Tom Ford Lip Color in 07 Pink Dust

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I have Tom Ford Lip Color in Pink Dust to show and tell.  The packaging is quite similar with Burberry. I found Tom Ford packaging is more luxurious than Burberry because of the touch of gold color.


To Tom Ford, there is no more dramatic accessory than a perfect lip. It is the focus of the face and it has the power to define a woman’s whole look. Each Lip Color is Tom Ford’s modern ideal of an essential makeup shade. Rare and exotic ingredients, including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity.

By Tom Ford.


This color is very neutral, below is swatch under natural light. For texture, its creamy but not heavy.


When I was taking pictures for this post, I quickly thought this shade might be very similar with my Dolce & Gabbana in Natural Monica and Burberry Lip Cover in Cameo.


PicMonkey Collage

However, when I swatched them and line them together in my arms, they are quite different. Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry more to brown shade while Tom Ford like its name more to pink shade. I’m glad they are different!


Last but not least, my look with Tom Ford lip color



I’m happy to have Tom Ford Lip Color but price wise its expensive compare to other brand. Retail in Australia for AUD65 and available in selected David Jones stores. Will I buy their lip color again? Maybe if the color very pretty but in the mean time I’m happy with Burberry Lip cover which retail in Australia roughly about AUD40-50.

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By: Monica

PS: I know I spelled Dolce & Gabbana incorectly in one of the above picture..I couldn’t be bother to fix it, blame it on my freezing fingers while typing this post :) Have a good week ahead!

Oops I have just realised another typo in the comparison picture, it should be Tom Ford Pink Dust instead of Spanish Pink. Sorry guys!

Chanel Ombres Fleuries Quadra Eye Shadow in Délicatesse

I have been wanting to post a review for this eyeshadow quad for the longest time. It has been sitting in my draft for 2 months and I just didn’t have the urge to write on this post. However after a while, I decided to put my thoughts onto this post. Please enjoy!

I believe  Délicatesse is an eyeshadow quad exclusively launched in Asia. I bought this in April and I still see some Chanel counters are carrying this item. Délicatesse is part of Les Delices de Chanel collection and launched together with their Le Blanc range earlier this year.




Délicatesse has a round shaped eyeshadow like the usual Asian Baked version. However the texture of Délicatesse is not baked, but it has the feeling of Chanel Harmonie Du Soir  which was released on 2012 winter. It is much softer than the usual baked version. It’s smooth, soft and very nice to touch. Délicatesse eyeshadow quad is very pretty; it has camelia prints which makes it looks very spring appropriate and it looks so girly.





Délicatesse has a high sheen and it is high in shimmer. Although the texture is very nice, soft and smooth, it lacks pigmentation. The shade is sheer and shimmery. At first, the color might seem  boring as it looks similar. But you need to the swatch!





The green shade looks boring in the pan, but when it is swatched it looks different! It has a duo chrome effect. I am not sure if you could see the duo chrome effect but it has a grey and green tone. The white shade looks boring for me as it is plain white with shimmer and I foresee that I would use this mostly for my upper cheek highlighter. I like the pink shade too, it looks very nice to be worn as a base shade. The plum shade has the best pigmentation in this pan and has the least amount of shimmer. The plum has a slight golden shimmer.



Final Thought:

Délicatesse certainly has one of the prettiest eyeshadow prints. The shade of Délicatesse might be more appropriate for cool toned skin people and it’s certainly for people who likes shimmer. I personally buy this palette because of the pretty green-grey duo chrome shade and the wearable pink shade. It’s definitely not a must have product but it’s very nice to have a pretty limited edition eyeshadow product.


Thank you for reading


By: Meryl

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Range is Back!



The Amazon holds a precious secret deep in the Peruvian rainforest: The Brazil Nut. One hardy little nut, the Brazil nut falls 50 metres from the highest tree tops to the ground where it is hand harvested by local nut collectors. We’ve blended our most nourishing ingredients with pure Community Fair Trade Brazil nut oil to create our Brazil Nut Collection. Now you can enjoy incredible, softening moisture with sensational scent. Dryness is locked out  and moisture is locked in for skin that feels super soft, ultra smooth and totally touchable. Why Brazil Nut oil? Because its skin benefits are superb. With a high concentration of antioxidants, Brazil Nut oil is a skin saviour.

Brazil Nut Beautifying oil LR

Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil ($22.90)

We love this multi tasking, non sticky, fragrant oil. Use on body, hair and face to instantly banish dryness, restore softness and provide a radiant glow. Genius!

BBB Brazil Nut Scrub Open V2 LR_INOILPS013

Brazil Nut Cream Scrub ($30.90)

This creamy exfoliating scrub helps to stimulate skin microcirculation and leaves you velvety soft and smooth

New Brazil Nut Cream Tub Face on LR_INOILPS018


 Brazil Nut Body Butter ($30.90)

Butter Up! Our sumptuous Body Butter instantly melts in, delivering round-the-clock hydration for skin that feels  superbly soft and smooth.

BBB Brazil Nut Shower Cream V3 LR_INOILPS014

Brazil Nut Shower Cream ($12.90)

BBB EDT Brazil Nut Bottle V7 LR_INOILPS015

Brazil Nut Eau de Toilette ($22.90)

Disclaimer: The information and pictures are taken from The Body Shop Singapore press kit.



Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder N30

Hi everyone,

I saw so many people raving about this powder on Instagram.. I finally decided to visit my local Chanel store, I know I’m not turning back and decided to get this powder in N30. I chose one shade darker than my skin tone because I thought I can use it as a bronzer and all over the face during summer time.


Packaging is similar with the other powder or blush packaging, but the white color makes it very special and sophisticated. It comes with a brush which I thought its okay but not great.




The texture is very sheer and light. I love the scent of this powder too.

Below is the swatch of N30, it gives my skin more color than N20.


To be honest, I kinda regret bought this instead of N20, I went to Chanel counter the other day and SA applied N20 all over my face (quite heavily) and I love it!! It brighten my skin suddenly. My verdict is great powder for all over the face but just okay when it comes for shading. Available in Australia in 6 shades with N20 as the lightest shade, retail price AUD80.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to show FOTD using this powder as this is very sheer. My suggestion is for you to try it in the counter before you buy and if you don’t have local Chanel counters then go with the same shade of your foundation or your usual shade.

You might want to check Meryl’s review on Les Beiges All in One Healthy Glow cream which unfortunately Asia exclusive.

Thanks for reading and hope it helps!

By: Monica

CHANEL Les Beiges All in One Healthy Glow Cream #10

Chanel has just released a new collection – Les Beiges Chanel. I know so many of you in Europe/USA might have seen this collection earlier but this collection has just hit Singapore stores last week. Initially I wanted to pick the powder but I ended up picking up the All in One Healthy Glow Cream . I was told by the SA that this is an Asia Exclusive product, but if anyone has a different information on this, please correct me. 



Chanel  All in One Healthy Glow Cream comes in a identical packaging with the Chanel CC Cream (reviewed here). The only difference is the color of the tube. Chanel Les Beiges Cream comes in a soft nude tube while Chanel CC cream comes in a white packaging. There’s nothing special in this squeezable tube. It’s light, simple and just too plain for my liking.



Texture/Staying Power:

CHANEL Les Beiges Cream has a very light texture. It is one of the lightest base make up I have ever owned. If you have tried MUFE HD foundation, Chanel Les Beiges Cream has a similar texture to it but this is even lighter. The coverage is medium. Les Beiges Cream helps to conceal my dark circles and small spots. However when the time of the month come, it doesn’t help to conceal few pimples that pops out. Les Beiges Cream  gives a healthy glow finish. I love how my face looks like upon application. It makes my face looks fresh and not oily.

Les Beiges Cream stays on my face throughout the day. I don’t see it fades at the end of the day. Please note that my skin is normal but oily on the T-zone. My T-zone area looks normal after 6 hours of wearing, but after 9 hours it starts to fades.

This base make up has a very nice scent in it. It is the signature Chanel skincare smell which I really like. The smell fades away quickly upon application, so for you who dislike scent in a product, this might not be a problem as it fades quickly.




CHANEL Les Beiges All in One Healthy Glow Cream comes in two shades; #10 and #20. The SA recommended me to get #10 as Les Beiges collection is created to give more healthy glow and radiant. The shade blends into my skintone nicely. It doesn’t make me look pale at all.

Comparison with other foundation:

I did a comparison between Chanel Les Beiges Cream and my other foundation staples

Chanel CC Cream – Le Beige Cream #10 – Chanel Perfection Lumiere #12 Beige Rose – MUFE HD #117 – Kiehl’s BB Cream Fair



Compared to Chanel CC Cream, Les Beiges cream has a lighter texture. However the coverage is similar. The Chanel SA told me that CC cream has a skincare benefits whereas Les Beiges Cream is just a base make up that helps to brighten the skin. Personally I feel that I like the Les Beiges Cream better because of it’s light texture. I like Chanel CC cream too but sometimes I feel it’s a bit too thick for CC Cream. CC Cream is thicker n its texture, therefore Les Beiges is more suitable for people with oily skin rather than CC Cream.

If I have to compare Les Beiges Cream to Chanel Perfection Lumiere; I’d say both are very different. Perfection Lumiere has a matte finish and the coverage is medium to full coverage. Les Beiges is much lighter and has a glowy finish.

Kiehl’s BB Cream is light and brighten my skin too;  These two are similar in their texture – both are light. However Les Beiges provide better coverage. Lastly, the comparison between MUFE HD foundation and Les Beiges Cream. MUFE HD has a light texture but Les Beiges is a bit lighter than MUFE HD. In terms of coverage, MUFE HD provides better coverage than Les Beiges Cream.


Final Thought:

Chanel Les Beiges All in One Healthy Glow Cream is a good base make up that provides light texture with a nice coverage for daily use. It makes my face looks glowy without making it look oily. However I don’t think Chanel Les Beiges Cream is not something special that you should have. It’s a very nice product but not the highly must have product on my list.


Thank you for reading


By: Meryl


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