Chanel Christmas 2012 Éclats du Soir de Chanel – Illusion d’Ombre in Apparence Swatch & Review

Here’s another item that I picked from Chanel Christmas Collection 2012 – Éclats du Soir de Chanel. I am a big fan of Illusion d’Ombre since it was launched for the first time last year. Apparence looks very appealing to me on the first swatch. The color is very natural and wearable. Definitely worth the $52 price tag if you’re a Chanel make up fan 🙂

I love the smooth texture of Illusion d’Ombre. It applies wonderfully with no fallouts. Apparence is very well pigmented and if you want the color to pops even more, you can always build up the color.

As much as I would like to say that Illusion d’Ombre is perfect, unfortunately I can’t. I have many pots of Illusion d’Ombres and 2 of them are drying now. I am sure I have secured the cap very well but the texture now is very dry. I have ask few Chanel SA if there’s any way to fix a dry illusion d’Ombres and they say there’s no way to fix it 🙁 Even though 2 pots of my Illusion d’Ombre is now dry, I still try my best to use it. I just don’t want to waste anything left.

Talking about the color, Apparence immediately reminds me of Illusion d’Ombre in Vision. I did a comparison between both and you can see that both color looks different. Apparence applies more naturally and Vision emphasize more gold sparkles. I have written a review about Vision few months ago, you can read it hereApparence has a warmer tone compared to Vision. Chanel describes Apparence as gold bronze. To me, Apparence looks more to taupe bronze. I don’t really see gold color there.

In the swatch below, the picture on the left is taken under normal (indoor) lighting and the picture of the right is taken under direct sunlight.

Final Thought:

It’s a very nice color that you can pull to almost every occasion. The color is not very unique; it’s quite easy to find a dupe of this color. However for a Illusion d’Ombre collector, this is worth having as this is a limited edition product.

PS: I also have written a review on Chanel Holiday 2012 quad – Harmonie du Soir. You can read it here. I am still in doubt in whether I should get the nail polish in Malice. In the mean time, I think I will just skip it 🙂

What do you think about Chanel Christmas Collection as a whole? Do you think the collection drools you 🙂

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  1. This is really pretty–and I definitely think it’s more worth the money than Vision–but I still think I will pass. :/ It’s definitely one for the Chanel Illusion d’Ombre collectors, that’s for sure 😛

  2. Sunny says:

    I have Vision and I think Apparence is even more me! I do have way too many similar shades to justify the purchase though!

  3. L e n a says:

    i am not sure if i could pull this color off, but it is a gorgeous holiday color for sure.
    i have yet to try illusion d’ombre. feels like it is going to be an expensive love affair once i start it, though. ;p

  4. Larie says:

    I like both, but for the season I think I do prefer Apparence since it seems to have a more antique quality. They are stunning!

  5. So pretty!! I haven’t seen the holiday collection yet. That eyeshadow palette looks amazing too!

  6. Zibbie says:

    OMG I thought I am the only one with dried up Illusion d’Ombre!!! I got one in Illusoire and it is totally hard rock now 🙁 I barely used it for less than five time. Chanel should look into this man.

  7. Shannon says:

    I really like the Illusion D’Ombre shadows. Vision looks so pretty & sparkly in your swatch. This reminds me I should use mine more often! Thanks for the review 🙂

  8. nawi says:

    thanks for the review I bought these products as well and loved them I did get the nailpolish Malice it beautiful! I really do not know why you would pass on this beauty!

    • Memoiselle says:

      Hi Nawi,
      Thanks for dropping by again. Malice is such a pretty nail polish. I want to get it too but I think there are so many dupes out there. I am still considering 🙂

  9. Jacqueline says:

    Apparence looks just gorgeous, I can’t wait to watch it in person. Sigh if only I can find the time to go own to see it.

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