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Once I’ve seen it on catalog, I know I have to buy it.  It has a few little different things and for AUD99 its quite worth it 😀 I have to say I love gift sets or gift packs which has many things even though they’re all in mini sizes err… but there are two products which are the normal size.

I am a bit surprised when I looked at this box in David Jones and Myer, It is bigger than in picture. The box itself look really Christmas with red flower ribbon and glitter all over it.

So what’s inside?

– Miracle Eau de Parfum 5ml

– Bi-Facil Make Up Remover (full size)

– 3 different shades of mini L’Absolu Lipstick

Smaller than the normal size lipstick or Chanel Rouge Coco Shine as in picture. It comes with 3 different colors which are pink, nude/brown and red shade.

The picture below doesn’t really shown the color hope the swatches below is good enough 🙂

– Mini Le Crayon Kohl Eye Pencil in Black

– Eye Shadow & Blush compact

– 3 piece Lancome Brush kit

– Genifique Youth Activator 7ml

– Genifique Eye Cream 5ml

– Teint Miracle Foundation 5ml

– Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara (full size too!)

I have tried all the lipsticks. My thoughts on that are the lipstick is a bit creamy (I don’t use lipstick much though) but all 3 colors are wearable even the bright red color and the size is so cute, perfect to fit in the small clutch and wristlets.

 For the eyeshadow and blush compact, the color also nice and I don’t mind use them all. The only thing that let me down is the compact is a bit difficult to open 🙁

Love the brush kit so much. It doesn’t have much different size with the normal size Lancome Brush. This is one of the reason I bought this gift box.

With 2 products in full size, which probably value around $90 too, might as well buy this box right?

Oh anyway it’s a perfect gift too even though it does difficult for not getting one for yourself.

Unfortunately, in David Jones you can only use their credit cards or store cards to purchase this beauty box. Not too sure about Myer, but I heard you have to buy a perfume to buy this beauty box.

Hope everyone have a great Christmas and bless New Year!


MAC Make Up Lesson in Smoky Black | MAC Cine-Matic Collection | Review and Swatch

MAC MakeUp Lesson in Smoky Black is part of MAC Cine-matic collection. MAC Cine-matic’s collection has a very broad range of collections from brushes, lip color and make up lesson palette.

My opinion for this palette is that this palette is a very useful palette. It consist of 3 eyeshadow colors, 2 brushes, 1 eyeliner and 1 mascara.

Here’s a closer look of the 3 eyeshadows:
carbon: a very deep black eyeshadow. a perfect color for a black smoky eye make up.
ambience: a sparkly silver shade that can be used as a base color in smoky eye make up.
bisque: a champagne color that’s nice as a highlighter in the brow bone.

In the picture below, you can see the swatch of carbon and ambience. I’ve tried to swatch bisque as well but the color doesn’t show in the picture. Also, you can see the comparison of both carbon and ambience with Chanel Smoky Eye Palette . Both of them look quite similar but they’re different. 

Also there are two brushes included in this palette:
Mac 212 SE: a flat eyeliner brush. This can be used to apply gel eyeliner or to smudge.
Mac 275 SE: a medium angled brush. I’d love to use this brush to shade my brow bone and also to contour my crease.

The eyeliner included in this palette is 1 technakohl liner in black.

and here comes the mascara:
zoom lash mascara is a very good quality mascara to give your lashes more volume.

In my opinion, this smoky eye palette is a good choice for those of you who want to learn applying smoky eye make up. The palette is so complete that you might not need to buy other things to create a nice black smoky look.

When I purchased this palette, I get to know a very friendly SA from MAC, Ms Junry. She’s very helpful and honest in her opinion on make up.

so what do you guys think about this palette? leave us a comment below.



Memo 🙂

Tips on How To Rescue Dried Gel Eyeliner

Hello again!

If you have been following our blog, I have posted about my favourite gel eyeliner from Bobbi Brown, in case you haven’t read it here’s the link (click here).  Some of you might experienced that your eyeliner is getting dry, so I will share what I have experienced and what I have been told from Bobbi Brown SA and hope it helps 🙂

I tried to take a picture comparing the dried out eyeliner with the new one that I just bought, but its a bit hard to captured. Anyway the bottom line  it’s a dried eyeliner and you can tell the difference when you are about to apply the eyeliner, the new one are very smooth.

The first question to ask to yourself is how long you have been used it? If its only 2 or 3 months and it dries, I suggest you bring them back to Bobbi Brown counter and let them have a look. Since you probably not have use much from the jar considering its only 2 or 3 months and you only need tiny bit to apply, they might replace yours with a new one.

But mine has been used for about a year and its halfway used, considering the shelf-life of the product is 6 months, so it’s quite common to expect it might dry within 6 to 12 months.

There are few tips to do:

1. What you can do is try to scrapped the top part, maybe you can save the bottom bit. Here’s what I do to my gel liner:

I blend my gel eyeliner so that the bottom part and the top part are mixed together. The bottom part is usually still in a very good condition, therefore it can help the top part from being dried out. I blend it with an eyeliner brush.

You might see that the gel eyeliner has been restored again. Sorry for the bad quality picture, the black color makes it hard for me to take a clear picture.

2. Next is to dip your brush in the eyeliner and swipe a few times in the back of your hands, to give the brush a bit of heat and try apply those to your eyes. It can prevent your eyeliner become lumpy as well when applying!

I don’t suggest to use heat to treat this problem especially microwave and some trick to put eye drops and mixed it. Some people might have tried those trick and worked but I personally wouldn’t do that.

3. Another thing is to prevent your eyeliner to dried out is always replace the cap even if you still applying the eyeliner, if you think screw the cap could be troublesome try to put it upside down so the air won’t dry the eyeliner.

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to drop us questions and comments and we also love to hear your experience with dried gel eyeliner 🙂



Memo 🙂




Bobbi Brown – Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

Here it is, the item that I can’t leave home without wearing it. It’s a gel eyeliner from Bobbi Brown. I used to wear pencil eyeliner but it’s smudge very quickly then a friend of mine introduce me to this gel eyeliner, once I tried this there is no turning back. It’s a must for my day time routine.

It might sound a bit expensive for a small jar that cost $45(AUD) but it last almost a year for me and I used it everyday yes every single day.

I have tried both black ink and sepia ink but my favorite is the black ink!

They recommend to apply with Bobbi Brown Ultra fine eyeliner brush which also cost $45(AUD) too, but sometimes I just use a drug store eyeliner brush and it works just fine. Bobbi Brown Ultra fine eyeliner brush is really good in my opinion since its really fine and pointy, its a good investment though especially if you are thinking to wear this eyeliner for a while.

I will post more about the brush and how I like to apply the eyeliner later in the week. If you notice the brown color jar is slightly different with the eyeliner because it’s long-wear cream shadow from Bobbi Brown. More on that later too 🙂

So keep your eye on this blog!




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