Hakuhodo in Beauty Asia 2014

I got a chance to pay a visit to Beauty Asia 2014 in Suntect City Level 4. It’s exciting to visit the Hakuhodo booth and play around with the brush. Here’s some pictures I took on the event:

Hakuhodo is one of the most packed booth in Beauty Asia. Last year I did not have the chance to pay a visit to Beauty Asia and I can understand the excitement as last year they were not selling the brushes and they are selling the brushes this year.

image (1)

image (5)

image (4)


Here are some range of brushes which I took pictures of:

Kokutan Series

image (2)

S Series

image (3)

Yachiyo Brushes

image (6)


So here’s my purchase from Hakuhodo booth in Beauty Asia:



Here are my first impression on the brushes I picked; this is not a review and this is solely based on my first thought.

  • S104: This brush is made of goat hair. The hair is soft and nicely packed. It is not too dense . The shape of this brush is round and rather domed.  I purchase this for my Guerlain meteorites application,
  • B002: This is the brush that I am most excited to try on. This brush is made of blue squirrel which makes it super duper soft. The hair is not densely packed which makes this ideal for loose powder application with natural finish. My Suqqu Cheek brush is made of Squirrel hair too (grey Squirrel) and the softness of the hair is comparable. Looking at the shape, I think this brush would be suitable to apply both loose powder and finishing powder.
  • J110: This is one of the most talked blush brush in beauty blogosphere. I was wandering around Hakuhodo booth and finally decided to purchase this one. According to hakuhodo website, this is the best selling and must-have blusher brush. This brush is made of goat hair. It is not too dense hence I think it should be safe for pigmented blush.
  • J5523: This is said to be the closest dupe to MAC 217. I have not use it yet so I can’t comment much on this; but looking at the shape, it really looks similar to MAC 217
  • J5522: This eye shadow tapered brush has longer hair compared to J5523. The shape somehow looks like Tom Ford eye blending brush #13 but it looks thinner and less dense. I have not compared them into details hence I can’t tell which brush works better for me. I plan to use this to blend my outer edges and to blend out hard edges.


Hakuhodo will be back to Singapore in March. They will be setting up a booth for 2 weeks in Takashimaya, so if you would like to know more about the product, do pop by to Takashimaya next month :)


What is your favorite brush from Hakuhodo?


Thank you for reading!


By: Meryl


Tom Ford Cream Foundation, Blush, Bronzer Brushes Review



Hello everyone!

I am going to share with you my Tom Ford Face Brushes. If you have been following me on instagram, you’d notice how much I love Tom Ford brushes. In the past 1.5 years, I have been collecting these three brushes which I am absolutely in love with. I started off with my Tom Ford Cheek brush and I have been enjoying the brush so much that I decided to get the cram foundation brush and the bronzer brush.



Cream Foundatiom Brush Review

I bought the cream foundation brush in Singapore. The brush was retailing for SGD 100-SGD120 (I couldn’t remember the exact price). I mainly use it for contouring my cheek bone area.

As you can see in the picture above, Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush is the smallest compared to the Cheek brush and the Bronzer brush. The brush is densely packed and it is very soft. The size helps me to apply bronzer to the cheek bone area easilly. Other than for contouring, I am also using this brush to apply cream blush like Le Blush Creme de Chanel. It works very well to apply the cream blush; it picks up the pigments very well and blend the color into my skin nicely. I have never used this brush to apply cream foundation as I don’t use cream foundation in my make up regime.

This brush is made of white goat hair. I am in love hate relationship with white hair brush. White brush makes the brush looks luxurious and there won’t be cases where the color of the brush will be transfered during brush wash time. However if you have been using the brush regularly for more than a year, you may find that the color of the brush is more yellowish rather than white.


Bronzer Brush

Bronzer brush is the latest brush from Tom Ford which I acquired. My mum helped me to get this brush while she visited USA about 3 months ago as this brush is not available in Singapore. This brush is retailing for USD 115.

As the name suggests, this brush is meant to apply bronzer all over your face. However I don’t use bronzer for the sake of creating tan look over my face. I mainly use bronzer for sculpting and defining my face shape. I use this brush to swirl it all over my face after finishing my make up to make sure that everything is well blended.

Cheek Brush

I did a full review of Tom Ford’s cheek brush before. You may read it here


Here’s a picture for you to see the difference in the brush head:


On Washing These Brushes

I use these brushes frequently. For the cheek brush, I can say that I use it almost everyday. For the cheek brush, I make sure that i always wash the brush every week. And for the bronzer brush and cream foundation brush, I wash it once in two weeks or when it is necessary.

I’m going to talk about my cheek brush as I have using that for more than a year. For the first 9 months, the hair of the brush does not shed at all. However after the firdt 9 months, I can see 1-2 hairs had shed. I think this is fine as I have been using this brush religiously almost everday. Moreover I don’t see the handle of the brush becoming rusty at all. The gold handle remains the same after more than a year of using it. I hope the same goes to my bronzer brush and cream foundation brush after a year of using it.


Final Thought:

I personally take these 3 brushes as top 10 favorite brushes on my stash. Looking at the quality of the brushes, there’s no reason for me not to like these brushes. The hair is dense, smooth and the design of the brush looks very hefty and luxurious. The only down side of these brushes is  the price. With the price tag of SGD 100+, I don’t think these brushes are must have. However, if you want to have superb quality brushes without having to worry much about the quality for the next few years, these brushes are worthy to have. I’d highly recommend the cheek brush as it is the most versatile brush among the three. The cheek brush can be used for blush application, and also bronzer or even powder.

Have fun exploring Tom Ford Brushes!


Have you tried any of Tom Ford Brushes? What do you think of them?



Thank you for reading!


By: Meryl

My First Post of “What is in My Current Make Up Bag?” – November Edition

image (2)



Hello everyone!

It’s my first ”What is in My Current Make Up Bag?” post ever. I am so excited to write this post as these products are the ones I use regularly for my touch ups. I hope I would be able to post this regularly once every 2 months or so. So here are the products I currently have on my make up bag:

  • NARS Fairy’s Kiss Palette: This is the palette that I currently have on my make up bag. It has 6 versatile shades to be used for my day/night look. I did a review of this palette on my previous post. You may read the review HERE
  • Chanel Compact Mirror which I received from a friend. I am really glad that she gave me this mirror, I love how beautiful the red color is.
  • Urban Decay Naked FLUSHED palette: This is a genius palette which I love a lot. It is a complete three in one palette consisting of bronzer, blush and highlighter. The shade can be used nicely on people with either dark or light skin tone. I have done a detailed review HERE
  • YSL Touche Eclat: This is a must have product on my make up pouch. I use this product to highlight my browbone and as a corrector. Believe it or not, I have never changed this product from my make up bag for more than a year as I find this product is very useful as a touch up tool.
  • Rimmel Stay Matte powder: This is a relatively new product that I tried recently. So far this powder has works pretty well on me. It helps to control the oil in my T-zone area. I must admit that this powder is not the best powder I’ve tried but considering the price I paid, I am happy to repurchase this again.
  • Maybelline Rocket Mascara: This mascara is my current favorite mascara. It helps to lengthen my eyelash and at the same time it makes my lashes looks thicker. I have a short and rather droopy mascara and there are only few mascara that works for me. Maybelline Rocket mascara stays for the whole day for me without smudging. Moreover, cleaning this mascara is so easy! Warm water is all you need to clean all the mascara on the lashes.
  • Chanel Retractable Kabuki Brush: I love the softness of this brush. The hair are dense and this brush can be used as a blush brush, bronzer brush and even powder brush. It’s a perfect brush to be kept in my make up pouch. I have reviewed the product previously, you may read it HERE
  • YSL Glossy Stain in 101 Reckless Pink: What I love about YSL Glossy stain is the texture. The shade stays on for a long time (4-5 hours at least) and the I love the shine this lipstain has. I specially love shade “reckless pink” as it looks natural on my lip but the shine it has adds something more to my look. I have reviewed & swatched YSL Glossy Stain Rebel Nudes on one of my blogpost HERE
  • Chanel Rouge Allure in 88 Evanescente: This is a natural pinkish nude lipstick. I always rotate my nude lipstick shade every two weeks or every month. This is to make sure that all my nude lipsticks are well loved :p
  • Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner: hands down! This has got to be my all time fave liquid eyeliner. It has never fail to stay on my lid for the whole day without smudging. The brush size is nicely designed; it’s not too long and not too pointy, the size is just nice to apply line along my lash line. This eyeliner retails at SGD 20-25 (I can’t remember the exact price) at major drugstore in Singapore.
  • Last but not least, is a Chloe perfume miniature. This is one of my fave perfume and it’s always a pleasure to add a bit of smell after a long day at work.


Wah I just realized that I have quite a lot of things on my make up pouch ;) Some of my friends have commented that I have so many things on my make up bag; however I enjoy bringing these make up on my bag. It’s a pleasure to do a touch up during lunch break or after work before dinner.

I’ll try to rotate the products in my make up bag and I hope that I’ll be able to write on this topic on a regular basis :)



Share with me on what you have on your make up bag, please :)



Thank you for reading!


By: Meryl





Quick Review: Chanel Retractrable Kabuki Brush

Hi all,

I finally got myself my first Chanel brush. I have been wanting to buy a Chanel brush but none of their brushes attracts me because they’re expensive and the hair does not feel as soft as I expect it to be. However when I heard that Chanel is releasing a kabuki brush and after reading the review from Ommorphia Beauty Bar , I decided to get this brush.



So how does Chanel Retractable Kabuki Brush feels?

This brush is a dome shaped brush with a very dense hair. It feels super soft; how should I say it?  It is just very very soft. Is it comparable to the softness of Tom Ford brushes? Definitely yes. The hair is made of synthetic hair and it can be used for applying all over powder, blush and even helps to contour your face.






This brush is my first retractable brush which I can safely put in my make up bag. I don’t need to worry that the brush will get dirty or will change in shape because it is nicely protected by the brush cap. It is my go to touch up brush when I am not at home; I am using this to reapply my blush and bronzer. The density of this brush helps me to apply bronzer to sculpt my face. It also helps me to even blend my blush after reapplying it.



I have also washed my brush once. I did not take a picture of the brush afterwards. But I  can tell you that the brush doesn’t change in shape and the hair does not shed after washing. Because of its density, it took about 12 hours to be completely dry.

Final Thought:

Overall, I am madly in love with this brush for its softness and density. It’s just a pity that it comes in white colored hair, because I know eventually the color won’t look as white as what it looks like now. Nevertheless, I am still loving this brush a lot :)


Have you checked out this brush? What do you think of it?



Thank you for reading


By: Meryl

Tom Ford 13 Eye Shadow Blend Brush Review and Comparison




Lately I have been collecting more and more brushes as I feel that brush is a good investment for my make up addiction in the long term. I am adding this Tom Ford Eye Shadow Blend Brush to my collection. I have been reading few positive review on this brush and decided to give this brush a try. So here’s my review :)

IMG_5138The handle of Tom Ford eye brush is a sleek black color and plated gold metal nearing to the brush hair. The brush feels heavy and the hair comes in white color. I really love how luxurious this brush looks. However the white colored hair will eventually turned out to be dirty after a while.

IMG_5139Tom Ford’s brushes are made of goat hair and it feels uber soft! Tom Ford’s brushes have one of the best goat hair quality. I owned several goat hair brushes from other brand and none of them feels as soft as Tom Ford’s.

I have few eye blending brushes to compare with Tom Ford Eye Blending Brush pictured here:


L-R: MAC 217 Blending Brush – Tom Ford Eye Blending brush – MAC 226 Tapered Blending – Sigma E25

IMG_5141 L-R: MAC 217 Blending Brush – Tom Ford Eye Blending brush – MAC 226 Tapered Blending - Sigma E25

Firstly, I’d like to compare Tom Ford 13 Blend Brush to the famous MAC 217 blending brush. MAC 217 is my absolute favorite eye brush; it could be used to apply eyeshadow all over my eye lid, blending the colors and even applying concealer. So how does Tom Ford Blending Brush differs from MAC 217?

MAC 217 has a wider brush shape whereas Tom Ford 13 Blend Brush shape is longer and it is more pointing.In terms of hair quality, Tom Ford blending brush is softer than MAC. This is no surprise as Tom Ford brush price is double the price of MAC 217. My eyes are the typical small Asian; and for me MAC 217 does the blending better than Tom Ford blending brush. Tom Ford blending brush hairs are denser compared to MAC 217. Tom Ford blending brush does great job to for crease brush and it can also be used as a bigger pointing brush. Whenever I almost finish my smokey eye make up, I will usually reach for this brush to add on a bit of dark shade to  accentuate the look. In this case, Tom Ford eye blending brush does its job very well.

Secondly, let’s compare Tom Ford blending brush to MAC 226 Tapered Blending. MAC 226 is a limited edition brush which I got more than a year ago. If MAC 217 and 226 are compared to Tom Ford 13 Blend Brush, The shape of MAC 226 is closer to Tom Ford blending brush compared to MAc 217. MAC 226 is slightly shorter than Tom Ford eye blending brush. These two brushes have dense hair (but Tom Ford brush is still denser) and both are great for crease brush.If you see this brush from the top, Tom Ford brush shape is more pointing and smaller in the end compared to MAC 226. These two brushes are comparable; they perform well for blending crease area and applying the outer crease. I couldn’t decide which one I like better because both works very well and each brush has its own excellence. Tom Ford brush is denser so it does better job to blend the crease however MAC 226 has a wider brush end which makes it does better job in blending.

Now onto comparison with Sigma E25. SigmaE25 is said to be the dupe for MAC 217. I have to disagree with this as Sigma E25 is not as dense as MAC 217 and E25brush has a wider end compared to MAC 217. The shape of Sigma E25 and Tom Ford 13 Blend Brush is very different. Sigma E25 is much wider, less dense and Tom Ford 13 Blend brush is longer and denser. I prefer to use Sigma E25 to apply eyeshadow all over my eye, it doesn’t work well with me as a blending brush as it’s not dense enough for my liking.

Final Thought:

I am glad that Tom Ford 13 Blend Brush is different with the rest of my blending brushes in my stash. However If I would have to pick my fave from these four brushes featured in this post, I shall go with MAC 217. MAC 217 is not cheap but it’s more affordable compared to Tom Ford 13 Blend Brush. MAC 217 does the blending better than Tom Ford 13 Blend Brush. I have read several blogs saying that Tom Ford Blend Brush is their HG blending brush – I hope soon enough I’ll get to say that too. I think I would need more time to play with this brush and understand this brush more.

Overall Tom Ford Blend Brush does not disappoints. It’s not the best blending brush I have tried but it does its job pretty well. Other than that, the quality of the hair is worth checking too. It’s very soft and dense :)

So what’s  your fave blending brush? Share with me :)

Thank you for reading.

By: Meryl

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