YSL Spring 2014 – Rosy Blush Swatch & Quick Review

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Today’s post is featuring YSL Rosy Blush. This the collector item from this Flower Crush Collection.  The information of the collection can be found here



The packaging of the product has a beautiful petal fuchsia flowers pattern. The pattern of the blush is nicely printed with visible waves; you can see the mixture of pink and rose gold shade.




Like a precious stylized petals, the marbled motif of the rosy blush palette entwines two shades of pink that played on contrasts between matte and iridescence. A blush and a highlighter, this nude pairing is perfect to highlight the cheeks, brighten the complexion, and illuminate prominent  and shadowy areas. This innovative creamy – powdery texture blends in leaving an infinitely satiny and subtle veil on the skin. Sinfully radiant.

The description above is taken from the press kit


The texture of this blush is so so so soft!! The first time I touched this blush, I went “oohhhhh” and I can really feel the smoothness of this powder blush. The texture is so soft and you can feel that it is slightly creamy. Although you may feel the slightly creamy texture when I touched it with my finger; but when it is swatched on the back of my hand, I feel the texture is powdery.



The blush is quite sheer and it’s quite shimmery. I use this more as a highlighter rather than a blush. I like to add a touch of YSL Rosy Blush on top of my other blush so that it’ll give a nice glow on me. The swatches above is layered 2-3 times.

Overall I think this product is worth a pick especially if you’re a collector of make up item. I love the texture of this product where it is creamy & powdery at the same time. Spring is the season for girly items, and this is one of few make up products from Spring make up collection that I would recommend :)


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By: Meryl

Biore x My Melody Cleansing Oil Review

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I hope your weekend have been great! Today I have a product which I recently tried and pretty much happy with the result of this product. Over the past week, I have been using this product regularly to remove my make up and here’

Firstly, I couldn’t resist the cute packaging of this product. This My Melody packaging is a limited edition. so for those of you who are a fan of My Melody or interested to get  this edition, go and grab this product quickly before they’re gone! :p

Biore cleansing oil has a light texture and it doesn’t feel heavy when it is applied onto my face. It does have a slight scent which some of you might not like, but for my case I am fine with the scent.






I find this cleansing oil does its job effectively. It cleanses my eye make up throughly, it even cleanses my waterproof eye liner. Here’s how I cleanse my face with this product:

  • Pump once and spread it evenly onto my both palms of my hands
  • Apply it onto my face and massage gently
  • I’ll massage my eye area and try to cleanse my eyeshadow & eye liner more as this is the part where it usually harder to cleanse
  • Rub my face gently with cotton pads
  • rinse my face with water and wash it with my facial cleanser


Here’s a simple demo on how Biore Cleansing Oil helps to cleanse eyeshadow and waterproof eyeliner on  the back of my hand:



I apply two light pumps of Biore Cleansing Oil and rub it gently






I rubbed the back of my palm with cotton pad and yay it is clean!




On a final note, I am happy to say that this product has satisfied my expectation of a good cleansing oil. The oil feels light and it cleanses my face effectively. Biore also has a nice cleansing wipes which I have reviewed before, you can read it here

This product is available in major drugstore in Singapore and it is retailing for SGD18.20

Thank you for reading

By: Meryl

YSL Gloss Volupte Swatches

Hello hello!

First of all, let me wish you all a great 2014 ahead! We certainly wish that everything will go on smoothly this and more and more great things to come!

So here’s our first post in the year of 2014! YSL releases their new range of lip glosses. I am lucky enough to receive few shades of the lip glosses. The shades of the lip glosses consists of 3 ranges; irresistibly, sinfully iridescent, scandalously gold.  The information of YSL Gloss Volupte can be found here.








The packaging of these Gloss Volupte is similar to YSL Rouge Volupte. The cap of the lip gloss is made with golden metal and there’s a YSL logo in the middle which makes the packaging looks luxurious. As you can see in the picture above, the applicator is designed uniquely so that the application of the lipgloss is better. I like the design of  applicator as it looks distinct compared to other brands and it looks so cute to me. It resembles the shape of our lips. Moreover this applicator helps me to apply the gloss more precise on my lip and it gives me the ability to control the amount of glosses I want to have on my lip.




The gloss feels lightweight and it does not feel sticky to me. The shade 206 Twisted Oran is really pigmented. If  you are looking for a pigmented with daring shade, this would be a perfect lipgloss for you. For me, Rose Orfevre & Rose Fusion would be my favorite among the 4. Gloss Volupte does not have the shiniest gloss; it provides decent shine and it is not too much. This would depend on people’s preference whether you like a high shine gloss or just a decent shine. The last thing to add here, is that this gloss contains a unique YSL scent. The scent is the same as what it contains in YSL Rouge Volupte.

Here’s the swatches on my lips:




I have added a nude lipstick underneath the lipgloss on the photo below to show what it looks like when it is layered on top of nude lipstick.













So what is your pick from this collection? Share with me :)

I hope this swatches helps! Have a BEAUTIFUL year ahead…!



By: Meryl

Shu Uemura Takashi Murakami Enchanted Black Parallel Palette



I picked this up in Changi airport two weeks ago. I couldn’t resist myself getting this palette as the texture of the eyeshadow is so soft and smooth when I swatch it. The eye and cheek palette is available in two colors – enchanted black parallel/ full pink parallel palette. I picked the enchanted black palette as the palette offers more vibrant shades.



The eye shadows in this palette are incredibly soft and smooth. There are two types of formulation of eyeshadow in this palette; the pressed formula and the silk smooth formula. There are 4 shades of the  pressed formula eyeshadow which comes in a bigger pan.The silk smooth formula comes in a smaller pan and there are 3 shades in this palette.

The pressed form feels powdery and smooth, I love the softness and smoothness of their pressed eyeshadow. The shades are nicely pigmented and i can hardly see any fall outs.

The silk smooth eyeshadow has a different feeling compared to the pressed when it is touched. The silk smooth eyeshadow has a creamier texture but it doesn’t feel slippery or wet. It has better pigmentation compared to the pressed formula and it is very smooth. I agree that Shu Uemura named this eyeshadow formulation as silky smooth. It is as smooth as silk :)

Here’s the swatch of the eyeshadow in order of the positioning of the shades in the palette.





And now here’s the swatch according to the formula:

Pressed Formula



Silk Smooth



 All the shades in this palette are nicely pigmented and they have beautiful texture. I find the colors here are nicely combined especially for smokey eye look. I really love the dark green shade; the metallic shade is so gorgeous. I love to use dark green to create a smokey look as it is less dramatic but yet it still gives a bigger eye effect.

Final Thoughts:

Overall I love this palette for their vibrand colors and beautiful texture and pigmentation. I love the range of eyeshadow colors which are not too neutrals but at the same time it offers shades that I would wear quite often. The silk smooth eyeshadow has gorgeous pigmentation with no fall out. Moreover the blush shade is something that I would usually wear. There’s no reason for me to dislike this piece :)



Thank you for reading!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!



By: Meryl



YSL Spring 2014 – Flower Crush Collection


Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 7.39.08 PM



  • Pivoine Crush Palette

Shadows, lights, pure colors. Five couture shades and endless possibilities to be the artist of your own eyes. Tones of fuchsia pink, coral and black cherry to color and play with contrast. A pearly champagne shade to highlight and give spring freshness

  • Rosy Blush Palette

Like a precious stylized petals, the marbled motif of the rosy blush palette entwines two shades of pink that played on contrasts between matte and iridescence. A blush and a highlighter, this nude pairing is perfect to highlight the cheeks, brighten the complexion, and illuminate prominent  and shadowy areas. This innovative creamy – powdery texture blends in leaving an infinitely satiny and subtle veil on the skin. Sinfully radiant.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 7.39.27 PM


  • YSL Gloss Volupte 

Concealed in a precious jewel crowned in gold and belted in silver band engraved in legendary Cassandra Logo, it unveils its color in transparency and attracts the eye like a powerful magnet.

A new elixir of seduction, an exclusive premier to be discovered in the spring look 2014 with four intensely sensual shades, true invitation to kiss:

No 3 Rose Fusion: Dazzling Coral

No 14 Prune Organdi : dramatic black cherry

No 19 Rose Orfèvre : tender pink

No 49 Terriblement Fuchsia : vibrant fuchsia


  • YSL Rouge Volupte

The intense, radiant shades of rouge volupte adorn the lips with pure colors infused in the texture of a silky balm that plumps, nourishes and beautifies the lips. For the spring 2014, it blossoms with new delightfully potent shades:

No 31 Fuchsia Tourbillon : rose, more than a little

No 32 Corail Jalouse: coral, to excess

No 33 Rose Neillia: poppy, passionately

No 34 Rose Asarine : red, to distraction

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.03.21 PM


YSL Spring 2014 Make Up Collection is now available in ION Orchard and Tangs Beauty Hall

Disclaimer: the information published in this post is taken from YSL Press Kit.



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