Urban Decay – The Theodora & Glinda Palette

Hi everyone…

I know this might be a very very late review but better than nothing right? and the good thing is, The Glinda palette is still available in BeautyBay.com though I can’t see Theodora anymore :(

Both palettes comes with 6 eyeshadows which 2 of those are duo-color, so makes that 8 shades in total. Then an eye pencil and a lip color. It also comes with the instructions how to get Theodora/Glinda look.

Let’s start with The Theodora Palette first;  the colors are more in my comfort zone and it consists of six brand eyeshadows which two are duo-shades (never-before-seen!!), black eye pencil and Theodora super-saturated high-gloss lip color (red color).







Bottom line: eyeshadow and eyeliner are very wearable, colors are very pigmented and the eyeliner is very soft and smooth. I didn’t experience much fall out but unfortunately red lip color doesn’t suit me at all.

Now time to show The Glinda Palette; I have a bit of doubt with this one because it is not the color I used to wear tho the palette looks very pretty and girly ;p but I’m more a “neutral” person. It also consists of 6 eyeshadows which 2 are duo-shades, Purple eye pencil and Glinda Super-saturated high-gloss lip color (nude color).








Bottom line: I did experience fall out but eyeshadow primer fixed this issues. I really do love the purple eye pencil from the color (much nicer than picture above) and the texture. The eyeshadow turned out really good too. On top of that the lip color is wearable for me.

Last but not least, my look wearing both palettes. PS: I didn’t go out looking like this. If you wondering :p


I’m a team Glinda at the end but I also happy with Theodora palette. Such a difficult decision to make if you have to choose one. That’s why I ended up buying both. Anyway great texture, pigmentation and most importantly good value.

Hope this review useful! Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead !!

By: Monica

Dolce & Gabbana Eyeshadow Quad in 135 Vulcano

Hello everyone,

I am glad that we are finally heading the end of the week again. I hope your weekdays have been great :)

Today I am going to review my first ever Dolce & Gabbana make up product. I have been reading lots of review about D&G make up brands and most of them say nothing but good thing. I relied heavily on online swatches to decide the shade that I want. I chose Vulcano as my first D&G purchase. I hope I’d be happy with my first purchase. To know what I think about this eyeshadow quad, please keep reading :)





The Packaging:

Dolce & Gabbana eyeshadow quad comes in a reflecting gold metal case. It’s heavy and it could feel a little bit bulky. Like most branded make up brands, Dolce & Gabbana also comes with a black velvet pouch. The eyeshadow comes with “DG” embossed in it. The metal case is very prone to finger print. I had minor difficulties taking pictures with it :p


The Texture & Color:

Vulcano consist of 4 shades which leans to orange & plums. The two colors at the top leans more to warm orange and the two colors at the bottom leans more towards plums. I would describe the shade on the upper left as shimmery champagne shade. The upper right shade is a soft mocha with a hint of orange. The bottom left shade is a cranberry purple and at the botton right is a dark plum.

The texture of the eyeshadow is buttery, smooth and pigmented. The texture reminds me of Burberry eyeshadow, they are really similar! I would even say that the soft mocha shade feels even softer and more buttery than some of my Burberry eyeshadows. The pigmentation is up to my expectation; the colors are true to pan. It does not disappoints at all! Blending the colors is a splendid thing to do; it blends beautifully :)




The Look:

Firstly I’d like to apologize with the imperfection of my false eyelash application. I had a horrible time applying the lashes on that day, but finally I decided to just confidently show this picture to you all :) I hope you’d understand.

Anyway you might have seen my overall look in this post. I had the same look posted in my review of Guerlain Sakura – Cherry Blossom Blush 




Final Thought:

Overall I have no regret buying this quad! It satisfied all my expectation in a luxury brand eyeshadow :)


Thank you for reading

By: Meryl

Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream Review

Hello everyone,


Few weeks ago I received this Kiehl’s BB cream and has tested this product for 2 weeks. I know I am late but  I am currently obsessed in trying BB creams. Kiehl’s has a great reputation on their skin care range and now they’re venturing into base makeup products. This excites me as I believe this product also contains skincare benefits. I have posted the press release for this product in the previous post.

Kiehl’s BB cream is packed with natural mineral pigments which helps our skin to appear perfect all day. It also contains Vitamin C to  prevent and correct skin damage when applied topically. Works to clarify skin tone, smooth texture and enhance radiance over time. It also contains SPF 50 PA+++ which is suitable for Singapore hot and humid weather.





The Packaging:

Kiehl’s BB Cream is packed in a white packaging which looks simple. The tube is thin and short. It’s handy to be brought anywhere. You can see the size of this tube on the picture below. I can easily grab this product with my hand.



The Texture/Color:

I receive this BB cream in the lightest shade “fair”. The texture of this bb cream is not too thick and not too watery too. I like the consistency of this product as it provides a light coverage. If you wish to have more coverage, you can always put another layer on top of it.  This bb cream has no significant smell. I can barely smell anything.

I have been using this bb cream for two weeks almost every day. I used this for 9 hours. So far I felt this bb cream works great and it lasts for 9 hours. It lasts perfectly up to 7 hours and it starts fading after that. I also feel that this bb cream does not make my face feel oily. In fact it does make my T-zone feel less oily. So I think this might work for people with oily skin.



At the picture above, you can see the bb cream when it is freshly pumped from the tube and when it is blended. It provides a light coverage and great for everyday use.

In Singapore, Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream retails for $52.


Final Thought:

Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream satisfied my expectation and works great for everyday use!


Thank you for reading. I hope my review helps.

By: Meryl


Disclaimer: The product featured in this post is provided by the company/PR representative. My review is honest, genuine and unbiased.

Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturizing Mask

Hello everyone!

I have a skincare product from Bioderma to show you today. Most people know Bioderma for its Sensibio Micelle Solution. I have tried that product and so far my experience with Sensibio Micelle Solution has been positive. I will try to write a review for that product in a separate post.

Today I am going to review Bioderma Moisturizing Mask. I have high hopes for for this mask as I have a positive experience with Bioderma product. Is this product going to be something that I love? Keep reading :)



A BIODERMA innovation, the patented Aquagenium® biological complex re-trains the skin to generate in depth the hydration essential to its natural balance and to lock it in on its surface.

• Hydrabio Mask provides deep-down, long-lasting moisture during periods of extreme dehydration. The skin thus regains its comfort, softness, suppleness and radiance.

• A galenic innovation, the Hydrabio Mask smooth and wrapping texture leaves a pleasant feeling of softness and protection.

• The Hydrabio Mask formula is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

The explanation above is taken from Bioderma kit


The Packaging:

For skincare product, I like french skincare brand like ROC, Avene or La Roche Posay. Bioderma has slowly becoming one of my favorite as well. When I take a look at this product, my first impression is that this product looks promising. Similar to other French pharmacies skincare products, Bioderma has a simple packaging but still look beautiful. It does not look luxurious but I like it. Bioderma moisturizing mask packaging is not heavy, and it comes with a squeezable tube.



The Texture:

This product has a creamy-jelly kind texture. It’s very light and has no significant smell. I can barely smell any scent from this product. When applied on my face, I don’t feel my face is thick/heavy. I like the feeling when this product is applied on my face. It has a moisturizing & cooling feeling on me. Shortly, I like the texture of this product.

How do I apply this?

I have been applying this product for two weeks. During my first week, I apply this every night before I go to bed. On the 2nd week, I applied this once in two days. I applied a thick amount of product (as shown in the picture) all over my face to my neck. I leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then I will either wash this product gently with lukewarm water or just wipe it with wet clothe.

The Result:

My type of skin is combination (oily on the T-zone and normal/dry on the rest of my face). When I try this product my cheek area was rather dry. After applying this for a week, I can feel that my skin is more moisturized. It does not feel itchy like it used to be when it is dry. After feeling the improvement on my skin, I only apply this product once in two days. By doing that, I still feel that my skin is well maintained. It does not make my skin feel oily but it is moisturizing.

If you are in Singapore and interested in Bioderma products, you can go to Eliza Beauty Blog and to her Facebook Page. She is selling Bioderma at a lower price compared to drug stores in Singapore.

Have you every tried any products from Bioderma?

Thank you for reading :)

The product mentioned in this post is provided at free of charge for review purposes. My review is always genuine, honest and unbiased.



Guerlain Sakura Blush – Cherry Blossom Blush

I have another blush to show you today. I bought this during my trip to Hongkong two weeks ago. I am not sure whether this blush is already available in Singapore but according to Ruby’s  blog, this blush is available in Changi Airport DFS retailing at $75.50. I bought this in Hongkong at HKD460 . The price in Hongkong and Changi airport is about the same.

I have a soft spot for beautiful blush. When I saw this blush for the first time, it certainly reminds me of Les Tendres de Chanel in Les Roses and Blush Horizon de Chanel. I love gradient blush and only by looking at its pretty look, I feel happy (That’s how shallow I am LOL :p) I really can’t resist this pretty looking blush and let’s go onto the review :)








The Packaging:

The casing of this blush is in white color and it comes with a white velvety pouch. When you open the case, you can see how pretty the blush is. There’s a G logo embossed on the blush and you can see that “Guerlain” logo in the silver metal outer casing. This blush also comes with with a pink brush. This pink brush is placed under the blush. So this blush casing has two layers; the top one for the blush and the bottom layer for the brush. Although the brush is cute but it’s not as soft as my current blush brush so I don’t think I will use it as much.




The Texture & Color:

Guerlain Cherry Blossom Blush has 4 different shades. The top layer is a golden & pink shimmer (yes it’s a high pink & golden shimmer although it doesn’t look too shimmery in the pan). The second layer is a frosty sheer white shade. The third layer is a bubblegum pink with less shimmer and it’s the most pigmented among the 4 shades. The bottom shade is another shimmery pink. When swatched, the shade looks similar with the shade at the top layer but this one leans more onto pink rather than golden.

The texture is rather dry. I am surprised that the quality is not as good as what I expect it to be. The blush contains heavy shimmer and the color isn’t that pigmented. On the pan, the color looks very promising but when swatched, it’s actually quite sheer and the color does not show up as what I have expected. If you are a frequent reader of Memoiselle, you’d know that I am a lover for everything that contains shimmer. But for this one, I have to say that I dislike the heavy shimmer. It looks way too shimmery for my liking and the pink color does not balance the heavy shimmer.





The Look:



Final Thought:

Guerlain has made another great looking blush. However as much as I would love to like this product, I just can’t. The texture is dry and the color is just meh. I am actually thinking to pair this with a pigmented matte blush and use it more as a cheek highlighter. In that way, I won’t be wasting too much product.

I hope this review helps :) Have you had the same experience with a product that you expect to work well but turned out to be a disappointment? Share with me in the comment box.

Thank you for reading.


By: Meryl


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