Estee Lauder Double Wear Cushion BB All Day Wear Liquid Compact

I must say that 2016 is the Cushion year craze for all brands; the Asian brands and the Western brands! We’ve seen popular brands releasing cushions claiming to provide coverage and to provide staying power, but do they really worth the price tag? Estee Lauder Singapore sent a lovely package of Double Wear Cushion and I gave it a try for the past week. Let’s take a look..



Estee Lauder Double Wear Cushion prides itself for the smooth and natural coverage with long lasting power. The first thing that I notice when I dipped my finger to feel the texture is indeed how smooth is the formula. It feels very smooth and at the same time it occured to me that the coverage looks pretty good when swatched on my arm.


Some unique technologies to take note here is the red fruit moisture complex, Estee Lauder Double Wear Cushion is formulated with ingredients found in red fruit extract e.g. watermelon rind extract, lychee seed extract and apple extract. Estee Lauder claims that this formulation helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and providing generous hydration to the skin. Double wear cushion is also a naturally derived sebum absorber, to help oil control and control shine.

Another thing that makes this item one of my favorite cushion is the SPF, it contains SPF 50 PA+++. Many of the western brands does not offer such high SPF. It makes me feel safer that my skin is well protected. The range comes with 5 shades; Bone, Sand, Cool Vanilla, Warm Vanilla, and Tawny. I picked up cool vanilla – it leans towards pinkish shade and the shade match my skin perfectly.


My personal Thoughts:

Estee Lauder Double Wear Cushion has a smooth and velvety texture. It provides medium coverage. I usually apply two layers of this and by doing that it provides medium coverage. I can see my pores are covered nicely and it also instantly makes my face looking brighter. As for the finish, I find that it provides a glowy finish but not as glowy as many of those Koreans brands ones. I do agree with the brand that the oil control works for me! My skin is usually normal to dry skin but on most day I experienced oily T-zone area. When I apply this, I can safely say that my T-zone does not feel as oily as to my normal days with some other cushions.

As for staying power, Estee Lauder claims that it has 8 hours of staying power, On many days yes I can see that it stays nicely on my face for 8 hours. But when days are super hot and humid, it starts to oxidized after 6 hours (my work requires me to be outdoors sometimes). I can see some patches on my cheek. But on most days, it stays put well.


Pardon my super puffy face, but let me show you how my skin looks like after application of Estee Lauder Double Wear Cushion BB All Day Wear Liquid Compact, It looks natural and it gives me that natural glow which I love. It stays for a good 6 hours before I start to see some changes on my skin, it starts to oxidize a bit on the side of my nose.

For the price suggested (sgd 68 for the case and refill), the price is certainly quite reasonable although it is not the cheapest among the western brand. Will I recommend this to anyone? Yes I certainly will! I would say that this piece can be a good buy for a bb cushion because it’s not overly dewy! It provides oil control and at the same time still provides a natural glow on my face; I tend to apply finishing powder on my face but with this, I can confidently apply powder on my T-zone only.



Retail Price

NEW Double Wear Cushion BB All Day Wear Liquid Compact SPF 50 / PA+++ (Case & Refill) | SGD68

NEW Double Wear Cushion BB All Day Wear Liquid Compact SPF 50 / PA+++ (Refill) | SGD50

Disclaimer: The product mentioned is provided by Estee Lauder Singapore for my consideration. My thoughts on the product is solely based on my experience and it is genuine and unbiased.

Shu Uemura Lacque Supreme Shimmers – Swatches and Review

Shu Uemura is launching a new range of Laque Supreme, now it’s with shimmers!

Shu Uemura often collaborates with artists for their launches, and this time, Shu Uemura collaborates with a well known Japanese lacquer ware brand, Yamada Heiando. Yamada’s work has been established since 1918 in Japan and has been used by Japan Imperial family. Heiando’s artwork is very detailed and now, Shu Atelier is collaborating with Yamada Heiando to developed lip lacquer with dimensional shimmer by combining scintillating gold and silver powders.


New lustrous shimmer gold and silver crystal pearls

The special thing to note about this launch is of course the shimmers contained in the tube. The shimmers are made of a careful selection of special ultra refined glass pearls which are known for their transparency and high luminosity.


I am a fan of shiny lipstick as usually it leaves my lip well hydrated. Shu Uemura Lacque Supreme Shimmers contains oil-in-water emulsion base formula to bring a fresh and smooth sensation upon application.


What I love most about the packaging is that the color is see through. In my big lipstick collection, sometimes it can be frustrating looking for a certain color when I have to open it one by one to find the color I am looking for.But it’s not the case with Shu Uemura Laque Supreme, I can see through the color from the packaging.


Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 8.28.15 AM



I was given three shades to try on, they are:

OR 02 S (golden orange)

PK 05 S (Pink Carats)

CR 03 S (Crystal Coral)



PicMonkey Collage


My impression:

It glides on very smoothly and it feels lightweight on my lip. It’s very hydrating and it does help to repair my lip. The color was not the most pigmented but it’s buildable. With two coats, the color looks lively on my lips. As for lasting power, it serves up to a decent hours, perhaps 2-3 hours if I’m not drinking too much water.



Shu Uemura Laque Supreme Shimmer is available islandwide and retailing at $42 each.


Disclaimer: The products shown in this post are provided by Shu Uemura Singapore for my consideration for review. My review is honest, genuinely based on my experience.


Origins Three Part Harmony

They say our skin start to age when we are over 25, and that means my skin is already on the process of aging. The word anti-aging makes a difference whenever I decide to purchase or to try a new skin care. So when Origins Singapore invited me to join the launch of the “Three Part Harmony” range, it was definitely a yes for me! :)

Tazetta Lily Bulb

What’s so special about this range? Apparently Origins Three Part Harmony pride themselves in using the potent flower to create a comprehensive formula for youthful looking skin. Originated from the Eastern Mediterranean, Tazetta Lily Bulb is known to preserve its own youth as it blooms from year to year. Below is the Tazetta Lily Bulb – I received that lovely pot from Origins Three Part Harmony launching event.


In this range, Origins released two products; Oil Infused serum and nourishing Moisturizer. Both products are created to combat the visible signs of skin aging and to brighten the skin.

IMG_8976 IMG_8975

The Packaging

One of the first thing I noticed when I first saw this range is the unique packaging of Three Part Harmony range. The cap of both the Oil Infused Serum and the Nourishing Cream is made of wood. The appearance of the packaging gives a more nature oriented feeling of the product. As Origins main brand focus is on using potent plants, organic ingredients, and 100% natural essential oils, the packaging of Three Part Harmony support the brand focus on using natural ingredients.

The Serum also comes with a dropper so it helps me to control the amount of droplets of products I need.

The Texture of the Serum & Cream – My Experience

The Oil Infused serum has quite a rich texture. It does give me a long lasting hydration on my skin. I can even conclude my skincare regime for day time with the serum only. It feels rich enough for me especially during weekend when I just want to relax at home and no make up applied. The serum feels moisturizing for a good 6-8 hours without the nourishing cream. The texture is rich but it feels good on my skin, it’s not too heavy.

As for the nourishing cream, It has a thicker texture and it’s certainly working to provide the much needed hydration on my skin. It has a light smell and it stays for a long hour on my skin. I usually apply my night skincare regime at around 10pm and wake up at 6am every morning; I can feel that my skin is well nourished and hydrated.

I would highly recommend these combination of the Oil Infused Serum and the Nourishing Cream for people with dry to very dry skin. When the serum and the cream is combined, it would be useful for a dry skin that needs extra pampering. As for morning routine, I would pick the serum and pair it with a lighter moisturizer. Especially in Singapore’s humid weather, I’d like to keep my morning routine quick and light.

In short, I can say that this range is very effective in providing hydration and moisturizing the skin. It makes my skin feels feels bouncier and looking better the next morning. As for brightening, I don’t see a result up until now, and if I see further update on it to brighten my skin, I’ll surely update this page! :)


Three Part HarmonyTM Nourishing Cream, 50ml (S$123) and Oil-Infused Serum, 30ml (S$123) is now widely available in all Origins Counter

Disclaimer: The items mentioned in this post is provided by Origins Singapore for my consideration for review. My review is solely based on my experience and not influenced by the brand. My review is honest, genuine and unbiased.

Let’s Welcome Shu Uemura Blanc:Chroma Brightening UV Cushion Foundation into the Cushion World!


Here we are at the end of February, and we have seen lots of exciting launches! And I’m sure there will be more and more exciting launches. Cushion foundation seems to be the in thing this season. Many brands(non Koreans) are now starting to launch a line of their cushion base, how exciting it is! :)

One of my favorite brand, Shu Uemura is launching Cushion foundation too. They place it under blanc:chroma range which is known to be the “brightening” range. Not only this will give a brightening make up effect, it will also give skin care benefits too such as targeting dark spots for anti-pigmentation effect and also UV protection SPF 50+.


Smart Cushion

One special thing to watch about Shu Uemura Blanc:Chroma is the cushion. I am pleasantly surprised when I first tried the cushion and it feels so soft, puffy and yet still blends perfectly. The puff is made of very soft hair that when you glide this puff into your skin, you’ll feel nothing but its softness. One special thing I experienced is that the puff helps to pick up a good amount of foundation so you don’t have to keep dabbing the puff to pick up more and more products. The soft flock helps to retain the foundation picked and hence I can keep dabbing all over my face and if I need more coverage, then I’ll re-dab the cushion and apply it all over my face.

The cushion is so special imo and I can go on and on saying how good the cushion is!



Coverage & Performance

I have tried this cushion a few times and I must say that the coverage it gives is one of the best out there. It covers my pores on my nose pretty well in a single coverage. It gives a satiny finish and I like the finish because with this, I don’t really need to powder my face. It also stays on my face for the whole day and it does not fade even when I had to stay outdoors for few hours without touch ups. I got to say that the staying power is good and it can even stand Singapore humid weather.


There are 6 shades available, and as for me, Shu Uemura sent me shade 774 light beige.

Light beige is the lightest shade among the “7” shade which leans more towards yellow, and if you wish to purchase shades with pink skin tone, then go for shade “5” group.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.04.44 PM


I did a swatch on the cushion on the back of my hand as below,


And as a comparison, I dug out my Shu Uemura shades to give some idea on how the shade compare to the other Shu Uemura foundation. I have Face Architect foundation in the same shade “Light Beige” and they look very similar when compared side to side. Hence I would safely say that the shade for the cushion is similar to other Shu Uemura foundation.


There are so many cushions launches these days and it may be hard for us to choose. As for Shu Uemura UV Cushion Foundation, I would safely say that this cushion is a good pick if you want cushion with higher coverage. It’s definitely not as sheer as many other foundations, and it stays for a long hour even without setting powder (fyi I have dry skin). Other than the better coverage, I must mention that the sponge is one of the best out there. It’s very soft and it’s taking the right amount of product to be applied and it can glides nicely on my face.

In the picture below, I applied my face with skincare and Kiehl’s Ultra Light UV Defense. You can see my pores and uneven skin tone there, and after I applied a layer of Shu Uemura CC Cushion, you can see it looks better.



Shu Uemura Blanc:chroma brightening UV cushion foundation will be available islandwide from 15th March 2016

$55 for refill, $20 for case + puff. 







Lately I have been seeing many brands launching masks. It always excites me when I see a reputable brand launches  new anti-aging products or masks. When life gets me very busy, a normal skin care routine is not enough to boost my skin radiance. On days when I am too tired, I admit that on somedays I couldn’t be bothered to slap on serums/night creams but to let myself sleep immediately after all my work & chores are done. On days like those, masks play a very important role!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is a very popular serum worldwide, I personally love and have used the ANR Eye Serum before. It’s effective in making my eyes look brighter and looking less tired. Estee Lauder is now expanding their ANR range with having the mask as an addition.

ANR mask is not just another mask, it’s the brand’s first foil mask. The power-foil back sheet mask is designed with dual-matrix system; the inside matrix releases the concentrated treatment, while the outside matrix forms a protective cocoon that enhances penetration. Estee Lauder claims that with this technology, it enhances penetration 25x faster than normal cotton sheet mask.



Not just like other mask, the ANR mask comes in two piece for each packet of mask. You can see how the mask looks like as pictured below. It’s recommended to apply the bottom half first and then the top half. It’s quite a simple idea but a genius one as it helps the mask to stay on my face nicely without moving so much.


I’ve used ANR mask twice and I am confident to share that this mask has been effective in restoring and repairing my skin overnight. My skin instantly feels radiant and more moisturised. When I’m tired and my skin looks dull, this would certainly be my go-to mask. It’s recommended to use it for 10 minutes and to massage the remaining liquid, but I personally leave it on my face as I sleep through the night. In the next morning, my face looks brighter and much healthier.

It’s a very good mask and effective in doing its job, but this doesn’t come cheap too. Selling at SGD 120 for 4 pcs and SGD 216 for 8 pcs, it certainly quite expensive. But after looking at how effective this mask can be, I wouldn’t mind spending such amount and save it for days when I really need a boost for my skin or when I have an important event the next day. I highly recommend the mask for a luxury treat for your skin!

Disclaimer: The product was sent to me for consideration for review purposes. My review is based on my own experience on the product and it’s genuine and unbiased.



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