Glamglow ThirstyCleanse

Glamglow is releasing a range of facial cleanser. Well I have always been associating Glamglow with face masks and finally the brand has expanded the product range. During the media preview launch in Singapore, I was invited to the event. Thanks to Linda from Silverkis for extending the invite ;)



GLAMGLOW has released 3 types of cleanser:

  • Thirstycleanse: Daily Hydrating Cleanser
  • Supercleanse : Daily Clearing Cleanser
  • Youthcleanse : Daily Dual Cleanser

Thanks to the Escentials Team, I was given a bottle of Thirstycleanse to try.

Thirstycleanse comes in a tube with pump. Each pump is meant for one face washing session. The tube is also placed inside an outer packaging with the same design.


In a glance, thirstycleanse looks like thirstymud when pumpedl its texture and it’s color looks similar. It’s thick in texture and it contains Teaoxi Olive Tree Powder and it feels very mild on the skin. It’s also packed with Rare Brazillian Yellow Clay which is rich in potassium and helps to mineralize the skin. To boost the hydration level, it’s made with pure green coconut water. The coconut scent can be smelled immediately when you apply the product on you face, and it lingers for a while after you’ve washed it.

To cleanse my face, I will rub my hands with one pump of product and apply it all over my face. With sprinkles of water, I started massaging my face and I can see the product transform form mud to foam. It took me about 15 seconds to massage my face and eventually rinse it all off with water. After washing, I do not experience tightening feeling on my skin; it feels fine on my normal-dry skin.

IMG_6996 IMG_6997 IMG_6998

Thirstycleanse is meant for daily use as it is intended to restore the moisture on your face, replenishing and calming the skin. As for my dry skin types, I find that glamglow mudmask might not work the best for me. But it’s a different case with the Thirstycleanse, While many glamglow mudmask might be quite drying for me, I find that thirstycleanse is able to maintain the moisture level on my face after cleansing.

Glamglow Cleansers is now available islandwide in Escentials Paragon & TANGS Orchard and Sephora. Retailing at S$59.

 Disclaimer: The product was given to me by for consideration; my opinion is solely my own, genuine and unbiased


Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum – Review

Few weeks ago, a lovely parcel was delivered to my doorstep. It was a Mother’s day gift package from Elizabeth Arden. Although Mother’s Day has passed, I think it’s still lovely to talk about the product in the package.

In this post, I will be talking mostly about the Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum. It’s one of the most uniquely packaged serum that I own. I like how the serum is packed into a capsule so that hygiene is not compromised. Each capsule is packed with the right amount of serum to be applied. There are 60 capsules in each packaging; so if you are using one capsule a day, this will last for two months or one month if you’re using this two capsules daily.

To open the capsule, what you must do is to twist tab around twice and squeeze the capsule to get the serum and apply it all over your face and neck.


Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum is the world’s leading capsule technology, and one of the reason is the main ingredient. Ceramide is found in human skin layer and it plays an important part to maintain skin against aging. And to maintain skin elasticity, Elizabeth Arden has created a skin identical ceramide to combat aging, provide hydration and maintain elasticity to the skin.


I have been using this for the past one month day and night. After I cleansed my face, I will apply few drops of face essence and then start applying one capsule all over my face and onto my neck too. The serum feels like facial oil, and it feels very light. It has no scents, and therefore this would be suitable for ladies who has sensitive skin. The serum quickly absorbs to my skin after 1-2 minutes of application. There’s no sticky feeling lingering on my face at all and then I proceed to apply the facial cream as provided in the package.



The day cream is worth mentioning, I love the milky texture and it also has SPF 30. I love the texture is light for my day use and how I don’t need to apply suncreen anymore after applying the day cream.

My verdict after using the ceramide range for a month is that the serum is worth trying. The most obvious result that I notice is that the lines on my neck. The lines on my neck slowly fades and my neck is looking smoother, plumper and obviously more hydrated. On me, the result can be seen after 2 weeks of application. The non sticky texture is also one of the reason why I am loving this Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum; it is easily absorbed into the skin and it leaves my skin feels hydrated and plump.

The Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum retails for SGD 143.00 for 60 capsules. 


Disclaimer: This was a sample sent by Elizabeth Arden Singapore – My opinion is honest, unbiased and it is based on my experience on the product.

Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner

What is the make up item that you always have in your bag? For me it would be eyeliner and lipstick (yes I always have two make up items or more :p)

Benefit has released They’re Real Push Up Liner last year, and many people are swear by it. It’s the best selling prestige liner in the US (research by the NPD group Inc). Following up to their success, Benefit is now releasing They’re Real Push Up Liner in 4 fun colors; beyond brown, beyond blue, beyond green and beyond purple.




The main characteristic that makes this eyeliner differs from others is the applicator itself. The accu-flex tip is designed in such a way that makes application easy, smooth and lash hugging. I have tried using this eyeliner for a few times and here’s what I found:

  • I need to turn two clicks to get the amount of product needed. One click (as recommended) does not provide the amount of product needed to get the pigmentation I need.
  • Start drawing from the end of your eyelid and continue lining it to tear duck area. By doing this, it’s easier to get a balance flick for both eyes at the end of your eyelid.
  • Smudging is not a problem as it sets on my lid for the whole day without smudging; but during application, The formula sets quite quickly so if you make any mistake, removing it would be quite troublesome
  • Use a light stroke for the early application as the product , and you may put more pressure as you draw on.

One of the main advantages of this eyeliner is the lasting power and the smudge proof formula. My eyelid tends to be oily and not many eyeliner (especially in gel formula) can last for the whole day without smudging, but They’re Real Push Up Liner stays on my lid without smudging for a good 6 hours.



Here’s what the colors look like, on the left is beyond green and on the right is beyond purple. What I did was drawing one line and if I need deeper pigmentation, I would add on more color.

On the removal process, using oil cleanser works best for me. I would apply my oil cleanser all over my face and gently rub my lid. If I still find any residue, I would use my micellar water to do the cleansing.

Overall, the addition of the 4 new colors has definitely make this Push Up Liner stands out better than before. In some days when I feel that black eyeliner is boring, I would go for colorful eyeliner to create a simple yet unusual look. I love green eyeliner on my eyes, it looks less boring but yet it never fails to make my eye looks bigger. The lasting power is amazing, it stays on for a good 6 hours without any signs of fading/creasing or smudging.


Benefit They’re Real Push UP Liner will be retailing for $42 and will be available in Singapore on June 25th onwards

This is a press sample provided by Benefit Singapore for my consideration. My opinion is genuine and based on my experience.


Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin Youthful Bounciful-Fine Emulsion Review

Hello beauty blogosphere!!

I have missed you! It’s been more than a month since I posted. So for those of you who are following me on instagram, you would have known that I am a new mom! I gave birth to my adorable baby girl slightly more than a month ago and life has been busier since then. I am glad that finally I could find some time to write a review about a product here.

The next day I gave birth to my baby, I found that my skin has gone to a very dry condition. Not only dry, but it looks so unhealthy, dull and tired looking. I can’t help but feel so bad about myself. After few days, I am trying to start my skincare regime again. This time, I am trying out a relatively new product; Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin Youthful Bounciful – fine Emulsion.

For the Tsuya range, there are two new additions to the range. There’s a cream version and emulsion version which I am going to review here. Emulsion has a lighter texture when compared to the cream version.

I have always been a fan of Tsuya Essence since it was launched. With its main ingredient, it never fails to brighten up my skin from dull looking into bright and healthy looking skin. So when Shu Uemura presents me the new product from the range, I am beyond thrilled to try it! The new product comes in two texture; emulsion and cream. I picked the emulsion this time.

Taken from Shu Uemura website,

the Emulsion is described as:

a lightweight moisturizer that creates bouncy-fine smooth skin “touch” and delicate dewy-glow “look”


The emulsion comes in a lovely sleek white packaging with a pump. For those of you who are concerned over hygiene issue, this should not be a problem as you can always press the pump to get the product.




Tsuya skin range promises to give you that bouncy and youthful looking skin. One of the key ingredient in this product is Rhamnose – which is clinically proven to improve collagen production. This will result in smoother and more radiant skin.

For many months, My skincare routine has always include Tsuya-skin as this is my key serum to boost youthful radiance to my skin. I am using the Emulsion as my final skincare regime every morning and night. I have been using this continuously for about 5 weeks now and I have been seeing improvement on my skin – from dull and tired looking skin to bouncy and more hydrated skin that feels bouncy.

I can see myself using this in the long run, not only because the texture is light, but also it does not make my skin feels oily. The light smell of the signature Tsuya scent is not too overwhelming too, making it a lovely scent to wrap my skincare regime for the day and night. Most importantly, I can see this product delivers positive result to my skin. My skin looks healthier and bouncier!

Disclaimer: This post contains product featured by Shu Uemura Singapore. My opinion expressed is based on my genuine and unbiased review


Clarisonic Sonic Radiance

With the busy schedule and being exposed to the sun everyday, there’s no doubt that my skin will be looking dull when neglected. As much as high SPF sunscreen will be helpful to prevent dullness, cleansing regime & skincare will also play a part to help skin looking brighter. So when Clarisonic sent me this set, I was thrilled to give it a try!

Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution by Clarisonic promises to combat hyper-pigmentation, acne-induced discolouration, uneven skin tone and dullness. The set contains these products:

  • Clarisonic Aria: This sleek device is both ergonomical and customizable with a pulsing T-Timer and three adjustable levels of sonic speed: Delicate, Universal and Powerful.
  • The Radiance Brush Head: This uniquely designed and patented spot and dullness-fighting brush head is specifically engineered with softer, denser, extra fine bristles to deliver a complexion-comforting yet highly effective cleansing experience.
  • Skin Illuminating Cleanser: The high-foaming gentle cleansing action combined with the pigment balancing activity of licorice helps brighten and even skin tone while removing impurities. This cleansing milk is specially formulated to be used with Clarisonic Cleansing device.
  • Skin Renewing Essence Boost: Formulated with Vitamin B3, this essence promised to help smooth and retexture skin for a more radiant, healthy looking complexion.
  • Brightening Activator Serum: Featuring powerful depigmentation ingredients, Ellagic Acid and Phenylethyl Resorcinol, this clinically proven serum is formulated to provide intense hydration and help reduce the synthesis of melanin and lighten dark spots, age spots and acne-induced discoloration when applied each day and night.


How to use:

– Moisten your skin with Skin Illuminating Cleanser directly into the skin and using the ARIA speed 1, let the device cleanse your skin with 1 minute T-timer

– After cleansing your face and washing your face with water, apply 3-5 drops of Skin Renewing Essence Boost onto the palm of your hand and press into your face.

– Apply Brightening Activator Serum all over your face and massage with your finger tips.

IMG_5636 IMG_5637

After using this kit for close to two weeks, one thing I must say is that I do notice my face looking brighter. I can even see an instant result after one time use – my skin was looking brighter and less dull. After almost two weeks, I noticed an even better result; My cheek area looks much better and the skin pigmentation on my cheek has faded slightly. But on my dry skin, I feel the Skin Renewing Essence Boost is rather drying on my skin and hence I skipped on the routine and only using the cleansing milk and the serum.. Both these product has helped me to achieve a brighter complexion.


The Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution retails for $355 and is available at Sephora (from 1st April 2015), TANGS Orchard & Robinsons Raffles City (from 18th April 2015). Sonic Radiance Customization Set, $170 (Only available in June 2015); Skin Illuminating Cleanser, $35; Brightening Activator Serum, $75; Skin Renewing Essence Boost, $55; Radiance Brush Head, $40.

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