Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadows in 14 Kosumosuiro


Today I will share my thoughts about Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadows in 14 Kosumosuiro. This retails at £45 in Selfridges. Kosumosuiro consist of 3 powder eyeshadow and 1 cream green eyeshadow. The three powder eyeshadow are very wearable in colors, a soft pink with shimmer, an off white color and a shimmering taupe.  The cream eyeshadow is a dark khaki without shimmer.

The palette is a thin sleek black palette in a rectangular shape. It comes with a velvety pouch, just like any other branded eyeshadow. There is one mini brush with a very soft hair (softest hair in a mini brush that I have ever touched!) and one mini sponge. Although the mini brush is super soft, I don’t think I’d use it because it’s just way to small to apply/blend.


Now I am going to talk about the powder eyeshadow. Suqqu is very famous with its soft and buttery texture. I have to agree that the texture is very nice; it’s soft, buttery and glides on easily on the eyes. What I love about the texture of this eyeshadow is that it contains fine shimmer that doesn’t look too much when applied. It blends like a dream too! Like many other Japanese make up brands, the pigmentation of this eyeshadow is not the best, I like Urban Decay’s pigmentation better than this. But to you who love sheer looking eyeshadow, this would suits you ladies! I personally would layer twice (or even 3 layers) for a bolder look.

The cream eyeshadow here has a fine texture. The pigmentation is very good and it works very well as a base. If I have to compare the texture of this cream eyeshadow, I would pick Shiseido’s cream eyeshadow as a comparison. The texture are similar, but I have to say that I love Shiseido’s texture better. Shiseido eyeshadow feels softer to me. But judging from its wearability, Suqqu cream shadow lasts the whole day with me without smudging! I love a long lasting eyeshadow 😀

In the picture below, I did a swatch indoor and outdoor.

I did a very simple look with this palette for my Sunday brunch. In this look, I am only using the dark green cream eyeshadow and the shimmery taupe.


I hope my review will be helpful to you all 🙂

Thank you for reading!


By: Meryl

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Article by Memoiselle

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  1. Chris El says:

    You wear this mossy green shade well!!

  2. JoanneP says:

    Ah, Suqqu! You remind me to add one more brand on my exploration map. Wish we have a counter in the US. I love the color theme of this palette. And the green looks pretty on you!

  3. Ilyana says:

    Ah I really thought the green in the SUQQU palette was the green you wore the day we met but I can see this is a deeper, mossier green – still looks gorgeous on you though! ;D

  4. Sunny says:

    ME LIKEY! I love the cream shadow, and it’s great to hear it lasts well! I really hope Suqqu will at least be available in Taiwan soon (shouldn’t be that much to ask for right? Japan isn’t exactly far). That way I’ll finally get to check it out in summer (or I can go to London… which is not that far either LOL)!

  5. thank you for sharing your tips with people. This is very useful and it helps your readers, including me. greetings successful 😀

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  6. I’ve heard so much about Suqqu and I really wish they have a counter here in the U.S. When they become available in the U.S. I’m definitely getting some shadows as I’ve heard great things about the brand.

  7. Jacqueline says:

    Very lovely palette Meryl, although I prefer the palettes without the cream product. I just know it will smudge on me. So are you addicted to Suqqu yet 😉

  8. This is so stunning and looks beautiful on you darling! I NEED this palette–or ANY palette from the brand. I don’t care–I just want Suqqu!! 😛 I don’t mind that it’s not super pigmented–I actually prefer my shadows that way. Something that’s too pigmented is very hard for me to work with as I’m no pro when it comes to blending 😛

    • Memoiselle says:

      I think you should try Suqqu or some other Japanese brands! They are usually less pigmented 🙂
      I know you don’t like online shopping but I think you should get this one online or you can ask your friend who are traveling to London/Japan/Thailand 🙂

  9. SO PRETTY on you! LOVE the shape you created! Looks gorgeous!!
    Someday I will try something from Suqqu, someday!

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