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I am going to share with you my thoughts of The Body Shop Nutriganics Drop of Youth. Lately I have been quite obsessed with skincare products such as serums, moisturizers and makeup base. As I grow older, I realize the importance of my daily skin care staples. The Body Shop products have always been my choice since I was still a teenager, so when I was offered to try Nutriganics Drop of Youth, I am very happy to try this product 🙂

I have shared with you The Body Shop Skin Diagnostic Tools in my previous post, I have tried it and I think each one of us need to try that tool to know what’s your skin care regime should be.

Now let’s begin with why you should try this products!

A Worldwide Success

It’s the first anniversary of the launch of Drops ofYouth – and we’ve got plenty to celebrate! One year on, this clever concentrate has become a phenomenal worldwide success.

one bottle is sold every minute2.Wow!

Why so successful? It takes only 28 days for Drops of Youth to transform your skin.

Smooth sensation! Fine lines appear smoother – yes, really!

Get glowing! Skin looks more radiant, almost like you’re lit from within

Freshen up! Skin tone looks fabulously fresh and more even

Be a big softie! Skin feels softer, super-silky and more supple.
87% of users said their skin felt softer after using NutriganicsTM Drops ofYouth3 

My Own Review 

The Packaging:

Nutriganics is packaged in a green glass tube with a dropper. I like the idea of the dropper because it makes the application more hygienic that we don’t need to dab our fingers into the product. Visually this product looks promising to me as the color is green, hence it makes me feel that this product is packed with natural ingredients :p

The Texture:

Nutriganics has a texture that feels like jelly. It glides on my face easily and I usually applied two drops of product to be applied on my face. Nutriganics absorbs easily after 1-2 minutes. It makes my face feels fresh.

The Smell:

One thing I like from The Body Shop products are the smell. The scents in The Body Shop skin care ranges are not too much. I personally don’t like skincare that smells too strong; Products that don’t smell strong gives me the impression of a natural product. Nutriganics has a nice smell that lingers but it does not smell strong, so I like the smell of this product.

How I apply Nutriganics:

After I washed my face, I apply two drops of Nutriganics all over my face. I wait for about 1-2 minutes until the products are absorbed into my skin. Then I apply my moisturizer all over my face. Then I will apply my foundation, powder and other make up. I only apply Nutriganics in the morning. For my night time regime, I am using serum from other brand.


After using Nutriganics for 2 weeks, I do feel my skin is more moisturized and hydrated. My skin is oily at the T-zone but tend to be dry on my cheek and neck area. On the area that tends to be dry, I feel that Nutriganics has helped me to hydrate my skin better. However I don’t feel that it gives me more radiance. It might take more time to see the radiance result.

Overall, I am satisfied with Nutriganics for helping me to have a more hydrated skin. The packaging looks nice and simple, and it smells fine. It doesn’t have any strong smell which I dislike.


Thank you for reading!

By: Meryl

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post is provided by the company/PR representative. Some of the information above is extracted from The Body Shop press kit. However my review is written based on my experience. My review is genuine, honest and unbiased.



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  1. The Body Shop is really making its way around the blogosphere! I’ve been boycotti it for a while but now I feel like something must have changed. Thanks for the review 🙂

  2. Chris El says:

    I’ve been trying out different skin care products lately, but I’ve never tried Body Shop. Anything else you recommend?

  3. Stacey says:

    I love the look of the lush green packaging. I haven’t used The Body Shop products in a while, will check this one out!

  4. Larie says:

    Oh, interesting! I didn’t know that they made serums! I’ll be running out of skincare soon…I hate shopping for it, though >_<

  5. I have the T-Zone problem too. I haven’t tried this one, but I love their Vitamin E mist. Have you tried that one?

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