Suqqu Balancing Eyebrow 01 Moss Green and FOTD

This eyebrow kit is my first every eyebrow kit. I usually draw my eyebrow with eyebrow pencil or using a powder eyeshadow. But after looking at this kit in person, I decided to give it a try. I bought this at Selfridges London at Β£38.

The packaging of Suqqu Balancing Eyebrow kit isΒ  the same as the eyeshadow but it’s a little bit smaller. It also comes with a velvety pouch and two brushes. One angled brush for the eyebrow application and one small brush for nose shading.

This balancing eyebrow kit consist of 3 colors. a soft brown, a khaki green and a matte creme. The soft brown and the khaki green are meant for our eyebrows and the creme is meant for nose shading.

The pigmentation of this kit is fine, just nice for eyebrow. It’s not too dark but it gives a very nice touch to your eyebrow. However I am a bit disappointed with the texture; the texture is not as good as their eyeshadow. It’s not that soft and not buttery. I would expect all Suqqu products to be outstanding for the price that I have paid but I guess it’s not the case for this balancing eyebrow kit.

Here’s a picture of my brow and my look of the day:


Final Thought:

Suqqu Balancing eyebrow is a nice to have thing. I would say the product does its job to enhance my brow; making my brows look bolder and more stands out. However for a such expensive price that I paid for an eyebrow kit, I am not that satisfied with the texture of the eyebrow powder that’s a bit dry.


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By: Meryl


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Article by Memoiselle

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  1. Replica says:

    It looks really good on you πŸ™‚ shame about the texture as we do expect great things from Suqqu.

  2. Sunny says:

    I find that khaki green in there interesting! A makeup artist has told me there is ALWAYS some green in eyebrows, so I guess that shade makes sense! I like how polished your brows look with this!

  3. Green for brows! So cool! It does look really good on you though!
    You are just too cute!

  4. I thought I was just seeing things when I saw that first picture at the top. I kept thinking “is that khaki? For your BROWS? No–can’t be”, but then I kept reading your post and saw that it was indeed khaki πŸ˜› Surprisingly, it looks great on you–doesn’t look green at all but very natural! I actually prefer my brow powders and pencils on the stiffer side. I like my brows to look very natural and sometimes struggle with brow products that are too soft. It makes it too easy for me to overapply, resulting in heavy, obviously drawn-on-looking brows :/ Would love to try this set one day!

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