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Why we love it!

Our award-winning cream shadows are as crease-proof & budge-proof as ever! The 10 incredibly wearable shades (including original favorites r.s.v.p., birthday suit and skinny jeans) glide on easily and last all day long.

It’s fresh & fabulous color for all.


You can use our cream shadow as an eyeliner using the hard anglel definer brush. It glides on smooth for smudge-proof drama & definition.

How to apply

For a soft wash of color, glide on eyelid with fingertip. For added intensity, press on with brush. Be sure to close the jar tightly to keep your shadow creamy & dreamy!


4.5g, Net wt. 0.16 oz.


Why we love it!

Finally…powder eyeshadow in a fabulous longwearing formula. This soft & silky shadow comes in 12 wearable shades and three finishes: matte, satin and sheen. From pale shell to brilliant silver, we’ve got you covered!

How to apply

Sweep on eyelid for a soft wash of color. Layer for added intensity.


3.0g, Net wt. 0.11 oz.


Why we love it!

The plushness is poutrageous! Our soft & silky glosses glide on sooo smooth, drenching lips in luscious color that’s never sticky. From crystal clear to hot pink, the luxurious formulas give your lips a kissable, sexy sheen.

How to apply

Apply to lips for smooth, luscious coverage.


15 mL, 0.5 US fl. oz.

Images extracted from press kit provided by the brand and information about these products extracted from the brand’s website.

Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo – 001 Pink Glow

I know I have acquired quite a number of bronzers lately and I know that I don’t need more of it. But when I saw the promo pictures of Dior Summer 2013 collection, I immediately drool over Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo. I missed last year’s Dior Skin Nude Tan so I wouldn’t want to miss this one anymore. It’s too pretty to resist! :p

Dior Skin Nude Tan Paradise Duo comes in two shades – Coral Glow and Pink Glow. I picked Pink glow because I like pink better as a blush. Coral pink looks awesome too! You can check the review of Coral Glow in Mostly Sunny’s Blog



The Packaging:

Dior Nude Tan comes in a hefty silver metal packaging. It’s prone to finger print (I had a hard time capturing the photo of the silver casing!). It also comes with a mini kabuki brush- it’s a perfect brush to be brought when you’re travelling.  The hair is soft and the size is just nice to be used as a blush brush or a bronzer brush. Both products come with a velvety pouch.






The Shade & Texture:

What I love about this product is that it consist of two shades of bronzers and two shades of blush. I can easily choose the shade I want to use or I can just mix them altogether.

I am glad that the bronzer doesn’t come with shimmer – it’s not totally matte but you can barely see any shimmer particles on your face. It gives you a very nice glow without having any shimmers. The bronzer has a soft texture and is very well pigmented, it shows up on my face nicely in one swipe. Don’t worry about having too much product on your face; although it is nicely pigmented, it won’t be too much with two swipes.

The blush’s texture is very soft and buttery. It’s very well pigmented and I just need to lightly dab my brush to get the color. The blush has more sheen compared to the bronzer. I really love the sheen of this blush, it makes my face looks glowy without making it look like a disco ball.







Indoor Lighting


Outdoor (Indirect Sunlight)

On these sets of pictures below, I mixed the bronzer and the blush together


Indoor Lighting


Outdoor – Indirect Sunlight

As you can see in the swatches above, the finish of these product has a very nice sheen to give enough glow on your face without making it look like a disco ball. The color swipes nicely on my face and when swatched.

I hope my review is helpful :)

Thank you for reading

By: Meryl

Suqqu Blend Eyeshadow Color in EX 11 Sumiredama

Hello everyone!

Today I have Suqqu Sumiredama to show you all. Sumiredama is part of Suqqu spring 2013 collection. I am so lucky that I am able to get my hands on this eyeshadow palette. Monica’s sister is so kind to help me to get this palette while she’s in Japan. I am glad that Sumiredama is now part of my make up collection :)





The Packaging:

Sumiredama has a slightly different packaging compared to other Suqqu eyeshadow palette. The color of the casing is in white color with a bit of holographic hues in it. The size is the same with the usual Suqqu eyeshadow packaging. It comes with a tiny brush and sponge.



The Shade & Texture:

One thing that attracts me so much to this eyeshadow palette is the duochromes shade on the bottom left and the top right. I am not really good in describing shades but I hope this helps:

Top Left: The shade in this palette is true to pan – it’s a sheer pale pink. This shade needs to be swatched twice to show the shade.

Top Right: a gorgeous duochrome taupe – bronze. This shade is less sheer compared to the shade on the top left. The pigmentation of this shade is awesome, the color shows perfectly on the first swatch.

Bottom Right: It looks quite yellow in the pan but when it is swatched, it looks more of a milky shade with a very fine shimmer.

Bottom Left: Again this is a duochrome shade; purple – blue toned shimmer. This is the shade that makes me going gaga over this palette. The pigmentation is awesome, it blends perfectly.

Suqqu is famous for its soft & buttery texture. I have to admit that the duo crome shade in Sumiredama has a slightly different texture with my other Suqqu palette. I am not sure if this is because of the duo chrome shade but the purple-blue (bottom left) is rather dry. The shade is truly gorgeous but the texture is not as soft as the other shade in this palette. The other three shade has a great texture – no complains at all.

Fallout is not an issue of this palette. All four shade applies nicely and sets perfectly with primer. The shade lasts for 6 hours with me.






Final Thought:

Suqqu has great range of eyeshadow palette for every day use. I tend to be hesitant to get Suqqu products as it’s expensive and the color looks rather boring after owning few palette of theirs. However Sumiredama is worthy to be acquired for its gorgeous shade. Suqqu has amazed me with the duo chrome shade in their spring collection.

I hope my review helps :)

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Suqqu Blend Eyeshadow Color  in Himesango

Thank you for reading :)


By: Meryl



The First See by Chloé fragrance

See By ChloÇ Creative Shot

a mischievous game of hide and seek

a breath of perfume, an intriguing personality…

draped in the natural elegance of her well-known sister, the see by chloé girl twirls. instinctively playful, smiling, immersed in the moment… urban, self-confident, she arouses the unexpected and cultivates contrasts. assertive, seductive, cheerful, hers is a natural smile. her bold and perfumed moods stir the air, dizzying those who look at her.

an addictive fragrance that awakens the senses

created by perfumer michel almairac (robertet), the new see by chloé fragrance reveals an addictive floral scent. like a sweet smile, the first sparkling notes of bergamot stir the senses. tangy essences. elusive, the see by chloé girl flies off. in an accord of apple blossom, the grace of jasmine caresses this natural seductress. an olfactory game of hide and seek uncovers sensual notes of sandalwood and vanilla.

a playful bottle

barely escaped from its glossy pink case, the perfume is revealed by a multi-faceted bottle. a silver ring outlines the pink letters of the see by chloé logo. the glass pleats and the three adorable feet make the precious juice sparkle. mirror effects and transparency compose a luminous game of hide and seek.

defying the rules of the game, the see by chloé girl naturally reveals herself. she waves, the bottle’s silver ring slipped around her finger. playfully, her hand twirls around it before gripping it furtively. seizing her chance, giving in to temptation.

a call of freedom

joyful, spontaneous, full of wonders… bette franke, the face of see by chloé, has been caught by surprise. unusual snapshot, stolen moment in a mischievous game of hide and seek.

natural, irresistible, she enjoys herself.
her defiant gaze suggests a possible escape… 




My Thoughts:

I have always been a fan of Chloe Perfume. I have finished my first bottle and now I am on my second bottle. And when I received the news that See by Chloe is going to release a new perfume, I am so excited!! :D I am pretty sure that I’m going to love the scent.

See by Chloe has a very nice bottle with a pink “See by Chloe” printed on it. It looks very girly :) It smells so fresh; it has a sweet fruitty scent that makes me feel young and energetic. This perfume lasts with me for 5 hours and I need to spray more after that.

PS: I need to make a confession that I really love this perfume and I actually just bought its body lotion :p I just couldn’t resist getting the matching lotion scent to moisturize my body. I just LOVE it!

Launching exclusively at metro paragon on 22nd march 2013. available from april 2013 at tangs orchard, tangs vivocity, takashimaya d.s., robinsons raffles city, robinsons centrepoint, robinsons marina bay sands and isetan scotts.

Disclaimer: The product was provided to me at free of charge for review purposes. Some information in this post is taken from the press kit. However, “My Thoughts” section is based on my honest, genuine and unbiased opinion.

Thank you for reading!

By: Meryl


Hello every one!

Today I’m gonna share with you a newly launched product from YSL, it’s the UV Shield High Protection UV Skincare. I believe this product was launched on March 2013. This product is readily available in YSL boutique in ION Orchard and Tangs Beauty Hall Singapore.

With a scorching hot sun in this Sunny Singapore, UV protection is a need for my everyday use. I have tried several brands UV protection but when it’s YSL who comes out with this product, it gets me so excited! To know more about this product, keep on reading! ;)

What makes this product so special? According to YSL , here are the secrets of triple shields:

  • AN ANTI-POLLUTION BARRIER: enriched with Shea butter extract with detoxi- fying properties to protect skin against everyday urban aggressions by capturing floating metal particles.
  • OPTIMAL SPF50 pA++++ UV PROTECTION: a filtration system containing a blend of patented filters for high protection against UVB rays and boosted UVA protection (pA++++) to help effectively combat premature skin-aging and the formation of sun-induced brown spots.
  • ANTI FREE RADICAL PROTECTION: antioxidant vitamin E combined with tyrosi- nase-inhibiting peony extract protects the skin against free radicals generated by external aggressions. 

The Packaging:

YSL UV Shield has a very simple packaging. There’s nothing fancy or luxurious. The tube is a squeezable with a handy size. You don’t need to worry that you’ll squeeze too much product as the end of the tube is really small so it’s unlikely that you’ll squeeze too much products.






The Texture & Smell:

YSL UV Shield looks white when squeezed out from the tube. However after spreading it evenly onto your face, it would look very natural. There’s no white sheen like the traditional UV protection has. The texture of this product feels light and non sticky at all. I personally love the smell of this products a lot :) I mist admit that it smells pretty strong but the scents is very nice. I am not really good at describing scents, but it has a refreshing flowery smell which makes me feel refreshed everytime I apply my makeup every morning before work.




YSL UV shield is recommended to be used before your foundation or bb cream. I use this UV shield frequently especially if my foundation only gives me less than SPF 30++ protection. The sun in Singapore is very strong so I must make sure that my skin is well protected. YSL UV shield does not affect the lasting power of my foundation, so you don’t need to worry that your skin will get oily or your foundation will fades after using this as a base make up.

Final Thought:

Overall YSL Top Secret UV Shield provides a very nice texture and smell. It’s a nice UV protection to be worn as a base under your foundation to give you that extra protection you need especially when the sun is strong.


Have you ever tried this? What’s your fave UV protection product?


Thank you for reading.

By: Meryl

 Disclaimer: This product is sent to me by the company/PR representative at free of charge for review purposes. Some of the information above is taken from YSL press kit. However, my review is genuine, honest and unbiased.



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