La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream & Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil

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Few weeks ago, we were invited to attend La Prairie Event for their latest products Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream & Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil. I was in Singapore during that week therefore I was able to attend event with Meryl for the first time.  La Prairie is one of the skincare brand which I wanted to try when I have a chance. Thanks La Prairie for the beautiful and organized event and surely for inviting us!



To find more about the products, below is the information from La Prairie!

Thanks for reading! By: Monica

Miles high in the Swiss Alps, in a world of sheer ice crystals, beauty transcends time.   Here, two seemingly fragile plants and one tiny algae learned to survive and thrive in the harshest setting on earth for plant life, developing strategies to outwit the environment, protect their own DNA and flourish.  It’s only fitting then that la prairie, with a heritage and legacy deeply rooted in Switzerland for over three decades, harnessed the extreme-survivalist secrets of those Swiss extremophile plants and algae into one extraordinary, patent-pending Swiss Ice Crystal Complex.  This Complex transfers the strength of survivor plants and algae to the skin, allowing it to become more resilient, acclimating seamlessly to the daily extremes of life.

After all, you’ve learned to adapt to life’s stress, but what about your skin?  What your skin needs in order to counteract an accelerated pace of aging is to fortify itself and become more resilient against what ages us the most – climate extremes, pollution, constant travel, lack of sleep, anxiety.  With the introduction of Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream and Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil, featuring the patent-pending Swiss Ice Crystal Complex, your skin becomes more resilient and renewed so you can look younger, longer and is ready to tackle any and all elements that age skin.  This is extreme skincare at its best – incorporating the some of the most sophisticated survivalist secrets of nature into scientifically-sound skincare.

How it all began…the journey for Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal…

Research and development for la prairie extends beyond the laboratories and into the field, from the top of the mountains to the ends of the earth.  For the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal launch, inspiration – and key ingredients – came from the Swiss Alps, an area Dr. Daniel Stangl, la prairie’s Director of Innovation and an active mountaineer, is extremely familiar with.  Pursuing his passion for research on life in extreme environments, Dr. Stangl’s studies led him and the R&D team to the discovery of a tiny plant identified as Saxifraga Oppositifolia, or Purple Saxifrage, growing just below the summit of the ice-covered Dom, one of the highest mountains in Switzerland.  Dr. Stangl hypothesized that the plant must have extremely protective cellular mechanisms to survive and thrive in what is recognized by botanists as the coldest place on earth where a flowering plant has ever been found, which could translate to skincare benefits. 


Inspired and intrigued by that idea, the R&D team began a deeper exploration of plants and algae living and prospering in an extreme world of ice and snow for a project they deemed “Swiss Ice Crystal Plants.”  They soon found another tiny and fragile extremophile plant called Soldanella Alpina – this one flourishing on the lower slopes of mountains in the central parts of Switzerland, up to 3000 meters above sea level.  Soldanella Alpina is dormant through a prolonged winter “ice age,” earning its nickname ‘sleeping beauty,’ but in early spring, the water trickling through cracks in the frozen snow above rouses the root and causes the plant to germinate.  A small bud begins to open, and using the fuel stored up in the leaves, Soldanella Alpina melts a place for itself to grown under the snow or ice.  As the bell-shaped flower grows up toward the light, it continues to melt the snow until it emerges into the fresh air.


The evolution…from the mountains to the lab…

As they continued the quest for ageless beauty and unearth additional benefits found among the leaves, stems and flowers of these extremophile plants, la prairie’s R&D team partnered with a Swiss nursery specializing in high Alpine plants.  Nestled within this nursery among specific soil and climate conditions, Purple Saxifrage and Soldanella Alpina grow in a sustainable way.  Both plants are harvested only once a year, in June, after their short flowering season, through a laborious process where every single plant is cut by hand, carefully purified from soil and dried for further processing and extraction of precious components.

The R&D team at la prairie then added a third ingredient proven to be a survivor among harsh conditions: Swiss Snow Algae, a potent anti-aging powerhouse that was first utilized in la prairie’s Cellular Power Collection.  A true pioneer of living in snow and ice, Swiss Snow Algae build tiny microcrystals of red pigments that protect against extreme UV and visible light in high altitudes. During the winter, Swiss Snow Algae rest in the form of red spores beneath the snow blanket. In spring, the resting spores germinate and release smaller green flagellate cells which travel towards the surface of the snow to proliferate, leading to the phenomenon of a crimson blanket on the snow’s surface, seen in summer.  La prairie sustainably grows Swiss Snow Algae in bio-fermenters, harvesting the red form of the algae after the UV induction.  Combined with extracts of Purple Saxifrage and Soldanella Alpina, Swiss Snow Algae completes the Swiss Ice Crystal Complex trifecta.

Upon finalizing the patent-pending Swiss Ice Crystal Complex, the la prairie R&D team knew they had created a true triple threat against aging.  After all, the Swiss Ice Crystal Complex helps your skin adjust to skin-aging stressors and support cell renewal, day after day.  To make certain that what the plants are doing for themselves, the complex will do for our skin cells, Dr. Stangl and his team employed cutting-edge genetic, molecular and cell biology methods to demonstrate the unique protective and anti-aging benefits of the complex for the skin.

The outcome…a new age of timeless beauty…

With Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream and Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil, skin has the strength it needs to acclimate to life’s stresses – increased hydration and resilience – in two incredibly textured treatment products.


As Dr. Daniel Stangl states, “I’ve been with the brand since 1993 – through 20 years of ground breaking, innovative launches – and the new Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal products are among the most exciting products we’ve developed.  To be able to capture the youth-protecting properties and adaptive nature of the three survivalist plants – deemed the Swiss Ice Crystal Complex – and combine those with revolutionary technologies of modern skincare is exceptional.  In essence, the Swiss Ice Crystal Complex helps skin outwit daily aging assaults from the environment – an incredible achievement.”


Says Lynne Florio, Global Brand President for la prairie, “When it comes to the development of new products for la prairie, no cost is spared, no research left undone, no frontier is left unexplored in our quest for agelessness.  Our clients pay a premium for the best in their skincare, and they expect the highest level of performance.  We aim to exceed their expectations, and I am confident we have done so with the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal duo.”







Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream offers a nourishing daily moisturizer with extreme benefits, helping the skin adapt to a world of extremes:  stress, environment and aging.  The modern formulation – an oil-in-water gel-cream – feels rich but immediately penetrates and turns skin to silk as it revitalizes the complexion and works to fortify your skin’s resilience to life’s increasing aging assaults.  The result is an ageless appearance.C_SIC_C_hero

Formulated with the best that science and nature have to offer, Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream features the youth-preserving Swiss Ice Crystal Complex (comprised of Saxifraga Oppositifolia, Soldanella Alpina and Swiss Snow Algae), which fortifies your skin’s resistance and adaptability to a world of daily skin aging extremes.  In addition, it contains the anti-aging powers of Tissue Guidance Matrix and two plant cell extracts based on stem cell technology to assist with skin renewal, Hyaluronic Acid to deeply moisturize and photo-reflecting agents to help skin glisten.

As Dr. Stangl says, “With Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream, we’ve created a deeply moisturizing, age-delaying cream that excels at fortifying your skin’s resilience to life’s daily aging assaults.”

Fortify, hydrate and renew skin with Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream.


How to apply:

  • Smooth over face and neck after cleansing and toning.
  • For enhanced moisturization and barrier protection, blend a drop or two of Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil with Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream.
  • May be used over a serum.
  • May be used AM and PM.


Bonus: Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream is also an excellent “recovery cream” for stressed skin (a result of dermatological procedures, change in climate or excess traveling).


Product description:

Packaging:                                         A clear Lucite outer shell designed with an ice crystal effect, paired with shiny silver cap

Size:                                                      50 ml / 1.7 FL OZ.

On Counter Date:                            February 2014

Price:                                                    SGD 500





Seeking clearer, smoother, hydrated, nurtured skin?  Turn to Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil, a hydrating, nurturing dry oil that becomes one with your skin upon application.   Containing a precious blend of pure oils and age-delaying extracts – nature’s answers to youth and beauty – as well as new Swiss Ice Crystal Complex, the sheer, weightless dry oil strengthens and fortifies your skin to prevent moisture loss and keep skin supple, emitting a non-oily, natural, healthy glow.


While the benefits of Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil are plentiful, the most obvious is hydration, as oils help create a seal which locks in moisture on skin.  In addition, the youth-preserving Swiss Ice Crystal Complex, which embodies the intense survival capability of extremophile plants and algae capable of withstanding the harshest environment on earth for plant life – namely Saxifraga Oppositifolia, Soldanella Alpina and Swiss Snow Algae – helps to provide potent anti-oxidant protection.

Fortify, restore and nurture skin with Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil.

As Dr. Stangl declares, “A drop of Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil each day is the remedy to your complexion issues.  It’s incredibly effective in strengthening the skin’s natural moisture barrier while also soothing and nurturing skin.”


How to apply:

  • May be used AM and PM.
  • May be used alone or used in combination with another moisturizer to dramatically nurture and strengthen your skin’s resilience to rapid aging factors.
  • For current serum users who also desire incorporating Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil into their existing skincare regimen, apply your preferred serum first to clean skin.  Follow with a blend of 1-2 drops of Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil mixed in with moisturizer of choice; smooth mixture over face, neck and décolleté.


Bonus: Science has proven that lightweight oils moisturize the skin really well, putting to rest outdated fears related to using oils on the skin.


Another surprising benefit is that a dry oil product can help every moisturizer work better.  After all, humectants in creams draw water into your skin.  Oils hold water in, so if you use both at the same time, you get the most hydration.


Product description:

Packaging:                                         A clear Lucite outer shell designed with an ice crystal effect, paired with shiny silver cap

Size:                                                      30 ml / 1 OZ.

On Counter Date:                            February 2014

Price:                                                    SGD 500


Disclaimer: the pictures and information in this post is taken from La Prairie Press Release kit.

Beauty secrets unveiled at BeautyAsia 2014

The awaited trade beauty fair is coming back to Singapore again! I am thrilled to share the news on on this post 🙂

Take a peek into the world of beauty and wellness with creations that will amaze and astound. From fuss-free, first-of-its-kind nail clippers that trim nails according to its natural curve to toothbrushes which use silver’s anti-bacterial properties to keep teeth squeaky clean and bacteria-free. Fancy nail art using gleaming metallic foils? Or organic nail polish with pixie dust that’s even safe for mothers-to-be

BeautyAsia, the region’s most established one-stop trade show for the beauty, spa and health industry, returns for its 18th year. Back once again at Suntec Singapore, it is the show that industry professionals look forward to every year to learn about current and upcoming beauty trends, new products, cutting edge technology and hands-on demonstrations.

The three-day show will be held from 17 to 19 February at Suntec Halls 401 – 403.

NailsAsia™ 2014 will be hosting its highly anticipated 8th International Nail Art Competition. About 130 nail artists will be competing in the six award categories. This includes 3-D Folk Art Nail Design, French Sculpture Gel Nail and Mix Media Nail Art Design (Design theme: Cartoon). The competition is managed by exhibitor Thebmico Pte Ltd.

BeautyAsia 2014 incorporates four distinctive shows: BeautyAsia, SpaAsia, HealthAsia and NaturalAsia. It is open from 11 am to 7 pm during show days. Admission is free and open to trade professionals.

To register for show admission, log on to


World’s First 3D Arc Blade Clipper

Korean Company Bocas is bringing nail care to the next level with its unique range of nail clipper featuring curved blades, magnifiers, finger saddles and safety holes. Patented in America and Korea, the 3D Arc Blade Clipper is the first of its kind in the world to feature curved blades that conforms to nails’ natural curve, delivering a smooth and fuss free nail trimming experience. Unlike ordinary nail trimmer with flat blades, the 3D Arc Blade Clipper will not strain or damage nails. These uniquely designed clippers also come equipped with 360 degrees rotary blades, allowing you to trim your nails at any desired angle.

nail clipper 2nail clipper 1

Its Rotary Nail Clipper models also come with adjustable magnifying glasses to provide up to three times magnification for those who need a little help to see better. Bocas also offers Safety Rotary Nail Clippers suitable for infant use. Features include finger saddles and safety holes to help ensure an efficient and painless nail trimming experience for your child.


  •  Organic Nail Polish

U Gateway Pte Ltd (Booth J1120)

Zoya brings design-led inspiration to the world of safe, natural nail polish. Formulated without any toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor, Zoya is safe to wear even during pregnancy. Its products are free from animal testing and vegan friendly.


Zoya colours come in a range of brilliant finishes, from lustrous crème to matte and glitter, and from Satin to Pixie Dust. With over 500 irresistible colours to choose from, ranging from classic to ultra-cool, plus seasonal collections to look forward to, you will be spoilt for choice.

  • Make up brushes

Hakuhodo Company Ltd (Booth B1132)

Japanese company Hakuhodo, which have gained an almost cult-like following for its extremely soft cosmetic brushes, is making a return visit to BeautyAsia. This time round, the brushes will be made available for sale, including a special edition 5-piece brush set.

All Hakuhodo brushes undergo a hair selection process in which craftsmen manually comb hairs to remove imperfect hairs (missing hair tips, kinked, crooked, wave, split etc.), resulting in extremely soft brushes made of the finest hairs with uncut natural tips.

Unlike other brush manufacturers which use machines to cut hair bristles to the same length, Hakuhodo uses a patented technique to manually arrange them into the desired shape.

No cheap fillers are used. These superior brushes are made of hairs from a variety of animals such as white goat, weasel, blue squirrel and water badger.



  • Fancy Foil Nail Art

Ecsalonce Pte Ltd (G1162)

Local nail academy Ecsalonce has created a one-of-a-kind nail art inspired by gleaming metallic accessories and models wrapped head-to-toe in lavish foil shades as seen in international fashion shows. Its Fancy Foil Nail Art provides a mirror-like reflective shine that eclipses regular metallic polish, providing an edgy runway look. Simply apply with gel or foil adhesive and you will have durable nails for three to four weeks.



  • Rawganic Skincare

Champstar Marketing Pte Ltd (Booth G1143)

Korean brand Sevendrops is going beyond organic products with its latest range of ‘rawganic’ skincare products. Containing mostly unprocessed, untainted and natural ingredients, Sevendrops is made using a combination of essential oils, natural extracts and natural pure water.

Sevendrops also features an environmentally-friendly packaging made using recycled paper and printed with ink made from natural soybean oil. The products are vegan friendly as they are free from animal testing.


  •  World’s Greenest Shampoo

A-Vinz Pte Ltd (Booth H1130)

When it comes to being green, it’s hard to beat O’right’s range of eco-friendly shampoos. Not only is it fully biodegradable, but it also gives back to Mother Nature.

Using a patented process, Taiwanese brand O’right’s latest Tree-in-a bottle shampoos have seeds embedded at the bottom of the bottle. Once you’ve finished using the shampoo, rinse the bottle before planting it in a pot. Then watch your garden come to life.

The shampoo contains only natural ingredients to nourish the scalp and hair without the addition of harsh chemicals such as phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, sulphates, DEA or artificial colourants.

Its Tree-in-a-bottle shampoos are available in Green Tea for normal hair and Golden Rose for colour treated, damaged hair. To complete the treatment, apply Golden Rose Oil which is made using selected Golden Rose essential oil and water-soluble silicone to repair cuticle scales and restore hair’s glossiness.

Like its shampoo, Golden Rose Oil comes in O’right’s latest innovative “Floral Box” which is embedded with seeds. Bury the paper box in soil, water it daily and watch the seeds sprout as the box slowly degrades.


  • Bird’s Nest Beauty Products

Wei Her Pte Ltd (J1110)

For centuries, bird’s nest has been regarded as a precious delicacy reserved only for royalty and the wealthy. Bird’s Nest is known for its numerous health benefits and proven source of nutrition. It is also valued for its ability to rejuvenate the body and famous beauties in Chinese history were said to have owed their beauty and youthful skin to consuming bird’s nest.

Taking its cue from this centuries old belief, Singapore company Dermal Formula has developed a range of beauty products containing high quality bird’s nest essence which can be more easily absorbed by the skin than edible bird’s nest which may contain macro-molecules too large to be absorbed by the small intestines.

Calling itself “Nature’s Fountain of Youth”, Dermal Formula’s range of Yan beauty products includes moisturising essence, cleansing foam, BB cream, eye serum and revitalising ampoules for younger, smoother and firmer skin.


  • Mood Gel Polish

P.N.C Singapore Traders Pte Ltd (Booth G1151)

Whether you are feeling happy or sad, hot or cold, your Perfect Match nail gel can tell what mood you are in.

The latest nail gel from US brand LeChat changes hue according to your mood and body temperature.

There are 24 shades of mood nail polish to capture your every mood.



  • 7-in-1 Dynamic Do-all Cream

Dermedex Pte Ltd (Booth K1140)

Move over BB and CC creams and make room for the Dermedex DD cream.

This multi-tasking DD cream offers seven benefits in one product: as a foundation, concealer, whitener, sunblock (SPF45), moisturiser, anti-blemisher and free radical shield.

The Dermedex DD cream also adjusts to blend in with different skin tones automatically, making it suitable for all skin colours.

  • Halal Facial Masks

Overseas Chinese Trading Pte Ltd (Booth K1150)

Exhibitor Overseas Chinese Trading is bringing in for the first time its Timeless Truth Masks. Unlike other face masks in which the fabric serves only as a carrier, Timeless Truth masks are embedded with beneficial extracts and serums.

These masks are certified halal by the Chinese Muslim Association of Taiwan.


  • Midas Touch

Zen’Yu Pacific Pte Ltd (Booth H1143)

They may not glitter, but they sure are the real thing. Developed by British apparel company Proskins, these anti-ageing garments are embedded with 24-karat gold nanoparticles to increase the production of hyaluronic acid, helping to hydrate and moisturise the skin.

Proskins’ GOLD Anti-ageing Compression Leggings also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, prevent wrinkles from forming and restores skin’s elasticity.

Besides leggings, eye masks and gloves are also available. Prices range from $100 to $170.

  • Glass Nail Shiner

Alpha Optron (Booth C1122)

Achieving beautiful, glossy and shiny nails doesn’t have to take forever. Korean company Alpha Optron is bringing in its Glass Nail Shiner which makes your nails look a million bucks in one simple step. This is in stark contrast to other conventional nail buffers which often require three, four or even seven steps to get the same results.

The multi-purpose Glass Nail Shiner also acts as a nail file, allowing the modern day woman to save time and effort in maintaining nails.



About BeautyAsia

The annual BeautyAsia show is organised by Lines Exhibition, specialists in trade and consumer

exhibitions for the beauty and IT industry including the highly successful PC Show.

Now in its 18th year, BeautyAsia is the region’s most-established and definitive trade exhibition for the

beauty, spa and health industry.

Disclaimer: the pictures and information in this post is taken from BeautyAsia Press Release kit.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream – Ultra Hydration, Ultra Lightweight



With benefits in just 7 days, Kiehl’s revolutionizes hydration specifically for dry and very dry skin types in a new lightweight formula.


Kiehl’s Since 1851 presents its latest innovation, Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration for drier skin types, a revolutionary extra lightweight formula, with proven results in just one week. Drawing upon over 160 years of skin hydration expertise, Kiehl’s chemists have developed a paradoxical new formula architecture, specifically for drier skin types, that imparts deep hydration in a surprisingly lightweight architecture.

This new formulation provides improved 24 hour hydration and leaves skin looking visibly smoother. Instrumental results showed significant improvement in skin hydration and skin barrier protection in 100% of subjects. Clinical results demonstrated significant improvements on visible skin dryness in just 7 days.


UltraFacial_IntenseHydratio_lores_S Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10.38.29 PM

Dry and very dry skin types comprise a large part of the world’s population: 33% in the United States, 32% in Korea, and 21% in Europe.1 These customers experience more intense symptoms than normal or combination skin: dry and very dry skin can feel itchy and tight, and look flaky or prematurely aged.



Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10.38.37 PM

Unlike heavy creams available on the market to treat dry skin types, Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration does not use traditional thickeners such as waxes or butters that can feel heavy on the skin. Instead, it employs a lightweight cream foundation to impart a moisturizing yet weightless feel to the skin.

The chemists at Kiehl’s focused on a key ingredient, Enriched Hyaluronic Acid, a co-encapsulation of two hydrating molecules that work to complement each other and provide powerful, multi-action hydration benefits. This co-encapsulation is designed to “break” upon application to skin to deliver concentrated hydration pockets, providing immediate moisture that leaves skin hydrated for 24 hours. The result is an increase in the skin’s ability to capture moisture in the outermost layer of the epidermis, “filling the cracks” of dry skin.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10.40.38 PM

Kiehl’s chemists selected a potent combination of powerful skin hydrating ingredients and infused them into an advanced, feather-weight cream architecture to create Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration.

Enriched Hyaluronic Acid is a co-encapsulation of two complementary hydrating molecules:
1) HyaluronicAcid:Thisingredientcanholdupto1000timesitsweightinwaterandisahighly

effective humectant that draws in moisture to keep skin hydrated.

2) BiomimeticHydrator:Thisbiocompatiblestructure,similartothestructureofthe phospholipids found in the human cellular membranes, helps seal in moisture. This hydrating ingredient is also known to be used in the medical world in soft eye lens technology to keep lenses hydrated, even in low humidity conditions.

With Enriched Hyaluronic Acid, the formula helps to increase water capture in the outermost layer of the epidermis to help “fill in the cracks” where symptoms of dry skin are most visible.


Retail Price: Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration, 50ml, $51    

Kiehl’s Since 1851 is available at:

Robinsons Raffles City t: 6338-3457 | VivoCity #01-11/12 t: 6376-9017 | TANGS Beauty at TANGS Orchard t: 6732-5394 | Tampines Mall #01-29 t: 6785-7610 | Takashimaya S.C., Ngee Ann City, #B1-33 t: 6732- 9695 | ION Orchard #B3-54 T: 6509-8941 | Plaza Singapura #01-66 t: 6454-3457 | Parkway Parade #01-19 t: 6346-1276 | Bugis Junction #01-13 t:63369022| Great World City #01-16 t: 6735-3755 | Suntec City #01-321 t: 6336-9338 | Westgate Tower #01-32 NEW!


Disclaimer: The information posted is extracted from Kiehl’s Singapore press release material


L’Oreal Active Cosmetics First Multi-Brand Boutique in Southeast Asia

In December 2013, L’Ore?al Singapore Active Cosmetics opens its first multi-brand boutique in Westgate Mall, where all three brands under the Active Cosmetics portfolio – Vichy, La Roche-Posay and SkinCeuticals are available. This is the first Derma Center in Southeast Asia which will provide professional advice and personalized diagnosis for face and hair. Recommended by dermatologists and health professionals worldwide, the three derma-cosmetics brands bring emphasis to the strong values of expertise, integrity and respect of derma-skincare in the new boutique. The Derma Center will be a new shopping place for consumers with each and every skin type, including the most sensitive; proposing a unique experience for derma-skincare.




At the heart of the derma-skincare uniqueness is the expert diagnosis of skin health specialists. The Derma Center houses two advanced diagnosis tools, which together with professional Derma Advisors, will provide accurate personalized advice and product recommendations that ensure the highest satisfaction in terms of performance and tolerance.

The hand-held Derm Analyzer shows 3D visualizations for skin in areas of hydration, elasticity, pores, sebum, porphyrine (sebum under skin), wrinkles and melanin, and for hair in areas of hair loss, density and thickness. For visible and even underlying skin damage, consumers can refer to the SkinCeuticals Precision LED, which utilizes the power of photochemistry for full-face skin diagnosis with clearer visibility of skin concerns including pigmentation, texture, hydration and sebum production.



At the heart of the derma-skincare uniqueness is the expert diagnosis of skin health specialists. The Derma Center houses two advanced diagnosis tools, which together with professional Derma Advisors, will provide accurate personalized advice and product recommendations that ensure the highest satisfaction in terms of performance and tolerance.

The hand-held Derm Analyzer shows 3D visualizations for skin in areas of hydration, elasticity, pores, sebum, porphyrine (sebum under skin), wrinkles and melanin, and for hair in areas of hair loss, density and thickness. For visible and even underlying skin damage, consumers can refer to the SkinCeuticals Precision LED, which utilizes the power of photochemistry for full-face skin diagnosis with clearer visibility of skin concerns including pigmentation, texture, hydration and sebum production.






Derma Center is located at

Westgate Mall, 3 Gateway Drive #02-33 (S) 608532 

Disclaimer: The information here is extracted from L’Oreal Active Cosmetics Division press release which were sent to me for consideration.

YSL La Laque Couture Spicy Collection Swatches

YSL is adding new collection of their Nail Polish range. La Laque Couture Spicy Collection consist of 1 gold flaky glitters and 6 cream shades. The shades released in this collection varies; some shades are very unique, it is something that I have not worn before whereas some other shade are quite similar to some of my nail polishes in my collection.

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 10.18.23 AM



41 Eau de Rose 

This is described as Delicate Rose Petal Pink. The shade is very girly and the shade is opaque in two layers.

ysl 2


ysl 1


The swatches of Eau de Rose is taken by Monica.


42 Safran Sultan

With La Laque Couture no 42 Saffran Sultan, YSL creates an atypical, intensely warm shade that is both surprising and chic. Essential for an inimitable, shade for an avant-garde YSL look.

According to the press release, YSL describe this shade as a royal yellow. It looks like a yellow mustard cream shade too. This is a very unique shade and I have nothing like this in my stash.





43 – Opulente Cannelle.

YSL describe this as a rich coral shade. I find that this shade is a mixture of a deep rose shade combined with brown. This shade reminds me of Moroccan houses with the exotic feeling. This is my go to color whenever I don’t feel like having a red nails but at the same time I don’t wish to have a nude nails too.



44 Ambre Gingemembre

YSL describes this shade as oriental orange. Somehow this shade reminds me of pumpkin too.





46 – Poivre Noir 

This color is describes as piquant plum. This shade is gorgeous and I love it so much. It is a deep plum shade which is suitable for all occasions.






46 – Piment d’Ailleurs 

YSL describes this shade as torrid red. In the swatch below, I applied Feuille d’Or on my index finger.




47 Feuille d’Or

By just looking at the bottle, I am hooked onto this glitter shade. The glitter is gorgeous and it is looking festive. The texture of this nail polish is nice and it is easy to apply. Unlike some other glitter polishes, this glitter shade is not sticky and the gold sprinkles adds a touch of festive feeling to my nail.

Some tips from YSL on applying Feuille d’Or:

  • Applied over the opulent shades of La Laque Couture Spicy Collection. APply a fine coat over the entire nail, or just the half moons or the tips.
  • If you wish, apply a second coat to intensify the gilded look.
  • Feuille d’Or top coat can also be applied alone on bare nails for a 24 karat effect.


photo (1)



My Final Thought on the nail polishes in La Laque Couture Spicy Collection:

YSL never fail to impress me on their nail polish quality. The nail polishes are easy to apply; the brush are wide so it helps nail polish to be applied evenly and more easily. The shades are opaque in two coats and it does not feel thick when applied. Most YSL nail polishes last on my finger perfectly for about 3 days – I type everyday with my nails touching the keyboard and I do houseworks too. I am glad that YSL is always consistent with the formula of their nail polish. I can say that YSL is my favorite designer nail polish brand.



Thank you for reading!

By: Meryl


Disclaimer: The items swatched above are sent to me for for my consideration. Some information above are extracted from YSL press kit. My thoughts expressed in this post is purely my opinion and unbiased.




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