Quick Review: Bio Oil


I am sure many of you have heard of  Bio Oil. This oil has made its way to Singapore since few months ago and I have been using this for a while. I have heard some positive and negative review of this product and it makes me even more curious to try this for a longer time and see how I am feeling with this product.




The Packaging:

The bottle is simple. It’s made of plastic with clear packaging and white color tube. It’s lightweight and handy to bring on your everyday bag.

The Smell:

It smells like baby oil which I used to use when I was very young (yes I still remember the smell of that baby oil which I used to use when I was 5! :p) but this one smells lighter. I like the smell of Bio Oil. It lingers nicely and does not smell too strong.

The Texture:

I have been using this for a while. I tried to apply this once a day – at night when I am in my pyjamas and going to sleep. The texture is light and it absorbs into my skin quickly. It does not feel sticky on my skin at all.

The Result:

Okay I have to be honest here, I did not use this on my face at all. I only use this product on my arms and legs every night before I go to sleep. I have few scars resulting from scratching my knees on side table, and I don’t see any improvement on the scar after using this Bio Oil for a while. But I do feel my skin feels softer and I like the feeling of using this oil on my arms. It does makes my skin feels so moisturized. I also use this on my cuticles and fingers, Bio Oil helps to soften my cuticles.

Final Thought:

I do feel that this oil will help your skin to become softer. I apply this only on my arms and legs and I just love the feeling after I apply this oil. I have read several reviews that said Bio Oil makes their skin breaks and others commenting how good this oil is on their face. I did not try this on my face so I can’t give any comment on this.


I hope this review helps! Thank you for reading and have a good weekend 🙂


By: Meryl

This product is provided by the Company/Pr Team at free of charge for testing purpose. My review is honest, genuine and unbiased.

Biore Aqua Rich Water Base SPF 50+

Earlier this week, I received a package from Biore. It’s Biore’s newly launched UV Aqua Rich Watery Base with SPF 50+. In this post, I am going to share the press release I received from the brand and a quick review of the product.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence - Image 1

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+

  • Provides long-lasting high UV protection against harmful UV rays
  • Essence texture turns into a watery-light consistency for easy application
  • Spreads easily and is instantly absorbed into skin for an invisible, weightless finish
  • Leaves skin feeling refreshingly smooth and comfortably cool
  • Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Citrus extract1 to hydrate and soften skin
  • Gentle on skin and allergy-tested
  • Mild fresh, fruity fragrance
  • Suitable for face and body

Product Details

  • Sales commencement date: 18 February 2013
  • Recommended selling price: $18.90
  • Pack size: 50g
  • Available in all leading Pharmacies and selected supermarkets and hypermarkets 

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence - Image 1Every woman knows the importance of using a good sunscreen to protect skin from harmful UV damage but the heavy, sticky and greasy feeling that regular sunscreens leave behind can be a put-off. Bid farewell to that heavy and sticky mess with the new UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence by Biore, the No. 1 Sunscreen brand in Japan. The unique water-rich sunscreen gives you high UV protection in a refreshingly light sheath of hydration. So comfortable and cool, it feels like water on skin!

Biore expects UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence to be well-received by consumers, especially women in hot and humid countries like Singapore. The watery light texture of Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence not only spreads easily across skin, it is absorbed in an instant, leaving behind a weightless finish and a cool, light feeling.

Suitable for face and body, Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+ PA+++ provides superior long-lasting Double UV Block to protect skin against the skin-ageing effects of UVA rays and the harmful damage of UVB rays, which can cause sun burns. Breakthrough Aqua Rich Technology. Formulated with Biore’s breakthrough Aqua Rich technology, its water-based Aqua Micro Capsules contains UV block ingredients that provide high SPF protection.

Once applied on skin, the Aqua Micro Capsules release the UV block ingredients and moisture, which gives off a light, cool sensation on skin. This unique technology also turns the essence texture of Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence into a water-smooth consistency, enabling quicker and more effective absorption into skin.

Moisturising and gentle on skin

The water-based formula, enriched with moisturising ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Citrus extract1, hydrates and softens skin to keep it refreshingly smooth. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence is also gentle on skin and allergy-tested, making it suitable for all skin types. The refreshing feel on skin is complemented by its mild fresh, fruity fragrance.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence is available in all leading Pharmacies and selected supermarkets and hypermarkets from 18 Feb 2013. The recommended selling price is $18.90. 

Now I am going to do a quick review of this product:

I receive this beautifully packed press release kit. When I got home and saw this beautifully packed product, I immediately grabbed my camera and take a picture of this. To know more about this product, please keep reading 🙂




The Packaging:

Biore UV Aqua Rich comes in a handy packaging.  It is a squeezable tube, light weight and easy to be put in my daily make up bag. The material is made of plastic which makes it very light weight.



The Texture:

As the name says, the texture is watery. There are micro scrub when you got the product fresh from the bottle; but when you blend it on your face, it melts beautifully and leaves no color on your face. It’s non sticky and it feels very light on my face. I don’t feel like I am wearing an extra layer of product on my face.

Final Thought:

Biore Aqua Rich Water Base works great to be worn on daily use especially for people who has dry skin. It helps to moisturize the skin and at the same time provide UV protection. The great thing about this product is that when blended into your skin, it is colorless. Hence it works very well as a base before wearing your foundation. For a product that’s reasonably priced at $18.90, I think the packaging looks just fine. It’s nice to look at and handy to be brought anywhere.

Thank you for reading 🙂


By: Meryl

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post was provided free of charge by the PR/the Company for review purposes. My review is genuine, honest and unbiased.

The Body Shop Nutriganics Drop of Youth

Hello Ladies,

I am going to share with you my thoughts of The Body Shop Nutriganics Drop of Youth. Lately I have been quite obsessed with skincare products such as serums, moisturizers and makeup base. As I grow older, I realize the importance of my daily skin care staples. The Body Shop products have always been my choice since I was still a teenager, so when I was offered to try Nutriganics Drop of Youth, I am very happy to try this product 🙂

I have shared with you The Body Shop Skin Diagnostic Tools in my previous post, I have tried it and I think each one of us need to try that tool to know what’s your skin care regime should be.

Now let’s begin with why you should try this products!

A Worldwide Success

It’s the first anniversary of the launch of Drops ofYouth – and we’ve got plenty to celebrate! One year on, this clever concentrate has become a phenomenal worldwide success.

one bottle is sold every minute2.Wow!

Why so successful? It takes only 28 days for Drops of Youth to transform your skin.

Smooth sensation! Fine lines appear smoother – yes, really!

Get glowing! Skin looks more radiant, almost like you’re lit from within

Freshen up! Skin tone looks fabulously fresh and more even

Be a big softie! Skin feels softer, super-silky and more supple.
87% of users said their skin felt softer after using NutriganicsTM Drops ofYouth3 

My Own Review 

The Packaging:

Nutriganics is packaged in a green glass tube with a dropper. I like the idea of the dropper because it makes the application more hygienic that we don’t need to dab our fingers into the product. Visually this product looks promising to me as the color is green, hence it makes me feel that this product is packed with natural ingredients :p

The Texture:

Nutriganics has a texture that feels like jelly. It glides on my face easily and I usually applied two drops of product to be applied on my face. Nutriganics absorbs easily after 1-2 minutes. It makes my face feels fresh.

The Smell:

One thing I like from The Body Shop products are the smell. The scents in The Body Shop skin care ranges are not too much. I personally don’t like skincare that smells too strong; Products that don’t smell strong gives me the impression of a natural product. Nutriganics has a nice smell that lingers but it does not smell strong, so I like the smell of this product.

How I apply Nutriganics:

After I washed my face, I apply two drops of Nutriganics all over my face. I wait for about 1-2 minutes until the products are absorbed into my skin. Then I apply my moisturizer all over my face. Then I will apply my foundation, powder and other make up. I only apply Nutriganics in the morning. For my night time regime, I am using serum from other brand.


After using Nutriganics for 2 weeks, I do feel my skin is more moisturized and hydrated. My skin is oily at the T-zone but tend to be dry on my cheek and neck area. On the area that tends to be dry, I feel that Nutriganics has helped me to hydrate my skin better. However I don’t feel that it gives me more radiance. It might take more time to see the radiance result.

Overall, I am satisfied with Nutriganics for helping me to have a more hydrated skin. The packaging looks nice and simple, and it smells fine. It doesn’t have any strong smell which I dislike.


Thank you for reading!

By: Meryl

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post is provided by the company/PR representative. Some of the information above is extracted from The Body Shop press kit. However my review is written based on my experience. My review is genuine, honest and unbiased.



Experience Beauty Emporium – One Stop for All of You

The world’s first one-stop transformation experience for beauty and nutrients

Beauty Emporium at House – another ground-breaking lifestyle concept from The Spa Esprit Group – is the world’s first one-stop transformational experience for beauty and nutrients. Unlike most large scale beauty stores which are product determined, the grocer-inspired Beauty Emporium at House sets a brand new trend by focusing on expert services from our established beauty brands, while introducing new retail concepts. The result is a complete inside-out pampering that suits even the most frenetic 24/7 lifestyle.

Step into the 17,000 sq ft Beauty Emporium at House, situated on the second floor of House, and discover a brand new you.

Thanks to the extensive experience behind Spa Esprit, Beauty Emporium at House is able to deliver fast results in a quirky setting. Expect anything from the norm: a unique range of specially selected beauty potions combined with creative beauty treatments which are exciting, effective and cleverly packaged. From brow grooming to Brazilian waxing to discovering thought- provoking poetry, pick from an extensive menu of services that’s been customized to suit your body and leave you feeling loved and pampered. All in stylishly quirky surroundings that bring to mind a convenient modern grocer.

Beauty Emporium at House offers you gratification of:

MIND (Excitement, Awakening, Discovery)

Florist – Fresh blooms and greens

Bookstore (Books Actually) – Unique titles, quirky stationary and collectable

DIY Bar – Professional customised skincare, DIY treatments, pick and mix skincare 

BODY (Rejuvenation, Beautification

Strip – New flavoured wax bar plus 6 waxing and IPL room

Browhaus – Brow and lash grooming plus a semi-permanent Brow and Lip Balm

Spa esprit – Gorgeous body treatments, massages and effective facial

SOUL (Calm, Rejuvenation)

Music Store – Familiar sounds with a distinctive twist

  • Product Range: 
    • Malin + Goetz, New York
    • SCO (Skincare Options), New York
    • Ilike Organic, Hungary
    • Ren, United Kingdom
    • LCDP (La Compagnie De provence), France
    •  Dr Hauschka, Germany



Strip: Ministry of Waxing brings you a sweet Christmas treat!

With 36 outlets in 9 major cities including London, New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong and having pruned 2.5 million bushes worldwide, STRIP is the Global Authority in Hair Removal. This Christmas season, STRIP adds a touch of festive fun to your holiday grooming with its delicious limited edition British Gingerbread wax.

At STRIP, we believe that there’s nothing like a spot of excellent grooming to put you in a festive mood. Formulated after our award-winning Berry Chocolate wax and deliciously scented with warm British gingerbread, STRIP’s limited edition Gingerbread Wax will keep your holidays smooth and fuzz-free, putting you in the mood to celebrate!

Like our specially formulated Berry Chocolate wax, the Gingerbread Wax is delicate enough for the Brazilian area yet effective enough to remove even the most stubborn hair almost completely pain and fuss-free. It hardens and shrink- wraps around hair strands very quickly, allowing our waxperts to pull off the hardened wax pieces along with unwanted hair easily. This method of waxing greatly reduces contact and friction during hair removal.

And what better way to throw in some Christmas cheer than with the spicy, gingery scent of British Gingerbread? We consulted the two Ministry of Waxing outposts in London to make sure the scent of freshly baked gingerbread cookies is just right. Equal parts sweet and spice, it’s one guilt-free treat you’ll be wanting this Christmas.

The limited edition Gingerbread Wax is the first of a series of scented waxes, inspired by our presence in 9 key cities around the world. Keep a lookout for some sweet surprises in store.

Come and experience the limited edition Gingerbread Wax for yourself, available at all STRIP outlets from 19th October to 31st December 2012. Strip Brazilian is priced at $62 and Boyzilian is priced at $85.


Now that Christmas season is here, why not pamper your friends and family with goodies from Strip!

Below are the various gifts sets that we will be offering specially for this festive season:

Spa Esprit

Customized Body Product Set $100.00 (U.P $145.00)

– 250ml shower gel

– 250ml body scrub

– 250 body moisturizer

– comes in box packaging

*Customers can customized their own scent to blend into these base products


M+G Face Care Set

*choose 3 out of the options. Total 15% off Usual Price

– Grapefruit Face Cleanser

– Jojoba Face Scrub

– Vit E Face Moisturizer

– SPF 15 Face Moisturizer


Browhaus Eye Brightening Set $100.00 (U.P $143.00)

– M+G Rice Bran Eye Moisturizer

– 1 Min Miracle Wrinkle Filler

– Anti Wrinkle Eye Patch (set of 5 pcs)


Browhaus Lash Pampering Set $150.00 (U.P $187.00)

– Extend

– Rena Muse


M+G Body Care Set $54.40 (U.P $64.00)

– choice 2 body wash

– comes in box packaging

Strip Anti-Ingrown Set $80.00 (U.P $101)

– M+G Peppermint Body Scrub

– M+G Ingrown Hair Cream

Strip Smoothening Set $100.00 (U.P $148.00)

– Peace+ (box of 10 ampoules)

– Ice Cream



I received invitation from Beauty Emporium to enjoy their Brazilian Wax session and Brow Threading session. It’s my first time to visit Beauty Emporium in Dempsey. The place was nicely decorated and it’s really a one stop beauty regime place :). You can do brow treatment, waxing treatment, manicure – pedicure, and there’s spa esprit too where you can customize your own shower gel and scrubs. The place is spacious and the location makes it feels even more relaxing to be there. 

The first session I had was brazilian wax. Honestly I am not very comfortable to share about my Brazilian wax session but I will try my best to elaborate the session without being rude or unethical :p. It’s not my first Brazilian wax session so I am prepared to re-experience the feeling of Brazilian wax. Obviously the waxing session is not something that I am looking forward the most because it is painful. But you shall have no worry because it is bearable :). Some parts might feel more uncomfortable than others but I am grateful that my therapist was very careful in doing it. My therapist was quite chatty so we talked most of the time during the session. It helps me to feel relax during the whole session (20-30 mins). The best part about the service in Strip is that everything looks very hygienic. I also love the Gingerbread wax that I tried, it smells so yummy! 🙂 After the session, I am feeling very clean and hygienic. I will definitely go for another session with them!

After the Brazilian wax session, I had Brow Thread & Tweeze session. My therapist was very professional is doing the treading. My brows are naturally short and thin. I would love to have a nicely sculpted brow so I told her the shape which I am interested in. She did exactly like what I want it to be. My brows are now looks much better than usual.

After the both sessions, I was pampered with cookies and honey lemon tea. I love the honey lemon tea very much!! It is so refreshing and not really sweet. Definitely very appropriate after waxing & brow threading session 😉

Then I was also given a chance to try Spa Esprit shower gel. There are lots of scents for me to chose and I enjoyed my time in trying so many scents. It’s so fun to chose the scent that suits your needs or wants the most. I chose Serenity scent as it smells refreshing and relaxing. The SA will mix the different ingredients needed to make the scent you choose in front of you. After that, you can label the shower gel with anything you want 😉 This looks like a great gift idea to me!

Overall, I enjoyed the sessions I tried in Beauty Emporium. It’s a very nice experience for me. Oh I also need to mention that Beauty Emporium is located just beside House Barracks in Dempsey, you can have nice meal after your session there too! 😉

Beauty Emporium is located at 8D Dempsey Road, Level 2, Singapore 249672

For my readers, you can get 10% discount for all services. Readers who read my review just have to quote “memoiselle” to enjoy 10% off any basic Brow Construction treatment from BROWHAUS and 10% off any ala cart waxing services from STRIP. (Only available at STRIP & BROWHAUS @ Beauty Emporium.)

Ahh that’s such a long post! Anyway thank you for reading 🙂

The information provided above is extracted from the press kit. The product and services mentioned in the review is provided free of charge from the company. I am not affiliated with Beauty Emporium. My review is genuine and unbiased. 

Laboratories FILORGA


At the end of the 70’s, a French aesthetic doctor, Dr Michel Tordjman, passionate about cellular biology, put a team of specialists together to assist him in launching an advanced research program on cutaneous ageing.

To understand the ageing process and to cure it through a global therapy that includes complementary anti-ageing medical techniques to treat efficiently not only wrinkles, but also the lack of firmness and brightness of the skin. As absolute pioneers in this field, Laboratoires FILORGA, use the results of these works to develop in the early 90’s biological products able to fight in situ the whole ageing process : Anti-ageing mesotherapy (with the famous poly revitalising complex NCTF®), glycolic peels (with GlyKopeel®), and filling injectables (with XHA3®, latest reticulated Hyaluronic Acids).

Renowned by dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons in over 54 countries, Laboratoires FILORGA are recognized as the experts
on cutaneous ageing. In 2006, the new research and production unit acquired the ISO13485 seal of approval that certifies that the organisation complies with the standards governing the manufacture of medical devices. More recently OSEO ANVAR also awarded them the ‘Innovative Business Qualification’.

From innovation to innovation, the brand has, throughout the years, become one of medical anti-ageing market leader.



Two effective hyaluronic acids that act in synergy to deeply hydrate and plump up the skin:
High-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid through deep hydrating action and the micro-filling of dehydration wrinkles and lines. Micro-fragmented hyaluronic acid to stimulate the production of collagen I to plump up the skin. A lipid-replenishing complex to boost epidermal production (+256%) and re-programme the skin’s natural hydration process.



VOLUME: 50 ml

Generously apply morning and/or evening to your perfectly cleansed face, neck and neckline. Use your fingertips so that it penetrates the skin. Ideal make-up base


The texture of this product is nice. It’s not too sticky and does not make my face feels oily. Honestly I don’t really feel there’s much difference in the softness of my skin after using this.



The NCTF® + Hyaluronic Acid cocktail is combined with 6 varieties of acids (AHA and BHA) with different molecular weights that guarantee gradual, controlled exfoliation. Azelaic acid encapsulated in liposomes and pyruvic acid exert triple hydrating*, comedolytic and anti-oxidative action. Two matrikin peptides are combined with brown algae for effective soothing, protective and anti-ageing action.


VOLUME: 50 ml


Apply at night on a clean face, every day or alternate every 2 days, for the most sensitive skins. Do not apply to humid skin, around the eye area or on open wounds. A slight tingle might occur after application as the anti-ageing ingredients of SLEEP AND PEEL® take action. *Hydration of the superior layers of the epidermis.



The first anti-ageing cleanser that dissolves the slightest traces of sebum, make-up and pollution while intensely hydrating the skin and protecting it from free radicals.

In addition to an ultra-gentle latest-generation surfactant of plant origin, it features the following Guest Stars: high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid, which plumps up and smoothes dehydration lines, and white Lily, which soothes irritation and protects the skin from free-radical attacks.

PACKAGING: Pump Dispenser Volume  150 ML

Place 2 or 3 pea size quantities of Cleansing Foam in your hand; apply to damp skin, including the eye contour, by emulsifying, then rinse with warm water. Use morning and night on all skin types, even dry and sensitive.


My skin type is normal to oily, and my T zone tends to be oily most of the time. This cleansing foam is very gentle and does not irritate my skin. However when my skin is very oily on certain days, I’d still prefer my own cleansing foam as Filorga’s cleansing foam works better when my skin is less oily.



The rhamnose-containing polysaccharide soothes irritation and instantly and lastingly evens out and lightens up the complexion. NCTF®, our exclusive core formula, stimulates cellular activity and collagen production.


VOLUME: 50 ml

The Meso-Mask® programme is directly inspired by the mesotherapy treatments used in medicine: at least once a week. Apply a thick layer of the mask over your whole face, eye contour, neck and neckline. Let sit for 15 to 30 min. Application of the mask becomes a real moment of relaxation and pleasure for your skin. Remove with a wet cotton pad.


I have tried this product and I must say that this product does an amazing job. It brighten up my face instantly. I applied a thick layer of mask and leave it for 15 minutes. Then I used a water soaked cotton to clean the mask. I can see that my face has more radiance after I use this Meso Mask.

Final Thought about Filorga:

Filorga seems to be a good brand to me. From these 4 products given, my favorite is the Meso Mask. I certainly feel that my skin is fairer, brighter and has more bouncy feeling. The other products are worth trying too.

Filorga is now available at all Sephora Outlet in Singapore

Disclaimer: The products reviewed here are provided free of charge from the PR company. My review is genuine and unbiased. I am not affiliated with Filorga.

By: Meryl

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