Nars Laguna Review

Hi all!

I am currently addicted to Bronzers. For the last few months, I been watching make up tutorial on youtube and been asking few of my MUA friends to teach me how to contour my face. I used to have no confidence to wear bronzers as I was afraid that my face would look two toned LOL!! After few trial and errors, I am finally confident that I can do contouring to myself. Well my contouring technique is not perfect, I still need to learn to blend more smoothly but at least I am happy now :)

Nars Laguna is one of the bronzers that many people are raving about. I got this last month and I have been using this for the last few days. Nars Laguna texture is very good. It blends nicely and it’s so buttery. It has micro shimmer that looks very nice when applied. I usually avoid buying shimmery bronzer as I prefer a matte bronzer to avoid glowy face throughout the day. But Nars Laguna seems to be different. The shimmer is finely melt into my skin and it results in a very nice glow without making my face looks too oily/glowy.

I have swatched Nars Laguna alongside with my other bronzers; Burberry Sheer Summer Glow and Too Faced Bronzing Powder in Chocolate Soleil. As you can see, all the colors look similar because I am choosing a bronzing powder that can be used daily. However Nars Laguna seems to be more pigmented and provides a more shimmery finish. Burberry Sheer Summer Glow  seems to have the sheerest texture.

 I did a look with Nars Laguna.

The face product I used in this look:

Burberry Velvet Finish Foundation

NARS Laguna

NARS Deep Throat


Final Thought:

Nars Laguna is raved worthy! Excellent formula, great color and great pigmentation!

Thank you for reading! :)

By: Meryl

La Maison Lancome

Today I have Lancome palette to show you guys. I knew the existence of this palette from Instagram and also this palette is Krisshop exclusive (I guess). They are no longer available I’m afraid, I’ve just get this not long ago because I have to troubled my cousin who lives in Singapore to get me this and waited till someone visit me in Sydney.

I believe the blush was available worldwide months ago? or maybe a year ago. I remembered saw this in Sydney sometime last year.

I LOVE Eiffel tower so much, why? I can’t explain it myself haha… So when I saw this I knew I must have it.  The palette is very pretty no doubt about it but the quality is kinda disappointing. All the colors are very sheer and not pigmented. And also the combination of the eyeshadow shades are not suitable for me..

Swatches of the eyeshadow:


Blush swatches:

I can’t capture the blush color when all three color blended because it is very sheer. The two light colors are shimmery (left and middle) while the darkest color is matte.

I will give this a miss, but I’m happy just to look at the palette :p

Thanks for reading

By: Monica


Chanel Le Vernis in Malice Swatch

Hello all!

I finally decided to buy Chanel Malice when I saw this in Changi DFS few weeks ago. The price is $27-29 in Changi Airport DFS while it’s retailing at $37 in department store. I know the swatches of Malice is already revolving around the beauty blogosphere for a while. You might have seen the swatches in many beauty blogs but please don’t get bored because I am going to show you mine ;)

Malice’s formula is awesome. It’s very easy to apply. It’s not runny and not thick at all. It’s a pleasure of all Chanel polishes has the same great quality as this. Malice is a deep red. It can be looked very dark in indoor lighting; it looks almost black for me. In direct sunlight, you can see how beautiful the color is. Some dazzling deep red can be seen in between the dark color.

Final Thought:

This is an all year round color for me! The formula was flawless, it applies beautifully. What more can I say? I love Malice :)


Thank you for reading

By: Meryl

Experience Beauty Emporium – One Stop for All of You

The world’s first one-stop transformation experience for beauty and nutrients

Beauty Emporium at House – another ground-breaking lifestyle concept from The Spa Esprit Group – is the world’s first one-stop transformational experience for beauty and nutrients. Unlike most large scale beauty stores which are product determined, the grocer-inspired Beauty Emporium at House sets a brand new trend by focusing on expert services from our established beauty brands, while introducing new retail concepts. The result is a complete inside-out pampering that suits even the most frenetic 24/7 lifestyle.

Step into the 17,000 sq ft Beauty Emporium at House, situated on the second floor of House, and discover a brand new you.

Thanks to the extensive experience behind Spa Esprit, Beauty Emporium at House is able to deliver fast results in a quirky setting. Expect anything from the norm: a unique range of specially selected beauty potions combined with creative beauty treatments which are exciting, effective and cleverly packaged. From brow grooming to Brazilian waxing to discovering thought- provoking poetry, pick from an extensive menu of services that’s been customized to suit your body and leave you feeling loved and pampered. All in stylishly quirky surroundings that bring to mind a convenient modern grocer.

Beauty Emporium at House offers you gratification of:

MIND (Excitement, Awakening, Discovery)

Florist – Fresh blooms and greens

Bookstore (Books Actually) – Unique titles, quirky stationary and collectable

DIY Bar – Professional customised skincare, DIY treatments, pick and mix skincare 

BODY (Rejuvenation, Beautification

Strip – New flavoured wax bar plus 6 waxing and IPL room

Browhaus – Brow and lash grooming plus a semi-permanent Brow and Lip Balm

Spa esprit – Gorgeous body treatments, massages and effective facial

SOUL (Calm, Rejuvenation)

Music Store – Familiar sounds with a distinctive twist

  • Product Range: 
    • Malin + Goetz, New York
    • SCO (Skincare Options), New York
    • Ilike Organic, Hungary
    • Ren, United Kingdom
    • LCDP (La Compagnie De provence), France
    •  Dr Hauschka, Germany



Strip: Ministry of Waxing brings you a sweet Christmas treat!

With 36 outlets in 9 major cities including London, New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong and having pruned 2.5 million bushes worldwide, STRIP is the Global Authority in Hair Removal. This Christmas season, STRIP adds a touch of festive fun to your holiday grooming with its delicious limited edition British Gingerbread wax.

At STRIP, we believe that there’s nothing like a spot of excellent grooming to put you in a festive mood. Formulated after our award-winning Berry Chocolate wax and deliciously scented with warm British gingerbread, STRIP’s limited edition Gingerbread Wax will keep your holidays smooth and fuzz-free, putting you in the mood to celebrate!

Like our specially formulated Berry Chocolate wax, the Gingerbread Wax is delicate enough for the Brazilian area yet effective enough to remove even the most stubborn hair almost completely pain and fuss-free. It hardens and shrink- wraps around hair strands very quickly, allowing our waxperts to pull off the hardened wax pieces along with unwanted hair easily. This method of waxing greatly reduces contact and friction during hair removal.

And what better way to throw in some Christmas cheer than with the spicy, gingery scent of British Gingerbread? We consulted the two Ministry of Waxing outposts in London to make sure the scent of freshly baked gingerbread cookies is just right. Equal parts sweet and spice, it’s one guilt-free treat you’ll be wanting this Christmas.

The limited edition Gingerbread Wax is the first of a series of scented waxes, inspired by our presence in 9 key cities around the world. Keep a lookout for some sweet surprises in store.

Come and experience the limited edition Gingerbread Wax for yourself, available at all STRIP outlets from 19th October to 31st December 2012. Strip Brazilian is priced at $62 and Boyzilian is priced at $85.


Now that Christmas season is here, why not pamper your friends and family with goodies from Strip!

Below are the various gifts sets that we will be offering specially for this festive season:

Spa Esprit

Customized Body Product Set $100.00 (U.P $145.00)

- 250ml shower gel

- 250ml body scrub

- 250 body moisturizer

- comes in box packaging

*Customers can customized their own scent to blend into these base products


M+G Face Care Set

*choose 3 out of the options. Total 15% off Usual Price

- Grapefruit Face Cleanser

- Jojoba Face Scrub

- Vit E Face Moisturizer

- SPF 15 Face Moisturizer


Browhaus Eye Brightening Set $100.00 (U.P $143.00)

- M+G Rice Bran Eye Moisturizer

- 1 Min Miracle Wrinkle Filler

- Anti Wrinkle Eye Patch (set of 5 pcs)


Browhaus Lash Pampering Set $150.00 (U.P $187.00)

- Extend

- Rena Muse


M+G Body Care Set $54.40 (U.P $64.00)

- choice 2 body wash

- comes in box packaging

Strip Anti-Ingrown Set $80.00 (U.P $101)

- M+G Peppermint Body Scrub

- M+G Ingrown Hair Cream

Strip Smoothening Set $100.00 (U.P $148.00)

- Peace+ (box of 10 ampoules)

- Ice Cream



I received invitation from Beauty Emporium to enjoy their Brazilian Wax session and Brow Threading session. It’s my first time to visit Beauty Emporium in Dempsey. The place was nicely decorated and it’s really a one stop beauty regime place :) . You can do brow treatment, waxing treatment, manicure – pedicure, and there’s spa esprit too where you can customize your own shower gel and scrubs. The place is spacious and the location makes it feels even more relaxing to be there. 

The first session I had was brazilian wax. Honestly I am not very comfortable to share about my Brazilian wax session but I will try my best to elaborate the session without being rude or unethical :p. It’s not my first Brazilian wax session so I am prepared to re-experience the feeling of Brazilian wax. Obviously the waxing session is not something that I am looking forward the most because it is painful. But you shall have no worry because it is bearable :) . Some parts might feel more uncomfortable than others but I am grateful that my therapist was very careful in doing it. My therapist was quite chatty so we talked most of the time during the session. It helps me to feel relax during the whole session (20-30 mins). The best part about the service in Strip is that everything looks very hygienic. I also love the Gingerbread wax that I tried, it smells so yummy! :) After the session, I am feeling very clean and hygienic. I will definitely go for another session with them!

After the Brazilian wax session, I had Brow Thread & Tweeze session. My therapist was very professional is doing the treading. My brows are naturally short and thin. I would love to have a nicely sculpted brow so I told her the shape which I am interested in. She did exactly like what I want it to be. My brows are now looks much better than usual.

After the both sessions, I was pampered with cookies and honey lemon tea. I love the honey lemon tea very much!! It is so refreshing and not really sweet. Definitely very appropriate after waxing & brow threading session ;)

Then I was also given a chance to try Spa Esprit shower gel. There are lots of scents for me to chose and I enjoyed my time in trying so many scents. It’s so fun to chose the scent that suits your needs or wants the most. I chose Serenity scent as it smells refreshing and relaxing. The SA will mix the different ingredients needed to make the scent you choose in front of you. After that, you can label the shower gel with anything you want ;) This looks like a great gift idea to me!

Overall, I enjoyed the sessions I tried in Beauty Emporium. It’s a very nice experience for me. Oh I also need to mention that Beauty Emporium is located just beside House Barracks in Dempsey, you can have nice meal after your session there too! ;)

Beauty Emporium is located at 8D Dempsey Road, Level 2, Singapore 249672

For my readers, you can get 10% discount for all services. Readers who read my review just have to quote “memoiselle” to enjoy 10% off any basic Brow Construction treatment from BROWHAUS and 10% off any ala cart waxing services from STRIP. (Only available at STRIP & BROWHAUS @ Beauty Emporium.)

Ahh that’s such a long post! Anyway thank you for reading :)

The information provided above is extracted from the press kit. The product and services mentioned in the review is provided free of charge from the company. I am not affiliated with Beauty Emporium. My review is genuine and unbiased. 

The Body Shop Winter Trend Makeup Event

Hello all!
I was recently invited to The Body Shop Winter Trend Makeup Bloggers Event. It was held in epilogue ION Orchard.

Here are some photos I snapped during the event; photos are taken from Memoiselle instagram account (@memoiselle)

With the pretty Mabel from She Shops Makeup :)

I was so happy that I received lots of goodies from The Body Shop. They are very generous to give us such a nice hampers :)

1. Eye Makeup Palette

When I opened the eye palette, it suddenly reminds me of my Suqqu eyeshadow palette. The packaging is nice and simple. It comes with two mini brushes; one for eyeshadow applicator and the other one is angled brush. I like the idea that they provide us mini brushes instead of sponges. These mini brushes works well with me. The bristles are soft and dense enough to apply eyeshadow nicely.

The best thing about this eyeshadow is the texture. It’s slightly creamy and the pigmentation is just very good. There’s a slight fallout but it’s really controllable so this should not be a problem.

Smoky Copper leans more towards neutral colors, Larry Yeo suggested that fair skinned women can use the color on the top right as a base. Women with deeper skintone can choose the color at the bottom left. Smoky Moonstone has such a nice greyish taupe which I really like. I like both palettes, Smoky Copper has great neutral colors and very versatile. I love Smoky Moonstone too especially the two colors at the bottom. However the only thing I dislike is the highlighting color which are too similar.

Swatches below are taken under indoor lighting, without primers and two layers.

2. Eye Definer & The Joy of Sparkle

The Body Shop Eye Definer or eyeliner is a new item for me to try. The pigmentation is good; it’s creamy and glides on easily. I like these 3 colors very well; Golden Brown is my favorite out of the three. It’s a nice color to replace black if I would like to have a simple eye makeup.  However there’s a thing that I dislike about this.  I find that it smudges on me after 4 hours of wearing.

The Sparkler is a glittery spray which you can use all over your body. I foresee that I won’t be using this a lot, maybe only during some night event.

3. Lipstick

The Body Shop was really kind to let us have 4 lipsticks.  The texture of this lip color is good; creamy and moisturizing. I don’t find that my lips are peeling after using this. It’s more on the sheerer side so I need to apply two coats for full opacity.  The packaging of this lipstick is also nice; its outer is made of silver metal and the inner side is gold.

The Look:

Day look/Afternoon Look

This is the look that I created for afternoon look. It’s a simple look using Smoky Copper palette.

For the base color, I am using the color at the upper right. I apply it all over my lid. To create the smoky look, I am using the lower left color on my crease to create a soft smoky look. Then I added the color on the lower right on my lower crease to deepen the color.

During the event, Larry Yeo suggested that we can skip eyeliner for day look if we want a simpler look. I followed his tips and I continue the look with applying two coats of mascara. No blush were used in this look but I contoured my face with a very light contouring powder. To finish the whole makeup, I applied a simple nude lipstick (the 2nd from the left as swatched above). You can choose a brighter lip shade if you want something bolder.

Evening Look

For evening look, I choose Smoky Moonstone palette for a more greyish tone smoky eye. The base color that I applied is the color on the upper right. Then I use the color on the lower left on my crease to create soft smoky look. Again, I am using the color from the lower right to create a bolder color. You can always add on more dark color if you wish to have bolder look. In this look, I applied black gel eyeliner on my upper lid and outer lower lid. I also apply The Body Shop Eye Definer in Pure Gold in my inner lid to brighten up my eye.

I chose a bolder lip color for this look. I choose the color on the right (as swatched above). The red lipstick is more on the sheerer side, so I applied two layers of lipstick. I applied bronzer on my face to show my cheekbone a bit (uurgh I have such a round face :( ) but I skipped on applying blush as I want to focus on my lip color.

Final Thought:

All The Body Shop Christmas products are very lovely! But if I have to pick one favorite product, it would be the eye palette in Smoky Copper. The colors are versatile for every day use; for both day and night events. Moreover this looks great on many skin tone. The texture of the eye shadow is rather creamy, so it would glides on nicely and the pigmentation is really good. The eye shadow lasts for long hours. The packaging is simple and the size is just nice to be put on my daily make up bag for touch up when necessary :)

Which look do you like better?

Btw, I am currently on Body Shop Most Stylish blogger challenge. You can help me to win this competition by voting :) It’s very simple, here’s the step:

1. Like The Body Shop Facebook Page

2. Go to this link or look for The Most Stylish Blogger post :)

3. Vote for Meryl

You’ll have a chance to win more hampers worth more than $400!! And there are 30 consolation prize containing full size shower gel and body lotion :)


So remember to vote for me :p


Thank you for reading

By: Meryl




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