Kiehl’s 100% Satisfaction & Money-Back Guarantee! Campaign

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At Kiehl’s, we focus on the quality of our ingredients and the efficacy of our formulations.  We are so confident in our formulas that we want you to ‘Try Before You Buy’,” shares Cheryl Vitali, Worldwide General Manager of Kiehl’s Since 1851.In 2011, we provided over 40 million samples to customers. We are certain that we have a formula to solve each customer’s unique skin care needs and our customers appreciate that there is no risk.  They can try the product and ensure it is right for them before making a purchase.

 “We don’t sell our products, we share them.

We want you to be 100% satisfied.”

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

Visit any Kiehl’s store in the world and you’ll find interesting, educated, friendly people – Kiehl’s Customer Service Representatives (KCRs) – in white lab coats ready to help you. Instead of trying to make a sale, they offer appropriate samples so that customers can try the products before they buy them. Allowing KCRs this “no pressure” period of time to work with customers ensures the appropriate products are selected. The customer ultimately feels more confident, both in the service and advice they have received as well as in the products themselves, which also minimizes the need for returns. However, if a customer does want to return a product at any time and for any reason, our KCRs will gladly find an appropriate alternative product – or offer a 100% money-back guarantee, within 28 days of purchase.


The Kiehl’s Way: 

Our promise to every customer in every Kiehl’s store, all over the world.

The Kiehl's Commitment

  • We focus on the quality of our formulations.

For more than 160 years, we have served our customers efficacious formulations for skin and hair developed with the most advanced technologies and rich in high concentrations of natural ingredients at great value

  • We provide formulas that are clinically safe.

Kiehl’s formulation standards are historic and based on our rich apothecary heritage to create the safest and most efficacious products that respect the skin barrier. These include the use of high concentrations of quality ingredients known to be safe, gentle and efficacious and natural ingredients combined with advanced skincare science; as well as minimal use of artificial colorants and no use of “masking” fragrances.

  • We provide personalized consultations.

Whenever a customer visits a Kiehl’s store or counter anywhere in the world, they can always expect to receive a personalized consultation complete with appropriate product and sample recommendations.

  • We believe in a “Try Before You Buy” sampling philosophy.

We are so confident in our products that we know that if we can just get our formulas into the hands of our customers that they will appreciate their fine quality, and at the very least they will leave having had a unique and memorable experience with us.

  • We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

At Kiehl’s, we stand behind the quality of our products and our service. Our KCRs are committed to ensuring that appropriate product selections and individualized regimen advice are provided to every customer. Throughout our 162 years of service, we at Kiehl’s have always offered a 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee to our customers, within 28 days of purchase.



My comment:

I think Kiehl has come out with an amazing campaign. I doubt there are many companies are ready to implement “money back guarantee” to their customer. Kiehl’s is definitely doing a great move to rest assure their customers that they are committed to provide products that is suitable for all the customers. I like this campaign! 🙂



Disclaimer: The information and pictures posted in this post are extracted from Kiehl’s press kit. 


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