excellent pigmentation and the color pops very nicely on the first swatch. Moreover, Crushed Indigo is one of the blue that I find very flattering on my skintone.



This duo will be retailing at SGD 85 in Singapore.


Thank you for reading!


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