NARS Light Reflecting Powder Review & Comparison with MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

Hello all,

Recently NARS has just launched Light Reflecting Powder in Singapore. Many of my instagram friends go crazy over this powder and it really tempted me to grab this product. NARS Light Reflecting Powder is retailing at S$50 in Singapore and available at Tangs Beauty Hall Orchard.

Few months ago, I also bought MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder. Both of them looks similar in the pan; pressed and has a white color. Both also looks translucent when swatched. I will do a comparison of both products in this post. Please keep reading :)

The Packaging:

NARS Light Reflecting Powder comes with a fabric pouch with NARS logo in it. It also comes with a face sponge to apply the powder. The packaging of the powder looks like NARS bronzer, it has the same size and the casing has rubbery feeling.

Comparison with MAC:

NARS Light Reflecting Powder has 7g/0.24oz of product and MAC Transparent Finishing Powder has 6.3g/0.22oz of product. NARS Reflecting Powder retails at S$50 and MAC retails at S$30-40 (can’t remember the exact price). Nars provided a pouch with a sponge while MAC does not provide anything in the box.

The Texture:

NARS Light Reflecting Powder & MAC Transparent Finishing Powder can be used as both setting powder and touch up powder. Both products are translucent and looking white in the pan. However, NARS Reflecting Powder has a shimmering glow when swatched.  The texture of NARS powder is softer and blends much better on my skin. MAC ‘s texture is fine but it’s not as soft as NARS. When I swatch NARS powder at the counter, I was a little bit worried that my face would look oily as it has a very fine shimmer. But after trying it on my face, I am happy to say that I am satisfied with my purchase. You can see my look below.

I applied Chanel Perfection Lumiere lightly with my fingers. There was nothing on top of it.

On my left cheek, I applied NARS Reflecting Powder on top of the Chanel Foundation. You can see that after applying the powder, my face looks glowy and more fresh. It actually helps to whiten my skintone a bit too, makes my skin looks healthier.

On my right cheek, I applied MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder on top of  the Chanel foundation. I have been wearing this powder for few months now and have no problem in applying it by brush/sponge. This powder works for me as a setting powder & a touch up powder.

Lasting Power:

My skin type is combination skin; I have a normal-dry cheek and an oily T-zone area. Usually during office days, MAC Finishing Powder lasted for 5-6 hours on me and after that I need to touch up my face. After 6 hours my T-zone would be very oily and it’s the time when I re-apply my MAC Finishing Powder.

The Look:

Conclusion/Final Thought:

After comparing both products, I have to say that both products have their advantages. For ladies who wants a more natural looking/matte looking, MAC Finishing Powder would be a better choice. MAC provides a very natural matte finish. Whereas for ladies who wants more glow on the face, NARS would be a good choice.

From price point, although NARS’ price is more expensive, I personally don’t mind paying a more expensive price because I love the glowy finish so much and I love my healthy looking skin. I also love the pouch that NARS provide, it makes the product looks more sleek.


So ladies, what powder do you currently use? Let me know so I can discover more :)

Thank you for reading!


By: Meryl

In love with Khaki Shades? Guerlain Coup de Foudre might be your choice!

Hi all,

Guerlain has released its spring collection and one of the eyeshadow quad caught my attention.  The colors look so lively but yet still wearable. Lately I have been drawn into khaki greens and I thought Coup de Foudre would be a good addition to my collection. One thing that always stops me from buying Guerlain is the hefty price tag, but last week I picked this in the airport so this costs less to me. I paid for S$75 for this.

The Packaging:

Coup de Foudre has the same packaging as other Guerlain Quads. It’s in a hefty golden case that’s reflective. The packaging is so luxurious and it comes with velvet pouch too.

The Color & Texture:

Coup de Foudre has a very nice color combination. Who would have thought you can combine coral with khaki eyeshadow? Only Guerlain does it right! :) There are 4 colors in this palette; a khaki green mixed with silver and has a metallic finish, a coral with a hint of pink with a metallic finish too, There’s also a frosty green and lastly a grey with a hint of deep green.

The texture of this palette is excellent! It’s very smooth, buttery and glides on nicely on my arms when I swatch it. The pigmentation is satisfying, the color shows up nicely on the first swipe. I don’t experience any fallout when I swatch the eyeshadow. What I love most from this quad is the metallic finish look which looked different with other brands metallic finish. For me, Coup de Foudre swatch has a very nice finish that looks expensive.

Final Thought:

Guerlain has once again come out with an excellent eyeshadow for spring! The textures glides on beautifully and blends nicely! What more can I say? I love it! :)


Thank you for reading


By: Meryl

Quick Swatch: Maybelline Color Tattoo is now available in Singapore

Hi ladies,

Memoiselle has been quiet for the last few days because of Chinese New Year holiday. Now I am back to my daily activities and would like to show you a quick swatch of Maybelline Color Tattoo. Color tattoo is finally available in Singapore after so long! It has been available since late 2012 but only now I found myself time to start posting on this.

I am sure many of you have seen Color Tattoo reviews online and I hope it’s still fine for me to write something about it :) Please stay tune to know more.

The Packaging:

Maybelline Color Tattoo has a similar packaging design with Chanel Illusion d’Ombre and Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill. The pot is made of glass and has a black cap. I have snapped a comparison picture for Maybelline’s color tattoo packaging with the two other brands and as you can see in the picture below, it looks quite similar. I personally love the packaging of Color Tattoo; it looks simple and nice. It doesn’t look cheap at all.

The Texture and Lasting Power:

Color tattoo has a very similar texture to Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow. It’s easy to wear as a base or crease color. So far I have been using Color Tattoo as a base color and it works very well on me. The pigmentation is good, the color shows up in just first swipe.

On the lasting power, I think Maybelline color tattoo is famous for its great staying power. At first I was kind of skeptical and doesn’t believe that Color Tattoo stays for long. But when I tried it on me, it stays for the whole day and I only see a very minimal crease because I have an oily lids.  This is very satisfying! :)


The Color:

Bad to The Bronze – As the name says, it’s a bronze color with a slight shimmer.

Permanent Taupe – A matte greyish taupe. I see this more as a grey color rather than taupe. I find this color rather flat and boring.

Edgy Emerald – It’s a very nice jade green color which is also the pantone 2013 color. Definitely my favorite :)

Immortal Charcoal – An ashy grey, best for base smokey eye color. I love this color, it looks sexy ;)

Turquoise Forever – It’s truly a turquoise color as the name says. It’s a fun color that reminds me of a colorful peacock.

Final Thought:

Maybelline Color Tattoo is a very good choice for creaseless cream shadow in an affordable price. The packaging looks simple and nice, the texture is nice to be blended and to be used as a base too. Last but definitely not least, the staying power is awesome!

Maybelline Color Tattoo is now available in Singapore, retailing at S$15.90

Thank you for reading :)

By: Meryl

Some products mentioned here are provided by the company/PR Representative. My review is genuine, unbiased and honest.

Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadows in 12 Konruri

Today I am showing you the last Suqqu product that I bought during my holiday in UK. I picked this Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow in 12 Konruri because of the blue and the neutral colors. I find the color looks very nice in the pan for both day and night look. I believe this eyeshadow is part of their Summer 2012 release.

The packaging:

The packaging is the standard Suqqu packaging. I won’t talk so much about it as I have talked about the packaging in my other posts on Suqqu. You can read it here.

The Color:

There are 5 colors in this palette. Two of them are blue; a deep blue with a satiny finish and the other is a blue with silver shimmer. The rest of the colors are neutrals; the one at the top left is a shimmery champagne, the one at the top right is a shimmery taupe and the one in the bottom left is a matte beige with a slight pink.

I find the color combination is very interesting. In fact I can use this palette for both day and night look. Or if you’d like to explore the colors, you could always mix the blue and neutral colors together.

 Natural Light

Direct Sunlight

The Texture: 

Just like other Suqqu eyeshadows, Konruri has excellent texture and pigmentation. It’s extremely smooth and has no fallout when applied. The pigmentation is great and I think it’s even better than my other Suqqu eyeshadows. The shimmers have smoother texture compared to the matte color. Although the matte color is not as smooth as the shimmers, the matte still performs very well. The matte is not chalky at all and I like to use this to highlight my browbone.

My Look:


I hope you like this review and look :)

For those who celebrate Lunar New Year, I wish you the best of luck in the year of snake!

Xin Nian Kuai Le, Gong Xi Fat Chai!

Thank you for reading!

By Meryl

Chanel Joues Contraste in Ultra Rose

Hello all,

Today I have a Chanel Joues Contraste to show you. Ultra Rose was released few months ago in Singapore and it’s a permanent collection. The neon pink color attracts my eye and I could not help myself to get a piece of this cutie blush.

The Color:

As you can see in the pictures, Ultra Rose is a a vibrant neon pink blush with a satiny finish. The color might look scary in the pan, but when applied, it looks fine for me. Actually this blush reminds me of NARS Gaiety, but I don’t have NARS Gaiety so I couldn’t show the comparison in this post. Cafe Makeup has done a very good job in comparing Ultra Rose with other bright pink blush, you can read it here.

The Pigmentation & Texture:

Ultra Rose has excellent pigmentation. The color shows up very well at the first swatch and the finish makes my skin looks glowy but not glittery. The texture feels smooth and blends very well. However since this is a baked version, it’s not as smooth as what I would expected.

The Look:

Final Thought:

For ladies who wants a bright pink blush, this is a very good choice. It provides a satiny finish and it makes my face looks radiant.


Thank you for reading.


By: Meryl


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