Burberry Fresh Glow | Luminious Fluid Base

I have promised to myself for not buying more make up products since my holiday is coming in 2 weeks.. yay!! anyway it really hard to do so especially my office is just walking distance with one of the big shopping centre, which happens to be the only department store that stocks Burberry beauty in Sydney.

I grabbed Burberry Fresh Glow (retail for AUD70) and also their new concealer which looks like YSL touche eclat. I’m also tempted to buy the foundation but I have enough foundation and I’m happy with what I’m using at the moment.

This fluid base is very unique in my opinion, it has glow and shimmer when you apply it. If you look the bottle very closely, you can see the shimmer too.

I apply this before my foundation (and don’t forget to apply moisturizers before that) and using the same brush to apply the foundation or you can mixed a bit of this fresh glow with the foundation.

I compared Burberry Fresh Glow with Laura Mercier Primer just to show the difference of the texture, you can see that fresh glow has a shimmery effect. If you looking for primer or base for your make up, try this one. It gives you glow like its name 🙂

However,  after used this product for about a week my skin feels a bit dry than usual. It might not because of this product but I will keep use this product and moisturize more! or you can use it just in your upper cheek or forehead.




Wong Kar Wai for Shu Uemura Christmas 2011

Hi all readers!

Sorry for the late posting! Both of us are very busy with our study and working life. However, we still managed to grab few things in order to fulfill our crave for christmas products 🙂

Here’s the collection from Shu Uemura Christmas Collection. Shu Uemura is working with Hong Kong film director Wong Kar Wai to create this christmas collection. The collection consists of a broad range of products; eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, lustrous glow powder, nail polish, brush set and nail polish. What we bought from this collection are the mini nail duo and the lustrous powder.

We are very sorry that we don’t include swatch of the highlighting powder in this post. But in the future, we’ll feature the product in our FOTD post. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!



Here’s a closer look at the lustrous powder. The lustrous powder is a shimmery pale pink color that can be used as either blush or highlighter for your cheeks. I won’t say that the packaging is gorgeous. It’s just a simple design but I just love the color!


For the nail polish, I’m currently wearing the shiny rouge nail polish on my nails. The color is a purple-red color. It’s very shiny and an outstanding color for your nails. I haven’t tried the glitter gold color nail polish yet, but I’ll definitely post it when I’m wearing it!

Benefit Creaseless Creamshadow / Liner in Tattle Tale | Review and Swatch

Benefit Creaseless Creamshadows/Liner has been launched since 2009. The range of Benefit’s creamshadow is quite a lot and the colors they have are comparable to most of other brands’ creamshadows. I have purchased this creamshadow long ago. In fact, this is my oldest creamshadow.

Tattle tale is a champagne – light gold color with a shimmery effect. Since I’m a fair skinned asian, I usually wear this shadow ad a base color. I applied it all over my eyelid before I continue adding more colors to it. I also wear this as a highlighter as the color looks very soft in my skin tone thus it’s very suitable to use this as a highlighter.

For those of you who has a warm skin tone, this color would be great to use in the night time, the shimmer color would look outstanding in your eyelid. If you have been reading most of my posts, you’ll notice that I’m a fan of shimmery make up range. That’s why I love this creaseless creamshadow.

However, there’s one thing I don’t really like about this creamshadow. The texture is a bit hard, it’s not soft thus it’s a bit hard to blend the color. Apart from that, this creamshadow is a worth buying product.


Les Tendres de Chanel in Les Roses

What a beautiful day it is!

It’s cloudy outside yet it’s not raining. The wind blows my mind as I write this post while sipping my afternoon tea. It’s a perfect day to write about such a pretty blusher from Chanel. 🙂

First of all, I bought this blush on my flight to HongKong 2 months ago. I saw this beautiful palette on a flight catalogue and fell in love with it. I have never seen this in any Chanel outlet in either Singapore or Sydney. and I think this is right, one of my favorite make up blogger, Reika from frontrowbeauty confirmed my thoughts. It’s a HongKong limited edition.

This palette combined the pretty pink color for a blush and the perfect shimmer of a highlighter. There are 4 colors in the palette that I would describe as a perfect combination of a blusher and a highlighter.

as you can see abobe, the two colors on the top is a perfect cheek highlighter.

The color on the top is a very soft pink with a bit of shimmer.

The second color is a white shimmery shades.

The third color is a pink color which is perfect for a cheek blusher.

The color on the bottom is the darkest color of all four. I personally don’t really like this color on it’s own. But when it is mixed with the third color, it looks nice.


This set comes with a brush. The brush is exactly in the same shape as the one in Chanel Bronze Corail (click here for the review). The difference between the brush is only the color. Bronze Corail’s brushes comes in black color while this is in white color. If you ask me whether this brush is good enough to use, I’d say not really. It’s good enough for travelling but I’d rather use a proper blushing brush for my daily use.

Here’s the swatch for you guys:

From both pictures above, you can see clearly that the two colors on the top is very sheer. You can barely see the color on my hand.


In this picture, you can see a little difference in the two colors at the bottom of the palette. Both colors are pink, but the one at the bottom is slightly darker.


The net weight of this palette is 14g which means I can use it for quite long.


If I should compare the quality of the two shades on the top to Chanel Ombres Tissees Beiges , I’d still prefer Ombres Tissees Beiges as it has more shimmer compared to this. However, this palette is worth buying if you are in HongKong or going to HongKong 🙂



MeMo 🙂



Les Aquarelles De Chanel – Ombres Tissées Beiges Swatch

3 days ago, I was very busy with something and suddenly I got a call from Chanel Make up in ION Orchard telling me that they have a new limited edition highlighter. It’s from the Les Aquarelles De Chanel collection. I was very busy with my things that day so I thought that they offered me a Topkapi eyeshadow palette from Byzance Collection (reviewed by one of my favorite make up blogger), so I called them back to confirm whether it’s a Byzance Collection or is it a different one. They told me that the new item coming in was from Les Aquarelles De Chanel collection. So then I decided to take a look after I finish with my schedule.

Les Aquarelles Collection is the make up collection which is used for Chanel Couture Show in Paris. The purpose of this make up is to emphasize the natural look of the models. The colors of their make up is very natural. It’s mostly quite pale but very pretty.

When I walked in to the store, my favorite make up artist from Chanel greeted me and offered me this Ombres TissĂ©es Beiges. As usual, Chanel’s packaging is always very pretty. They are very sparkly and and cute.


As you can see, the color is very soft. It’s not highly pigmented. But it’s definitely going to be my favorite highlighter for my nose, cheek bones and eyes. Here I’m going to swatch the color for you:

The left color is the top color of the palette. The middle color is the second, and lastly the pink color on my hand is the color at the bottom of the palette.

I really can’t wait to experiment my make up today to create a sparkly look for this weekend 🙂

Ombres Tissées Beiges is retailing exclusively in Chanel ION Orchard at $95

Happy weekend guys,


MeMo 🙂

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