Chanel Le Vernis in Beige Swatch

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I am in a nail polish mood lately! I keep on changing nail polish and I always feel like writing a post about the nail polish that I have on me. Chanel recently released this Le Vernis exclusive in Beige in the US and finally it has made its way to Singapore 🙂 Since I am a big fan of beige, I know I must not miss this one.

As explained by the name, Chanel Beige is a beige nail polish with a slight golden shimmer. The shimmer doesn’t look obvious on indoor lighting. But when it comes to direct sunlight, you’ll be able to see it.

The formula is very good. Opaque in two coats. Initially I thought this color would look too yellow on my skintone. It turned out to be nice and it doesn’t look yellow on my finger.

I hope you enjoy the swatch!

Let mw know what you think of this polish on the comment box below.. Will you be getting this polish too? 🙂

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Bobbi Brown Nail Lacquer in Turquoise

Another nail polish post 🙂

Bobbi Brown recently launched Dessert Twilight collection. There are three nail polishes in this collection; Turquoise, Twilight and another one which only sold together in a set (I could not find the name). It’s exciting to see Bobbi Brown releasing a limited nail polish collection. I don’t know whether Bobbi Brown has released any nail polish in the past but since I am too curious about the quality of their nail polishes, I know I should get my hands on any of these colors 🙂

Initially I almost picked twilight because of it’s beautiful shimmer but I thought I have had few polishes that looks quite similar to twilight. I decided to get turquoise because it looks unique and unusual.

Firstly, I am going to write a review on  the brush of this nail lacquer. Sorry if the picture of the brushes does not look appealing 🙂

As you can see, Bobbi Brown’s brushes is very thin. It’s quite similar to Chanel’s. However it’s shorter than Chanel. Bobbi Brown’s brush is not wide at all. It’s the same length as Essie but I feel that it’s thinner is size too. I prefer wider brushes like OPI’s or Ciate’s. It helps me to apply nail polish easier and faster. Whereas with Bobbi Brown’s brush, it would take 2-3 times of application of each nail (especially the thumbs and the middle finger). I had no problem with the handle; the length and the size is good for me to control the nail polishing process 🙂

Now I’d like to compare Turquoise with other blue nail polish I have in my stash.

Obviously none of them are dupe. At first I thought Turquoise would look similar to Dior Nirvana. Surprisingly, they look very different. China Glaze For Audrey is the lightest among them all and OPI Ski Teal We Drop has the darkest tone among the four.

In the pictures below, you can see the swatches of this nail polish. The texture of this nail polish is not fantastic, it’s a little bit thick to apply but still manageable. It took two coats to achieve full opacity. This nail polish lasts perfectly for 5 days with me. On the next day I start to see some chips on few of my nails (FYI I do wash dishes, type on keyboard everyday)

Final Thought:

Turquoise is a unique shade to own. Especially this is from Bobbi Brown that has never released any nail polish collection before (correct me if I am wrong here). The formula is not the best among many brands out there; I did not have the best time of nail polishing process because its formula. However it’s not that streaky until it’s very frustrating to apply (I had that experience before with some other brands 🙁 ) In conclusion, I think this is a nice to have product but definitely not a must have product.

I also has posted a review on one of Bobbi Brown’s lip gloss from Dessert Twilight Collection. You can read it here

Have you seen Bobbi Brown’s Nail Polish in the counter? 🙂

Thank you for reading.

All That Glitters Frantic Romantic & Hole Hearted

Time for a indie nail polish post 🙂

Currently I am a big fan of glitter nail polish. If you have been following our instagram (@memoiselle) , you’ll notice that we have been spamming our instagram with glitter polishes lately. Although glitter polishes are such a pain to remove, I just love staring at those pretty blings on my nails.

I bought these polishes from MeiMei’s Signature . All That Glitters is created solely by Kirsten from USA.  All varnishes start with a base and only glitters, micas or pigments are added to the mix until perfected.  The collection is very limited and precious due to time-consuming production (hand mixed each bottles) and long process to source for essential ingredients. All materials are “3-Free” meaning they do not carry toluene, formaldehyde and/or dibutyl phthalate. All products are cruelty free as well.  Mei Mei’s Signatures is exclusive stockist for All That Glitters in Singapore. (information taken from Meimei’s Signature website)

Frantic Romantic

Frantic romantic is a pink based glittery polish with purple, white and pink glitters. The glitters vary in shapes such as hex and hearts. The polish is really cute 😀

I love pink based glittery polish because I can layer it over other polish or just use it by itself. Glittery polish is also great to be used in gradient manicure.

Hole Hearted

What a unique name! Hole hearted is a mixture of black round and hex glitter combined with heart shaped white glitters. I bought this because it reminds me of Lynderella Connect the Dots. I know it’s almost impossible for me to get that polish so I am looking for something similar to it.

All that glitter Hole Hearted is very nice to be applied on top of bright colors. In the swatches below, I applied Hole Hearted on top of OPI Don’t Talk Bach to Me from OPI Germany Collection. It’s quite difficult to reach the heart shaped glitter because all the heart shaped glitter are drowned at the bottom of the bottle. However this is not a big problem as I will put the bottle upside down so it will be easier for me to reach the heart shaped glitters.


Do you like buying indie polish? What’s your favorite brand? Share it in the comment box below 🙂


Thank you for reading.

My Pick from Lunasol Fall 2012 – Sheer Glossy Eyes in EX03Soft Brown and Nail Polish in EX06 Deep Red

I am so excited to see the display of Lunasol Fall 2012 Collection! Lately I have been obsessed with Lunasol products because of their shimmer and neutral colors. If you have been following my instagram (@memoiselle) and twitter (@memoiselleblog) , I have posted few pictures that I snapped on the counter.

Lunasol Fall 2012 products are not as wide as the Summer’s but I am excited to see the sheer glossy eyes. I am not sure whether Lunasol has ever had any cream eyeshadow before. This fall Lunasol releases 4 sheer glossy eyes (limited edition) and 4 new modeling glossy eye. For more information you can refer to Rouge Deluxe and A Touch of BlusherI swatched all 4 sheer glossy eyes in the counter and they’re indeed very sheer. I picked EX03 Soft Brown because it’s more pigmented and great to use as a base. I also picked one of the limited edition nail polish in EX06 Deep Red.

Sheer Glossy Eyes in EX03Soft Brown

Firstly let’s talk about the packaging. Made from plastic glass, the packaging of this eyeshadow is not the greatest thing of this product. It’s very lightweight which I don’t like. The design looks a bit dull and old fashioned to me. The cap of the bottle is also very prone to finger prints.

The texture of this sheer glossy eye is very buttery and smooth. I love the textures! It is very sheer in color but very easily to build up and blended very well. The idea of this eyeshadow is to create a neutral and soft look. The pigmentation is not great hence it’s nice to use this as a base. Soft brown is a shimmery light brown color. The sparkles are very pretty and not too much. If I need to compare the texture of this eyeshadow to other brands, I would say the texture is pretty close to Chanel Illusion d’Ombre. Although Illusion d’Ombre is much more pigmented that Sheer Glossy Eyes, the buttery feeling is quite similar but they’re definitely not the same. Compared to many other cream shadow, I would say this is less creamy compared to others. It is more buttery than ordinary eyeshadow but less creamy than many cream shadows.

In the swatches above, you can see how sheer the eyeshadow is. It looks shimmery in both direct sunlight and indoor lighting. It’s a nice color to use as a base.

Nail Polish in EX06 Deep Red 

Initially I did not intend to get the nail polish. I have too many red nail polish but Lunasol’s caught my attention. EX06 Deep Red is a red wine with gold flecks. The flecks are obvious in the bottle but it don’t show up as obvious in the nails. I love the idea that the gold flecks don’t show as much as it looks in the bottle hence it is not too much for a daily look yet it still looks unordinary because of the gold flecks 🙂 This nail polish is a limited edition product too!

The packaging of Lunasol’s nail polish is pretty. I love the gold cap of this nail polish, it’s quite heavy and portrays the elegance of Lunasol. The formula is just flawless! It’s not runny and very easy to apply. The drying time is fast enough. It requires two coats for full opacity. But in the swatches below I used three coats to emphasize the gloss and show more flecks.

Final Thought:

The limited edition Sheer Glossy Eyes range are great to check out especially if you’re a fan of shimmery eyeshadow. Although the pigmentation and the packaging is not excites me as much as I wish, I understand that Lunasol is trying to release sheer looking products (the name explains it all). The textures is great; buttery and smooth. This products retails at S$43. As this is a limited edition product, I don’t want to miss Lunasol’s cream eyeshadow.

This EX06 Deep Red limited edition nail polish did not disappoint me at all. The formula is wonderful and flawless; not runny and very easy to apply.  I love how the gold flecks show in the nails. It’s a great color for daily use; gorgeous looking red nails! This retails for S$23.

Thank you for reading.

Do you spot any products that you want? 🙂


My Pick from Dior Fall 2012: Golden Jungle Crocodile Effect Nails

I picked up another thing from Dior Fall 2012 – Golden Jungle Crocodile Effect Nails. When I first saw the promo pictures of this nail effect, I thought “this is cool, but is this only a photo editing effect?” At first I thought this would turned out to be like other brands’ crackles or shatters which only cracks without any patterns. Then I see swatches online and I thought again “this is awesome and I must get it!” 🙂

This nail polish duo is sold at S$47 (can’t buy separately). It comes with a glitter gold base and with the green croc effect. The pricing for this is reasonable. Each Dior nail polish costs S$36 (correct me if I am wrong here) and this duo is being sold at S$47.

Now I am going to show you step by step on how I am doing it:

Step 1: Paint your nails 2 coats with the gold glitter as a base. The SA recommend me NOT  to use any base coat but I used a base coat anyway.


Step 2: I applied croc effect nail polish while it’s still half wet (about 1 minutes).I didn’t apply a very thick amount of polish. The croc effect takes pretty long to show the perfectly shaped ‘croc’. I waited about 8 minutes to see the final result.

Step 3: You can see that it doesn’t show a very big croc effect in my nails. I guess I need to apply a thicker amount of polish  You need to wait until the nail polish is completely dry, then you can apply top coat. For more tips, you can take a look at The Make Up Blogette’s post on this. She writes a very helpful step by step 🙂

By the way, One of Dior SA told me that I this croc polish will not show any croc effect if it isn’t paired with the gold base. I don’t trust what she said and immediately try it at home. The base that I used here is OPI Just spotted the lizard. It shows that this croc effect works on other nail polish too! It crocs perfectly! I am a bit disappointed with the SA comment saying that this croc effect will only work when paired with Dior Gold base coat which is sold together in that duo set. I mean.., If you’re not sure the answer to my question, you can say that you don’t know. I will be totally fine with that. Please understand what you’re saying or else don’t need to answer. Well this is not a complain from me, just a simple thought on the service from one of the SA.

So that’s the final picture!

Final thought: For those of you who loves a unique nail design, this is certainly a MUST HAVE! it’s unique and one of a kind, I don’t think this ‘croc’ design nail polish is available in the market before Dior launched this. I like this polish a lot and since this is a limited edition, I think I have made the right choice to get it 🙂

I have reviewed Dior fall collections: Dior Golden Savanna and Dior Golden Khaki . Both are gorgeous and this little addition complement my Dior Fall collections 🙂

Do you like croc pattern nails?

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