PURE Papaya Ointment Review

Every seasons’ skin care essential.. The little black tube from Down Under!

PURE Papaya Ointment – the 100% natural, petrochemical-free multi-tasking skin care essential from Australia. In addition to papaya, or pawpaw, active ingredients include soothing calendula, shea butter, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, styrax benzoin resin, silica,
beeswax and vitamin E.

PURE Papaya Ointment provides the perfect combination to soothe, moisturise and protect  your skin, and is great as a moisturising lip balm, for soothing insect bites, minor burns, sunburn, dry irritated skin conditions including dermatitis, nappy rash, cracked nipples,
dermatitis, the aftercare of tattoos and tattoo removal, and much more besides.

PURE Papaya Ointment is the ultimate multipurpose skin care product, and is a cult beauty product in its native Australia where its as at  home in a make up bag as it is the medicine cabinet.

Petrochemicals are manufactured from crude petroleum, one of the most common petrochemcials found in skin care
products is petrolatum, also known as petroleum jelly.

• It is listed as a probable human carcinogen by the European Union (EU)
• It is banned in EU cosmetics (unless very specific purification standards are met)
• It is commonly contaminated with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are strongly linked to a wide
variety of detrimental diseases
• It tends to interfere with the body’s own natural moisturising mechanism, leading to dry skin and chapping

25g – S$14.90 / 100g – S$29.90
PURE Papaya Ointment is available at Guardian, Watsons, BHG and all good health food stores.

My personal thought and experience:

When I received this product, I immediately feel that the packaging is a bit manly. It’s in a rubberized black tube. The packaging is handy, it’s lightweight and it’s easy to put this on my bag. The texture of this product is something that I like; it’s oily and it’s very moisturizing for the lips. My lips are tend to be dry most of the time and after wearing this for a week, I really see the result. My lips are much more moisturized and I love how this lip product moisturize my lip; it doesn’t peel my lip and it has a decent amount of shine. Other than my lip, I also use this to moisturize my dry cuticle. I haven’t see much improvement this product does to my cuticle but I hope I will see more in the next few days. The smell of this product is just fine. It’s not strong yet still has a slight papaya scent. I don’t ming paying $14.90 for this 25gr of product. The quality and the quantity of this product worth the price 🙂

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the PR company for review purposes. Some information above are extracted from the press release kit. My personal thought and review is honest and unbiased.

Bobbi Brown Dessert Twilight Lip Gloss in Pink Sunset #51 Review and Swatches

I am going to do a quick review on one of Bobbi Brown’s lipgloss from Dessert Twilight Collection. Bobbi Brown’s fall collection is looking good. The palette and the bronzer looks gorgeous but I didn’t get it. I am also curious about the nail polish but I have not got them yet. I picked Pink Sunset because of the micro shimmers inside this nude gloss, it looks so pretty at the first sight.

This is my first Bobbi Brown lipgloss. I heard their shimmers are awesome and since I am a big fan of shimmering lipgloss I need to try this 🙂

Honestly one of the reasons why Bobbi Brown lipglosses has never caught my attention before is the packaging. The tube is made of plastic which I don’t like. It’s very lightweight and too simple. Although the shimmer looks pretty good, the packaging has always been the major reason why I had never bought any Bobbi Brown’s lipgloss in the past. The texture of this lipgloss is sheer and quite light. It’s not too sticky on my lips. This lipgloss lasts about 2 hours with me.

Honestly I am a bit disappointed with the shimmer. When I swatched this on Changi Airport T1 counter, I can see beautiful shimmers in this lipgloss. But after I reached home and tried it on my lips, I can barely any shimmer. The color did not show up too, it looks very sheer on my lips. The only thing I love about this lipgloss is the smell. I smell a mocha scent inside this tube and I like it. I feel like sipping a mocha latter whenever I am applying this lipgloss.

I did a comparison swatch with Chanel Levres Scintillantes 297 in Sweet Beige and Burberry Lipgloss Nude Beige. In terms of pigmentation, Bobbi brown’s is the lightest and Burberry’s the heaviest. In terms of shimmer, Chanel is the winner.

As you can see, this looks very sheer on my lips. I can barely see any color and shimmer. Some shimmers are captured in this picture but it’s really hard to see them in real life.

Final Thought:

As much as I would love to like this product, I can’t. I hope this is more pigmented and contains more shimmer. This is my fault too that i did not try this on my lips first before buying. I was catching a flight and bought this on impulse. Although this is certainly not one of my favorite lipgloss, I would still wear it. I’d still bring this on my bag and use it as a sheer lipgloss.

What’s your experience with Bobbi Brown’s lipgloss?

Thank you for reading 🙂



L’Oreal Miss Candy Collection – Haul + Review + Swatches

Lately I have been a very bad girl for my wallet. I have been shopping quite a lot, I blame the pretty fall collections that have been launched lately. Moreover L’Oreal is launching Miss Candy Collection too! I have been looking at this collection in the beauty blogosphere and been waiting for so long until it hits Singapore. Finally this collection hits Singapore stores last week YAY! But I didn’t buy until few days ago when John Little is having 20% discount across all L’Oreal product (including this new launch)

If you have been following my instagram (@memoiselle), I have been posting pictures that I snapped in Guardian. The products that I saw in display were 3 new infallible eyeshadows and 4 new lipgloss.

Firstly the infallible

I think these eyeshadows are special compared to other L’Oreal Infallible that I have in my stash.. You can see that there’s some tiny freckles on the pan. I think it looks very cute and pretty. Although it doesn’t  look as pretty as Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill, I think these colors will be enough to make me happy considering this retails for S$14.90 and ETK retails for S$41 each 🙂

036 Naughty Strawberry

It’s a shimmering pink color with tiny gold freckles. The name screams cuteness! naughty strawberry 🙂 I think this is a pretty good name to describe this cute pink color.

032 Sassy Marshmallow

I have been taking many pictures to make sure that the color captured comes out as close as possible in real life. Unfortunately it always comes out as a silver. This is a blue toned grey with tiny pink freckles in it. I think this is the most wearable color among all three eyeshadows. It’s a pretty grey color that can be used as a base for smokey eye color.

031 Innocent Turquoise

a very pretty turquoise color with very tiny gold freckles. The color mixture in this eyeshadow is the least compared to Naughty Strawberry or Sassy Marshmallow. I am sure those of you who loves pop color will love this. This looks flattering on many skin tone; fair skinned asian, dark skinned and western fair skinned. a very summery color 🙂

Now to the lipgloss,

I didn’t plan to get any of the lipgloss but I ended up with two. I have never seen such a cute lipgloss. The packaging is just perfect! Can you see the pretty swirl? Oh my  I can’t stand looking at these cute little lipgloss without bringing them home with me and keep it in my everyday bag.

703 Miss Marshmallow

This one looks least flattering to me in the display. This is a combination of shimmering nude and a pale pink shimmer with glitter. It looks dull on the tube but when I swatch it on my hand it looks very pretty. It’s a shimmering pale pink color with glitters. You know I love those kinds of colors 🙂

706 Miss Orange

I know I will be getting this one when I saw this on the display. This is a combination of orange and a coral pink. When swatched, I see this color as more of a coral pink rather than orange. I bring this everyday in my bag, it’s too pretty to be neglected in my lipstick stash.

It’s very hard for me to capture the shimmer in Miss Marshmallow. You can see that there’s some pretty tiny glitters there but in real life, you can see more of them. Miss Orange looks identical to what I see in real life. As I said above, this looks more of a pretty coral pink rather than orange.

Final Thoughts:

I am glad I got my hands on these products. They are too cute to be missed. Moreover L’Oreal infallible eyeshadows texture are amazing. For S$14.90, you can get a similar texture to Eyes To Kill. Although this is less creamery than Eyes to Kill, but this is very good enough. The pigmentation is superb and this is long wearing too. The lipgloss are also great find. The color is very sweet and versatile for everyday use. The best thing of this is the swirl, I just can’t resist these cute little things. If you like sweets, candies, macaroons, cakes etc i am sure this collection is for you 🙂

What do you think of this launch? Do you like it 🙂

Thank you for reading.

My Pick from Dior Fall 2012 – Golden Jungle 001 Golden Khaki Review

Dior Fall 2012 Make Up Collection has made its way to Singapore. Out of so many brands’ fall collection, I must sat that Dior tempted me the most. The collection is wide and the products are gorgeous. Moreover I am a sucker for neutral colors, so when I saw the promo pictures I immediately knew that I am going to get few products from this collection.

Here are the things that I bought last weekend plus the samples given by the SA:

I am happy that I got the new Dior Addict Perfume samples. It smells sweet and fresh! I like it! I also got the mini 5 couleurs eyeshadow which is insanely cute! I don’t know when I would be using this but looking at it already makes me feel so happy 🙂 I got few skincare sample and mini mascara.

In this post, I am going to review Golden Jungle 001 Golden Khaki and in the end of the post you can see my FOTD with that palette 🙂

Dior Golden Jungle is available in two colors; 001 Golden Khaki and 002 Golden Brown. I must admit that Golden brown really tempted me. The matte dark brown is just so pretty and the lip color is more appealing to me. However since I knew that I would definitely get 5 Couleurs Golden Savannah, I skipped Golden brown and took Golden Khaki with me. I don’t own many khaki palette; I don’t even think I have one. Most of my khaki eyeshadows are single eyeshadow or part of my neutral color palette. I am sure I have made the right decision to get this color 🙂


Firstly, the packaging is superb! It made of metal case and it’s very heavy. Heavy casing gives me the impression that I am not cheated. I am paying a hefty price tag of S$100 for this, so I don’t like it when I got a lightweight and simple packaging. The leopard (or should I say Army?) print of this is gorgeous. There are 3 colors in this palette; a creamy silvery with minimal glitter on the top, a matte dark brown and a khaki green with a taupe undertones.

This palette is also comes with a lip color. Many eye & lip palette offers sultry and beautiful colors but the eyeshadow will eventually mess the lip color. I ended up never using the lip palette anymore which is wasted. The lip color is a sheer coral with glitter. I am liking the color a lot. One thing that makes me buy this palette is that they separate the lip color with the eyeshadow. It is so thoughtful of them to design this palette with a cover on the lip color. This will prevent the eyeshadow to mess the lip color.

Dior often launch beautifully printed eyeshadows, but many of the colors are not wearable. That’s the main reason why I am not buying those eyeshadows. But I gave up on this, this one is very pretty and the colors are just versatile. I think this one is really worth it especially this is a ‘limited edition’ thing 🙂

I did a look with Golden Khaki 🙂

Makeup Products used in this look:

Eyes: Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill in #08 Champagne for the base and inner eyelid, Golden Khaki eye palette, K-Palette real Lasting Eyeliner, Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Cheek: NARS Angelika, Wong Kar Wai for Shu Uemura 

Lip: Golden Khaki lip color


What do you think of Dior Fall collection? Are you getting anything from this collection?

Thank you for reading 🙂


YSL Rouge Volupte #7 Pink Lingerie Review and Swatch

I am glad to hear the news that YSL beauty is coming to Singapore real real soon! I really can’t wait to see YSL’s gorgeous counter in Singapore. But before that, I am going to reveal some of my recent YSL purchase in DFS Changi airport. I have never owned any YSL lipsticks yet because I think most of the lipstick packaging is too gold. However once I spotted YSL Rouge Volupte range, I know I have to have one 🙂 It was not difficult for me to choose the color from this range as the first time I saw this lipstick range, I have spotted few lipsticks that I want. Eventually I pick #7 Pink Lingerie.

Judging from its packaging, this lipstick has one of the best design. As much as I love Chanel product, I would say YSL Rouge Volupte has much better design than Chanel’s lipstick. The YSL logo in the middle shows how elegant this brand is, it also shows the exclusivity of the brand. Usually I don’t like YSL’s gold packaging but this time, I am in love with it. The gold color matches very well with that sweet pink color placed as a background of the YSL logo. The packaging is just so pretty and awesome 🙂

Rouge Volupte #7 Pink Lingerie is a very pretty pink color. It looks quite pale on my skintone but I like it. It appears to be very sweet on my lip and in my opinion this lipstick would look best when I apply a heavy smoky brown look. This lipstick will help me to look sweet even in times when I have a heavy eye look.

I picked this because the colors look very sweet when I swatch it on my arm. I didn’t swatch this on my lip because I was in a rush to grab a quick breakfast before my flight.  I didn’t know that Rouge Volupte range is the creamiest range from YSL. As much as I love the color, I would say that the texture is way too creamy. It appears to be messy on my lip on my first swipe; to make it looks good, I need to blend it with my finger. On the pictures below, you can see the swatch of this lipstick before and after I blend it.

before blended 

after blended 

As you can see in the pictures above, the “before blended” picture shows how creamy this lipstick is. It’s kinda irritating to see that texture on my lip. However after I blend the color with my finger, it looks fine and smooth. This lipstick has a very nice smell. I don’t know how to explain the smell but it smells very sweet and fresh.

Final Thought:

This lipstick is a very moisturizing product. My only complain about this lipstick is only the too creamy texture of this lipstick. Although it appears quite messy on first swipe, it should be no problem as I can always blend it with my finger. The color looks cute and I like it so much. This lipstick lasts for about 3-4 hours with me.

I hope this review helps, leave me a comment below about this product 🙂

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