Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette Swatches: The Rebel





Today I bring you my first Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quad; I picked up The Rebel as the shades looks rather unusual to me. The shades in this palette are calling my name as lately I have been drawn to green shades – particularly deep greens. The hype over this brand has been around since last year – people are putting such a high expectation on this brand particularly because of the woman behind this brand. Now let’s get onto the review..

Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quad consists of 4 shades:

  • Prime: a Champagne shade with very fine micro shimmers. I find this shade to be frosty.
  • Enhance: a green shade with a touch of gold sheen
  • Smoke: a satiny blue teal
  • Pop: a deep olive green with gold shimmer



Swatches: Prime – Enhance – Pop – Smoke



From these 4 shades; I’d have to say that I least like the prime shade. It’s too frosty to be used as a prime shade for my liking. The other three shades are fine for me. I particularly love the smoke shade (teal blue) and the pop shade (olive green). I love the olive shade which is packed with golden glitters.

The pigmentation of the colors varies between the shades here. The enhance shade is less pigmented compared to the pop and the smoke shade. The pop shade has the best pigmentation among the four and it glides on very smoothly without any fallout. The pop shade is the softest among the four. When I swatch the pop color on the back of my hand, I can barely see any fallout because everything glides on perfectly. However when I apply it on my lid, I can see slight fallout of the golden glitters.




Not long ago, I also purchased Burberry Eyeshadow Palette in Sage Green (reviewed here), and I did a comparison of the colors swatch as shown in the picture below. Comparing these two, I love The Rebel better – mainly because of its pigmentation and the range of colors that looks bolder.





Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette ? What is your experience?


Thank you for reading 🙂

Hourglass Eyeshadow Duo in Dune review and EOTD

Today I have Hourglass eyeshadow duo which  bought quite some time ago but only had the chance to use it one of these days. I am sure most make up lovers would have known the excellent quality of most Hourglass products. I am excited to show the pictures of the products, so scroll down to see more 😀


Hourglass eyeshadow duo in Dune comes in a unique packaging. The cap of the can be twisted unside down. It comes with a mini brush and a mirror. The eyeshadow is small in size so it’s very handy in size. The packaging is not too hefty, but the design and the packaging makes it looks nice.


Dune is a duo consisting of a champagne beige with a refined shimmer. The darker color is a deep olive green with soft gold shimmer. The olive green caught my attention as it can be used to create smokey look with less dramatic look. I like to use the champagne color on its own on my lid in the morning to wake my eyes up and make it look fresher 😉 I really love this eyeshadow duo as both shades are really good to be used on its own or to be mixed to create smokey look.

Hourglass duo eyeshadow has one of the finest and softest texture. It glides on super nicely on my lid and the pigmentation is lovely. It’s very easy to apply as it feels buttery and really smooth. Even in one layer, the color comes our true to pan. The eyeshadow blends very nicely. I like the look of the green shade when color is build up to be opaque; the fine golden shimmer looks more obvious and hence it makes the smokey looks sexy 😉



I did a simple EOTD with Dune. I applied the champagne shade all over my eye lid and I apply the olive green on my outer corner and blend it out. I added more color on my outer lid that’s nearer to my eyelash and to my half lower eye lid.




PicMonkey Collage.jpg


Overall I am really in love with Hourglass Duor eyeshadow in dune. I love the shades and the ultra smooth texture. I bought mine from True Colors in Singapore before they close their outlet in Ngee Ann City. Hourglass eyeshadow duo is available in Barney’s.


Thank you for reading


By: Meryl

Burberry Spring 2014 Collection: Eyeshadow Palette in Sage Green



Here’s one of Burberry eyeshadow palette which is released for Burberry EnglishRose collection (Spring 2014). There are two eyeshadow palette that are released for this collection; Rose no 10 and Sage Green no 15. Both palettes are so pretty and I have a hard time to decide which one I shall pick up. Eventually I decided to pass on Rose palette as I already owned a few pink shades eyeshadow palette. I secretly wish that I would still grab the Rose palette but as of now, I am still standing firm to say no to buy both shades..LOL!

I am a big fan of Burberry make up products particularly their eyeshadow and blushes. They have beautiful packaging encased in a silver metal casing which has a magnetic cap. The packaging is heavy and printed with Burberry pattern. It comes with a velvety pouch and mini brushes too.



As the name suggest, Sage Green reminds me of a fresh herbs which brings my mind to lovely green fields. The 4 shades in this palette are created to complement each other. The bronze in that palette helps me to create a natural look with a pop of green. I don’t usually wear mint green but with the mix of bronze, I am feeling more comfortable to try green on my eyes.

Here are my description of the shades in this palette:

  • a broken white with frosty finish. I don’t really like this shade as it has a frosty finish, but I find that it works fine as a inner corner eyelid highlighter
  • The second shade from the top is a brown shade with a slight silver tone in it.
  • The third shade is a mint green which has a bit of greyish tone. This shade is quite sheer and it took me 2-3 layers to show the shade in the swatch below
  • The bottom shade would be a deeper shade of green. This is the shade which made my decision to pick this palette instead of “rose”, this shade of green is unique and unusual.





Although I find that the mint green shade is quite sheer compared to the other shades, in general the pigmentation of Sage Green palette is fine but it is less pigmented compared to other Burberry palette. Burberry is consistently delivering a soft and buttery eyeshadow palette. Sage Green has lovely texture; it is soft and nice to touch. I love the buttery texture whenever my finger touches the eyeshadow.


Lately I have been drowned to green themed eyeshadow, and Sage Green is one of them. Sage Green would be lovely for those of you who prefers a soft green look without being too bold. I personally like this palette quite well; the deeper green pops nicely on my lid when applied and it blends well with the brown shade.


Hope the swatches helps 🙂


Thanks for reading!

By: Meryl

Chantecaille The New Classic Palette Review and Swatches



I must admit.. There are lots of drafts sitting quietly on my blog which I have not followed up and posted. One of those posts is this Chantecaille The New Classic Palette. I have been wanting to get Chantecaille palette for a long time and I choose Chantecaille Classic as my first as it was on sale for £50.

I love the packaging of the Chantecaille The New Classic palette. It is packaged in a metal case, the size is rather big and it is actually the biggest quad I have owned. The quad is hefty and casing is reflective. There’s a “C” pattern in every eyeshadow inside this palette. There’s one thing that actually bothers me.. There was no satin/fabric pouch given together with the palette. For the price of £75 (I bought it at £50 in Harrods during New Year season), I thought it would be nicer if I got an eyeshadow quad that comes with a fabric pouch.



The shades in this palette has a thin shimmer overspray. After the first swatch, the shimmer faded and I can see the true color of each shade. The eyeshadow palette has a net weight of 12g which I consider to be one of the palette that carry the heaviest amount of product.

Chantecaille  new classic palette consists of 4 shades :

  • Base/Highlighting color – Valerian : The base shade is a ivory white with a subtle shimmer
  • Eye Color – Thistle : is a taupe – plummy shade with a satiny finish
  • Eye Liner – Lavender: On the pan, it looks like it’s a very deep plum shade. However when swatched under indoor lighting, it looks like a very dark grey shade on my arm. This shade has a satiny finish too.
  • Cheek Shade – Rose: The shade turned up to be a soft peachy pink rather than rosy pink on me.






The texture of the eyeshadow is very smooth. Although it is not the softest eyeshadow I have every tried, the smoothness of this eyeshadow is really mind blowing! The pigmentation of Valerian is fine but nothing extra ordinary; It was rather sheer at first, I have to swipe it twice – thrice to get the color to come out. But for the rest, the color comes out to be fine. I experienced no fall out at all during application and the eye shadow sets nicely.

For the kind of pigmentation this palette has, I feel like this palette is more suitable for people who wants an easy to go palette that could never go wrong. The shades can be sheer when it is used lightly, hence it is hard to find yourself in a situation where you have applied too much. In the look I created below, I used my finger to apply Valerian all over my lid as a base color. Then I applied Thistle on my lower lid lightly and finally used Lavender on my outer crease and blend it out. To finish the look, I add one more layer of Valerian to make the eye look more contrast.






I still would like to try other Chantecaille eye shadow quad particularly the “Save the bees” and the “wild horses” palette. But given the fact that the eyeshadow quad is so expensive, I shall wait for a while before I splurge on another Chantecaille 🙂



Have you ever tried any Chantecaille palette? What’s your experience with it?


Thank you for reading!


By: Meryl

Chanel Spring 2013: Illusion d’Ombres in Diapasson & Le Vernis in Tapage Swatches



After reading so many positive review on Diapasson, I finally decided to purchase this item. Diapasson is added to the permanent collection and it is a deep purple with very fine shimmer. I am a big fan of Chanel Illusion d’Ombre; I love the bouncy and smooth texture. The eyeshadow is so easy to apply and to blend and the pigmentation is superb!




Diapasson is a deep purple with duochrome effect. In certain light, I see it as a deep purple and sometime I see a hint of brown in it. In this picture, I couldn’t really capture the shimmer but you may see the fine shimmers in the next picture below. I applied two layers on the swatch below. The swatches below is taken outdoor with indirect sunlight.





I did a comparison of Diapasson and some other two Illusion d’Ombres that I think might look similar. They are Illusoire and Ebloui. The swatches below is taken under indoor lighting. The shimmers are captured better here.

Initially I thought Illusoire would look quite similar to Diapasson but it turned out that Illusoire looks much deeper and it has a deep grey tone in it too. Ebloui carries a plummy tone but it also leans more to brown shade.




I also purchased the nail polish shade from this collection. Le Vernis Tapage looks like a very deep pink that leans towards red. I love Chanel red nail polish so I thought of adding this to my red nail polish collection. In the swatch below, I applied two coats of Tapage and I used Chanel Extreme Shine top coat.

Here’s a quick swatch of Tapage:





And there it goes my pick for Chanel Spring 2013! I have posted a short review of Chanel Quad in Quadrille and the Cream Blush in Intonation few days ago, you may read the post here.

So what is your pick from this collection?


Thank you for reading


By: Meryl



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