YSL Palette Parisian Nite Rue de Babylone Swatches





Christmas is getting nearer and more holiday collections are released. Today I have YSL Holiday Collection – Parisian Nite Collection -Rue de Babylone. This collection consist of few products – the eyeshadow palette in Avenue Marceau, this blush and

This blush is released for the holiday season 2013 and it’s a limited edition. This is an Asia Exclusive product.






The packaging comes in the usual YSL gold casing. But this time, the casing has a lovely pink heart with YSL logo in it. YSL Rue de Babylone blush has the same design with the packaging.



Rue de Babylone is a beautiful blush. The love YSL logo sculpted in the blush is lovely and very girly. The shade of the blush on the outer side is a matte baby pink and there’s an overspray on the heart shaped YSL shade.

Direct Sunlight




Indirect Sunlight





This picture were taken at YSL event I attented last week. You can see more pictures in my instagram account @memoiselle.





Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 8.46.53 AM



YSL Rue de Babylone will be retailing at $70 in Singapore 

Thank you for reading!

By: Meryl


Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Sophie


Hello everyone,

As you know, I am such a big fan of Illamasqua powder blush. Previously I have reviewed Illamasqua blush in Hussy, and today I have Sophie which has different finish compared to Hussy.



IMG_5477Sophie is a peachy shade with golden shimmer. On the pan, somehow it reminds me of Nars Orgasm blush. Both of them have the rosy peachy pink – rosy shade and the shimmers too. However after comparing these two, I realized that Nars Orgasm is more shimmery and it looks more rosy; whereas Sophe emphasized more on the peachy pink shade rather than the rosy shade.

Sophie has a beautiful texture; it is nicely pigmented and it feels very smooth. The swatch is true to pan on the first swatch. The peachy pink shade is suitable for many skintones and the shimmer in this blush is just nice to give you that beautiful glow without making you look like a disco ball. It is very easy to build up the color and the texture is not chalky.

In the swatches below, you can see the difference when the blush is blended and when it is swatched. When it is blended, it looks natural with the glow from the shimmer. I absolutely adore how beautiful is the peachy pink glow of this blush.



In the picture below, I also did a comparison swatch between Illamasqua Sophie and Hussy. They are quite similar in color, but hussy has more color pigments compared to Sophie.




Overall, I think Illamasqua blushes are worth every cents I have paid. I bought this for £ 18 in the UK which is approximately SGD36 (based on current exchange rate) and the quality is superb. I love the shade and I love the glow this blush provides.

I really can’t wait till Illamasqua opened their first counter in Singapore very soon!


Here are some other Illamasqua products I have reviewed previously:

Illamasqua Neutral Eye Palette

Illamasqua Blush in Hussy


I’d like to know what you think of Illamasqua blushes if you have tried it before. Any thoughts?



Thank you for reading!



By: Meryl

Le Blush Creme de Chanel in Affinite, Revelation and Presage Swatch

Chanel Fall 2013 make up collection has been launched since two months ago and I still can’t stop to talk about how gorgeous the collection is. I have mentioned how much I love Chanel cream blush in Revelation in my previous post here and now I am going to show you another two more blush that I picked up recently. This time I picked up Affinite and Presage.




Affinite is a a bright bubble gum pink. This shade has a blue toned in it. The shade looks very bright on the pan but when it is swatched lightly, it doesn’t look as bright as what you see on the pan. Just remember to dab on lightly and build the shade slowly. I think this shade is suitable for ladies with both light skin and dark skin.

Presage is a coral/orange shade and it is a Limited Edition shade. I don’t usually wear orange shade on my cheek but this shade is an exception. I like how this shade does not make me look washed out but it actually freshen up my whole look. I would suggest for you to grab this shade if you have the chance. This shade is very easy to use and you will less likely to go wrong with it. It is a limited Edition shade so make sure you are not missing this one 🙂





Tips on applying the product:

After trying and testing these products for a while, I realized that there are many ways to apply Chanel Cream blush.

  • Firstly; using your own finger to dab the product onto your cheek. What I usually do is I after I finished applying all my base product, I start to dab my finger and apply it onto my cheek and spread the product evenly to my cheek bone and make sure that the color spreads nicely. If I want to have a more popping blush, I’ll add another layer.
  • Secondly, is to use brush to pick up the color and blend it together. The first brush that I’d recommend to use is Real Technique stippling brush. This brush helps to pick up the color easily but helps to control the application to look natural. The bristles in Real Technique stippling brush is very soft and less dense, hence it helps to spread the color evenly without picking up unnecessary amount of color.
  • Other than real Technique Stippling Brush, I would also recommend Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush. Tom Ford Cream Foundation brush has denser bristles.


Overall I think Chanel has launched a great collection of cream blushes. It is definitely one of my favorite range of cream blushes out there. The texture is emollient and creamy; more over it stays for a very long time.


Thank you for reading!



By: Meryl


Giorgio Armani Fall 2013 Kaleidoscope – Scarabeo Mystic Blue






Hello lovelies,

Today I have a gorgeous palette from Giorgio Armani to talk about. This palette is part of Giorgio Armani’s fall 2013 collection – Kaleidoscope. I picked Mystic Blue ; it’s a palette consisting of 3 eyeshadows and a blush. I must say that all the eyeshadow shades in Giorgio Armani Kaleidoscope collection are amazing. I had a hard time choosing which palette to get and in the end I decided to get Mystic Blue 🙂




The eyeshadow consists of 3 shades in blue-purplish tone. The shade on the left is the darkest which looks a dark purple-greyish shade. The middle shade looks like a soft purple in the pan but it is actually much nicer than what it looks like on the pan as it has a glamorous duo chrome shade. It looks like a light blue shade when swatches and at the same time it also contains a purple shimmer on it. I really like the shade as the shimmer doesn’t make me look like a disco ball. The shade on the right is my favorite, it’s a mid toned blue with metallic sheen.

These three shades really impressed me. The pigmentation is great; the color shows up in one layer without primer. I also love how smooth this eyeshadow feel. It’s very nice to swatch these shades as it is very easy to play with.




Now onto the blush. I would describe this blush as a peachy pink shade with golden shimmer and This blush actually reminds me of Nars Deep Throat and Nars Orgasm. This shade would be an ideal shade between Nars Deep Throat and Nars Orgasm.  The blush has great pigmentation; so I need to make sure that I dont overdabbed my brush on this. It’s better to build up the color rather than to have too much product in one swipe.







Overall, I am very much in love with this palette as it has 3 gorgeous eyeshadow shade ad a blush. The eyeshadow shades are very unique and unusual. While the shade of the blush is nothing unusual, but it is the kind of color which really appeals to me. The pigmentation and the texture of both the blush and the eyeshadow are  very nicely pigmented and soft. I have no reason to dislike this palette 🙂 a great one to pick, I’d say!



Thank you for reading!


By: Meryl


Burberry Blush Swatch Fest!

Hello lovelies!!


Today I’m going to show you the swatch of all Burberry blushes I have in my stash. I have acquired these items for almost two years from Burberry Beauty in Tangs, online purchases or Luxasia Sale. I am simply in love with Burberry products, they are by far one of my favorite beauty brand products. I love their minimalistic collections and their product is simple and easy to use.

I won’t be talking much about the texture of each Burberry blushes in this post as I want to focus on the swatches. I am going to separate these blushes into three categories; the bright pinks, dusty pinks and corals/nudes.

1. The Bright Pink

Here I have Coral Pink, Hydrangea Pink and Rose to show you. Hydrangea Pink and Coral Pink is part of Burberry Spring 2013 collection. I have written a more detailed review in the previous post, the link can be found here. Both Hydrangea Pink and Coral Pink are a very bright pink blush; the only difference is Coral Pink is slightly toned down as it is mixed with coral. Rose is quite similar to Coral Pink, however Rose leans more to softer coral and have lesser pink undertone.




2. Dusty Pink



In this categories, I am comparing Cameo, Misty and Rose. Cameo and Misty looks really dusty on the pan but Rose is leaning more to peachy shade. Misty is my favorite on this range; I love the soft dusty pink shade that’s so wearable on my skin tone. Cameo looks pretty nice to me too but it is more pigmented so I need to be careful in dabbing my brush to pick the right amount of powder. Rose is looking more similar to Cameo, but Cameo looks more dusty.

3. Nudes




The third categories I put here is the nudes. I find this range to be the most unique range as I rarely find this range of blush shade in other brand blush range. Earthy and Tangerine are both nude shades and suitable for bronzing to me. I don’t really use Earthy as a blush as it is too dark for me. I use it mainly for contouring. Tangerine is a unique shade; it looks dusty coral to me, I use this as a blush shade and I try to apply it lightly as it would look too orange if my brush has taken too much product from the pan.


I must say that Burberry is one of my favorite make up brand. The quality of products are amazing and it is packaged in a elegant casing. Among all the Burberry blushes I have, my favorite shade is Misty and Coral Pink. Lately I have been reaching to these shades more often. Earthy and Tangerine is really unique for me. I don’t use it as much but it’s a pleasure looking at the shades in the pan.


I hope this post helps you to compare Burberry blush shades. Which one is your fave?


Thank you for reading!



By: Meryl


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